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									                                   Personal Profile

Full Name       :   MM Jayawardena

Address         :   115/3 Galle Road, Walana, Pandura, Sri Lanka.
Telephone       :   0941-2635268 Ext.441, Res. 09438-2231555

E-Mail          :

Date of birth   :   07th October 1955

Nationality     :   Sri Lankan

Gender          :   Male

Occupation                         :       Senior Lecturer (Grade 1)

Work Experience                    :       Senior Lecturer in Economics (2006-2007), Transport &

                                           Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa

                                           (Sabbatical leave appointment)

                                           Resource person (Economics)

                                           Department of Urban and Rural Development,
                                           Department of Civil Engineering (Transport), University
                                           of Moratuwa

                                           Resource Person (Economics) (2007-2008)

                                           CINEC, Maritime Campus, Malambe
Educational Qualifications            :       BA, MA, Diploma in Psychology and Counselling

Professional Qualifications           :       Head of Department(1990-2005)

                                              Social Sciences/Humanities

                                              Course coordinator

                                              Staff development Course for non academic staff

                                              16th –30th September 2002 conducted a certificate

                                              course for the office staff on “Skills Development”)

Research & Publications               :       Publications/Seminar Papers:

   a. “Economic Aspects of Defense Expenditure in Sri Lanka” The Journal of Sir John Kotelawala
      Defense Academy, 1993. “
   b. “Economic Impact of the North and East Problem in Sri Lanka” The Journal of Sir John
      Kotelawala Defense Academy, Sri Lanka, 1996.
   c. Presented a paper on “Economic Aspects of Defense” - a seminar organized by Sri Lanka
      Association of Economists at SLAAS auditorium Feb. 1999
   d. Book review on "Science and Technology in Economic Development" by Dr. Granville
      Dharmawardena ,2002
   e. “Role of National Defense as a Public Good” -Abstract of the paper is published in “Abstracts of
      The International Conference on Sri Lanka’s Studies, University of Ruhuna, 2004”
   f. “Role of National Defense in Economic Growth and Development as a Public Good”. The Journal
      of Sir John Kotelawala Defense Academy, 2005.”
   g. “National Defence and Economic Development in Sri Lanka” Presented the paper at the
      International Conference on Sri Lanka Studies, University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka,2005.
   h. “Possibility of Assessment of Effectiveness and Efficiency of National Defence in Sri Lanka as a
      Public Good”. Presented the paper at the International Symposium under the theme of Issues
      and Challenges of the 21st Century- University of Sabaragamuwa,2007
   i. “Management Decisions” Published in the Gemi Daruwo Journal, December 2006.
   j. “Divide and Rule Policy and its Impact on economic Development in Sri Lanka”, International
      Conference on Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya,2008
   k. “The Challenges of Nationsl Defence in Sri Lanka with special Reference to the on Going LTTE
      Threat on National Security of the Country”. International Conference on Social Sciences,2008
   l. “A Conceptual Frame Work to Study the Relation Ship Between National Defence and Economic
      Development,”The way Forward “ Research symposium KDU ,2008(Not yet Published)
   m. “National Defence Expesditure and the Economy of Sri Lanka(Sinhala) ,”Sri Lanka Adyayana”,
      Gemidaruwo Journel ,No.2 (1)2008.
n. “Meditation as a Tool for Mental Health” ,SLNIPC,2009
o. Role of National Defence,Ministry of Cultural Affairs(Sinhala Translation),(to be Published)
p. Separatism War and the economy of Sri Lanka,(Sinhala), Ministry of Cultural affairs(to be
q. Learning to Learn,Journal of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University,2009
r. “Some Thoughts for Counseling in the Defence Industry”, with Special Reference to Sri Lanka

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