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									                                                  Example Assignment Brief

Edexcel BTEC Certificate in Work Skills QCF Level 2

Unit 4                                     Assignment Title: “Investigating
Searching for a Job                        jobs that suit you”
Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3
Assessment Criteria: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1,   Tutor: Mr P. Stead
3.1, 3.2 (all)

Assignment Issued: 05/01/2011              Internal Verifier: Miss N. Hardy

                                           Learner’s Name: ………………………………………
Hand in Evaluation: 28/01/2011


      A very important skill is the ability to search for a job that suits you as an
       individual. This unit will develop your skills to find an appropriate job that
       suits you as a person and the skills you have.
      You will undertake independent research during the majority of this unit to
       find at least two jobs that you think will suit you as an individual and
       provide evidence that you have conducted in-depth research into your own
       skills and the skills/qualifications need for each job role.
      You need to complete a log of your research to help you in meeting the
       requirements of the assessment criteria.


      Make sure you are aware of all the different sources you can use to
       research for a job e.g. Internet, jobcentre, agencies etc.
      Have an idea of what kind of job would suit you and which job you would be
       interested in researching e.g. sport related, travel and tourism, finance etc.
Task                                                   AC    Evidence

      Consider three sources of employment (e.g.      1.1   Written format which
       internet, job centre, agencies etc) and               could take the form of a
       describe the advantages and the                       table to compare and
       disadvantages to potential job seekers.               contrast or an essay type

      You need to identify two appropriate            1.2   Written summary after
       sources of information for your own job               1.1.
       search and explain why you picked them.

      From the sources identified for 1.2, you        1.3   Written description of
       need to state two potential job roles to              two potential job roles.
       meet 1.3.
      Explain how your own skills, interests and
       achievements are linked to the two              2.1   Written explanation
       potential job roles identified in 1.3, for
       example why you feel that some roles were
       suitable (for example it matched your skills,
       was in a good geographical location) or
       unsuitable (for example too far away, hours
       or salary not right, too much travel
       required for the job role).

    Carry out a review of your own skills (soft       3.1   Written format
      and hard) to help you narrow down your job
      search based on the information you have
      collected about yourself and your personal

      You need to include evidence of your search
       for potential job vacancies. This may                 Evidence as stated in the
       include printouts of web-based research,              brief
       copies of job advertisements, evidence of
       interviews with employment agencies,
       Connexions, a careers adviser or Jobcentre.

      You needs to include evidence of contact        3.2   Application pack, e-mails
       made with employers (either by telephone,              of contact, letter of
       letter or email) to request further                    contact. If contact is
       information about job vacancies, for                   made with the employer
       example requesting an application pack or              via the telephone,
       form, or, in cases where a relevant contact            evidence of this will be
       is given, to have an informal conversation             recorded by the tutor (or
       about the job role                                     recorded by the learner
                                                              with verifying notes from
                                                              the tutor).

Learning Outcomes                              Assessment Criteria

The learner will:                              The learner can:
1 Understand how to use potential job          1.1 Evaluate a range of sources of
sources                                            employment available for job-

                                               1.2 Select appropriate sources of job
                                                   vacancies for their own purposes

                                               1.3 Identify potential job roles from the
                                               appropriate sources of employment
2 Understand how their skills, interests and   2.1 Explain how their skills, interests
achievements might relate to potential job     and achievements relate to potential
roles                                          job roles identified from appropriate
                                               sources of employment

3 Be able to investigate job vacancies         3.1 Search for potential job vacancies

                                               3.2 Communicate with employers or the
                                               employer’s representative to obtain
                                               further information about job vacancies

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