PINELANDS REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                      609-296-3106 Ext. 3281

Complete and return the following:                                             (All items identified with   must be returned)

       Employment application
       W-4 Completed & SIGNED
        Completed & SIGNED with copies of applicable documentation
        (see reverse of the I-9 form for the list of acceptable items)

       Proof of Mantoux (TB) test
        You must submit evidence of a recent Tuberculosis test. You may get this test through your own doctor or by calling the
        Ocean County Health Department (1-732-341-9700). They conduct tests once per month for $1.00. Tests are available in
        Toms River and Manahawkin

        Copy of Substitute Teaching Credential or CE, CEAS, Standard Teaching Certificate

       Fingerprinting requirement

                 IF you are active on another school district’s substitute list, the other school district
                 must complete and return the Verification of Continuous Employment

                 Copy of criminal history clearance letter

       If you are no longer on an active substitute list, this constitutes a break in service and you must
        request an Archived Print Submission:

                 If you’ve previously been fingerprinted after 2/21/03, you need only to complete the
                 Authorization and Certification form& have it notorized, indicate your PCN number
                 (assigned by Sagem Morpho) and return same with $40 money order payable to “State of
                 New Jersey”. Be sure your form is NOTORIZED.

       If you’ve never been fingerprinted:
                 Return Authorization & Certification form immediately (signed and notorized)
                 $7.00 money order payable to “State of New Jersey”
                You must make an appt. for fingerprinting with Sagem Morpho online or by phone
        or 1-877-503-5981
                           Return Sagem Morpho application page with receipt to me after you’ve been
                          You will receive a letter from the State of New Jersey indicating your                  criminal
                      history clearance. A copy of this letter must be provided to me.
        NOTE:              You must take Sagem Morpho application page with you-Note the identification requirements!
                           There will be a $78 fee at time of fingerprinting
                           Since we will be unable to use your services until you complete this process and have been cleared by
                           the State of New Jersey, it is advisable to schedule your appointment ASAP.

Once you have returned all paperwork, you will be called for an interview by one of our Assistant
Principals. Thank you for your interest in the Pinelands Regional School District!

                                               Kelli Nutt, Administrative Assistant
                                               Pinelands Regional School District
                                                            PO Box 248
                                                   Tuckerton, NJ 08087-0248

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