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Mothers to be by HC12080803345


									        Broadfield Dental’s guide to Mothers to be

Why visit the dentist during
pregnancy?                                                                Safe Dental Treatment:
If you are registered as an NHS                                           There should be no problems with
patient and have a current maternity                                      the routine dental treatment. The
exemption certificate you are entitled                                    Department of Health advises
to free routine dental treatment until                                    leaving the replacement of
your baby's first birthday. If you are                                    amalgam fillings until after the
a private patient it is important to                                      baby is born. As a general rule,
discuss treatment and costs with your                                     dentists prefer to avoid dental x-
dentist before you start any                                              rays during pregnancy if possible.
treatment. Due to hormone changes                                         However, if you need root canal
during pregnancy, some women’s dental                                     treatment you may have to have an
health needs closer attention during                                      x-ray.
this time. For instance, you may notice
that your gums appear to bleed more

                                                                                  Pregnancy (Morning)
                                                                                  Vomiting is common during
                                                                                  the early stages of
                                                                                  pregnancy and the contents
                                                                                  of the stomach can be very
                                                                                  acidic. This acid can damage
                                                                                  the tooth surface so it is
  Treatment during Breastfeeding:                                                 important to rinse the
  Some dentists think that you shouldn’t                                          thoroughly after an episode
  have an amalgam filling while you are                                           of vomiting
  breast-feeding. If you are unsure what
  your treatment would involve discuss all the
  options with your dentist.

                                                 Always inform your dentist if you are or think
                                                 you may be pregnant

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