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					                     Triond versus Hubpages

   Two publishing networks with revenue share - comparison
                 from writer's point of view.
Until now I presented comparison with wide variety of publishing networks with revenue
share - Triond Versus Bukisa, Triond Versus Google Knol, Triond Versus Docstoc, Triond
VersusRateitall, Triond Versus Flixya and Triond Versus Blogger. I signed for another
publishing network with revenue share option called HubPages in order to have wider
experience on the Internet and provide more options to my readers. Let’s see what is inside
HubPages and what it has to offer compared to Triond.


Triond is a publishing website, where             Google AdSense earnings but it does not
authors submit their articles, pictures,          place the adverts on every view. HubPages
audio and video files and earn when people        rotates the adverts - in 60% of the cases it
see them. HubPages is similar website,            will be publisher's AdSense ID, while in
where authors submit their content in the         the 40% of the cases it will be HubPages
form of so called hubs. Basically the hubs        publisher's ID. Statistically this may lead
are articles that contain material around         to 60%-40% revenue share for the author,
selected topic - the material can be text,        but there may be some rare situations when
picture, videos, comments etc. When               all the authors’ views with his Google
logging for first time to HubPages, I was         AdSense ID did not receive any
impressed with the quality of their website.      advertisement revenue, while the views
Compared to the Triond's website, that had        with HubPages generate bigger amount
very poor interface when I first joined,          that will go only to HubPages, or it can be
receiving several face lifts and getting          the other way around. With Triond, the
better over the time is still not as good and     publisher does not have to worry about the
options rich as the HubPages website. It          revenue split, because Google AdSense
was very easy to navigate around it, find         does the calculations and there is no risk of
what I need and setup my account. There           the other party receiving more or less
are hubs written to help, forums, answers         money. With huge amount of traffic the
and guides and I had no trouble finding           revenue share shall be falling under the
what I need and managing my account.              laws of the bigger numbers, so the authors
After signing I added Google AdSense,             would take this much into consideration.
without the need to publish at least five
articles, like it is on Triond. The difference    The rotation of the Google AdSense ads on
I noticed with Triond and HubPages with           HubPages have the goal to give higher
the Google AdSense is the fact that it is not     percentage of impressions to the authors
exactly revenue share in the form of              who refer other people to the hub pages, so
divided percentage. HubPages gives 100%           it is this way for a reason.
of the revenue to the publishers from their
Just like on Triond, where revenue can be      The publishing tool on Triond while
received from other parties than Google        simple and not feature rich is easy and fast
AdSense. On Triond there are several           to use. The HubPages publishing tool have
advertising networks that give extra           much more options from the start to the
revenue, paid by PayPal, Check or Western      end, but I found it little harder to use. On
Union. HubPages also allows extra              HubPages, the pictures must be uploaded
revenue - from the websites of Amazon,         first before being used on a hub, while on
eBay and Kontera. There are also               Triond I simply click on the image button
HubPages Ad Program, but I did not             and upload the needed image. All in all, I
qualify for it yet. In the revenue share       found it much easier to publish and create
aspect HubPages seems the better options,      with Triond, while HubPages gives more
being more polished and giving more to         options for the design, look and the
the authors. Triond on the other hand gives    templates, but it is harder to use. Triond or
exact split of the revenue and the author      HubPages publishing tools is the better is
shall not have any doubts that the other       up to the author’s opinion and goals. If he
party may be receiving more or less.           prefers straight on topic articles, surely the
                                               Triond is the better choice, while the
Both Triond and HubPages have referral         HubPages is for the people who prefer to
system, which gives percentage from            experiment      with     different    layouts,
referred people revenue back to the people     templates and content presentation.
who referred them. While Triond gives
sure percentage from the referred people's     The community presence and support on
revenue coming from the alternative to         HubPages is much stronger than on Triond.
Google AdSense revenue, HubPages have          HubPages forum, answers and hubbers are
the advantage of rotating more Google          offering more help to the author, while
AdSense ads (10% from the views of the         Triond's forum is mostly for wasting time
referred authors) to the people who refer      and looking at self promotion. HubPages is
someone, making it more attractive for the     sending regular e-mails to the hubers with
publisher to refer as much people as           promotions, contests and chances for more
possible. In the referral earnings,            revenues, while Triond is mostly quiet with
HubPages is much better option than            its publishers. Of course there are people
Triond, where the referred people must         who would prefer the Triond way of
publish something, while on HubPages,          communication, while I think the
hubbers can receive revenue even from          HubPages method of giving more attention
hubs that are not made by them. Surely         to the people who earn them the money is
HubPages is the more attractive place to       the way to go.
hang around, having fun and receiving
revenue from it.                               While Triond does not offer any other
                                               reward      for   articles   and    authors
In the traffic and search engine               participation, HubPages gives Karma to
optimization aspect, while HubPages            each profile that rises over the time if the
claims to have search engine optimized         author has good presence. When people
website, I did not notice receiving more       find hub useful, the Karma goes up. There
traffic than the similar articles on Triond,   can be followers on HubPages that is the
even less, so in this aspect Triond shall be   same as the fans on Triond, but on
better. Or at least it was, until the Google   HubPages, the participations on the forums
Panda update that slammed Triond's             is also rewarding.
websites down in the search engine results.
                                               Which revenue share network to choose
                                               from the both networks? I would say that
being on the both of them is the best           importance of every view that brings
choice. While HubPages is the website           revenue. Triond also gives more freedom
with more options and better presentation,      to the authors to place their backlinks, the
Triond have the charm of having your            simpler interface and the options to earn
content on different websites and the           only from pictures, video or audio files.
If a reader wants comparison between other revenue sharing networks, please let me know by
submitting a comment on this article.

About the author: Ventsislav Tsvetkov participates on Triond and HubPages for many

Description: Comparison of the publishing networks Triond and HubPages.