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					Termination of Tenancy - A Council Tenants Guide

Termination of Tenancy

Termination of Tenancy means that you wish to end the tenancy of your City
Council home. This should be done by completing a Termination Notice

These are available from any Neighbourhood Housing Office. You must give
at least four weeks notice to end your tenancy (the minimum notice period)
ending it on a Monday date.

• The Notice must be signed by the tenant.
• Reasons for the termination of Tenancy and a forwarding address should
be included.
• Please note that if you are joint tenants, a notice to terminate your tenancy
given by one joint tenant, will end the tenancy of all the joint tenants.

Why should you give Notice?

As part of your Conditions of Tenancy, you are obliged to give the Council
four weeks notice to end your tenancy.
What to do after giving a Termination Notice

Once you have completed your Termination Notice and handed it in to the
Neighbourhood Housing Office, the Housing Department will acknowledge
your request in writing. On the date the tenancy ends you must return the
keys to the Neighbourhood Housing Office by 9am.

You should also arrange for the list below to be completed:
• The property should be clear of any items, belongings and possessions.
• All fixtures and fittings should be left clean, in good working order and in
good condition.
• ‘Vacant Possession’ should be given. This means that no other person
should be left in the property after you leave.

If you fail to do the above, any costs incurred by the council will be charged to
Terminating a Tenancy for a Deceased Tenant

Only the next of kin of a deceased tenant is able to end the tenancy. The next
of kin must complete a notice to terminate a tenancy and provide a copy of
the death certificate.

In this situation the City Council will attempt to accommodate the requests of
the next of kin as much as possible;
• A minimum of one weeks notice from a Monday, can be given instead of
four weeks.
• If it is difficult to arrange clearance of the property, special arrangements
may be able to be made.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our Officers should you need to
discuss this matter further.

Neighbourhood Housing Offices
Beaumont Leys - 2/4 Home Farm Square Tel: 299 5300
Braunstone - 24 Guthridge Crescent Tel: 299 5310
Charnwood - Charnwood Walk Tel: 221 1100
Eyres Monsell - 29/31 The Exchange Tel: 299 5221
Humberstone - 200 Uppingham Road Tel: 299 5200
Mowmacre - Jersey Road Tel: 224 3401
New Parks - 321 Aikman Avenue Tel: 299 5335
Rowlatts Hill - Balderstone Close Tel: 221 1140
Saffron - 499 Saffron Lane Tel: 299 5250
St Marks - 16 Catherine Street Tel: 299 5260
St Matthews - 14/18 Malabar Road Tel: 299 5279
St Peters - 1/3 Hydra Walk Tel: 299 1116
Thurnby Lodge - 194 Thurncourt Road Tel: 2211760

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