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Food and Beverage Innovation
with Invention Machine Goldfire
To compete in the food and beverage industry, companies are
continuously evolving their products, production processes and product       “I found a patent from
packaging in an attempt to capture and retain consumer interest. With
                                                                             a competitor with
rapidly changing customer preferences, the rise of non-western
economies, growing regulatory requirements, intense pressure on margins      Goldfire that I never
with commodity price inflation and product price deflation, and the need     knew existed and as far
to develop eco-friendly products and packaging, now more than ever,          as I'm concerned the
innovation driven growth is key to success in the food and beverage
                                                                             software has already
industry. These forces are driving companies to revamp and reinvigorate
their existing product lines. And market leaders continue to achieve top-    paid for itself.”
and bottom-line growth and longevity through innovation and ingenuity.
                                                                             – Principal Scientist,
To help fuel their product pipelines, food and beverage manufacturers
                                                                               Research, Quality and
rely on Invention Machine Goldfire. Goldfire is a unique software solution
that helps manufacturers quickly transform ideas into commercial               Technology for a leading
products, making innovation a repeatable and sustainable process.              manufacturer of cereal
                                                                               and convenience foods
Designed with engineers, scientists and researchers in mind, Goldfire
automates more than a dozen critical innovation tasks spanning a
product’s lifecycle—from identifying a new market to developing a new
product to improving existing products or processes.

Fusing proven innovation tools and methods with precise access to
corporate and external knowledge, Goldfire systematically guides users
through every day innovation tasks to bring structure and uniformity to
 inventive problem-solving, concept discovery, and idea generation and

Leading food and beverage manufacturers—including Hersheys, Nestlé,
Panzani, Fomento Economico Mexico, Royal Canin and Unilever—are using
Goldfire to:
•   Speed quality idea generation to shorten time-to-market
•   Better respond to consumer trends and untapped market needs
•   Perform risk analysis and research functions that addresses HACCP
•   Evaluate strength of competitive advantage and intellectual property
•   Lower product development costs
•   Find replacements for ingredients or packaging materials • Boston • Frankfurt • London • Minsk • Paris • Tokyo

• Identify alternate concepts and methods for extracting flavor from
                                                                             The sudden rush to
  coffee beans.                                                              corn-based ethanol has
• Develop anti-bacterial packaging material.                                 caused a projected
• Analyze a cereal product and its vitamin optimization process to verify    5 to 10x increase in
  that the vitamin content of cereal particles, per serving, met the         corn-derived products--
  claims on the product packaging and complied with FDA guidelines.
                                                                             critical ingredients to
• Identify methods for reducing amount of oil used in deep frying
  process and amount of oil absorbed by deep-fried foods.
                                                                             manufacturing and
• Discover alternative methods for flavoring beverages.
                                                                             consumables. Using
• Develop an innovative packaging solution to overcome a formulation
                                                                             Goldfire, a leading snack
  challenge that arose with the introduction of a new health-conscious       food company discovered
  active ingredient. While the formulation was chemical in nature, the       ways to replace corn-oil
  problem was resolved leveraging an existing packaging technology.
                                                                             to circumvent corn supply
• Discover ways to replace corn-oil to address corn supply/pricing issues.
                                                                             and pricing issues.
• Identify the causes of defects in a pilot beverage production line and
  find solutions to increase the production margin.
• Find ways to minimize or prevent consumers’ absorption of calories.
                                                                             Potential impact:
• Redesign product packaging to minimize the loss of product, reduce
                                                                             $250 million
  leakage and minimize absorption of active ingredients in the product.

Food and beverage companies face market challenges driven by slow
industry growth, margin pressures and a marketplace crowded with new
product introductions. Market leaders must create differentiated
products and build brand value. Many food and beverage companies
recognize that more efficient and effective innovation processes can
deliver a significant competitive advantage.

Explore how Invention Machine Goldfire can transform your
innovation processes to drive optimum innovation results for your
organization.                                                                   Global 2000 manufacturers in
                                                                                more than 25 countries rely on
                                                                                Invention Machine Goldfire for
                                                                                product innovation, process
                                                                                improvement and market
                                                                                expansion. For additional
                                                                                information, please visit

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