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					                                                    Because the Sacrament of Baptism will not
                                                    be denied, there are few requirements for the
                                                                                                     Baptism at Santuario de
                        For the Parents
                                                    parent:                                          San Martin de Porres
                        Parents are the        1. Registration at a Catholic Parish                  Welcome to San Martin Catholic Parish.
                        primary educators of                                                         We rejoice with you in the planning of your
                        their children,             A determined amount of registration time
                                                                                                     child’s baptism. It is natural for a parent to
especially in the ways of faith. We hope            is not required for the parent(s)
                                                                                                     want the best for their child. Your child is
that parents choose godparents who will                                                              blessed to have you make preparation for
                                               2.   Childs Birth Certificate
help in that education that will take an                                                             their spiritual wellbeing.
active role in the faith formation of their         Baptism certificate will not be issued
child. Parents need to find good practicing         without a legal birth certificate.               In accordance with the words of our Lord
Catholics for godparents. In all,                                                                    Jesus Christ,” No one can enter the kingdom
                                               3. A nonrefundable $ 20.00 Donation per               of god unless baptized with water and the
godparents serve a special role in the life
                                                    child is required at the time of registration.   Spirit.”
of the baptized person. Therefore, each
                                                    Fees are not collected at the class or at
parent should choose a godparent not just
                                                    the baptism.                                     The Church recommends that infants be
because of a blood relationship,
                                                                                                     baptized soon after they are born. As a
friendship, and not because of some            4. Mandatory Baptism Class                            parent or godparent, you are joining with
special honor you would like to give that                                                            Jesus Christ, in the birth of a new Christian.
person; rather, a godparent should be a             Parent(s) AND Godparent(s) must
                                                                                                     Because of the sacred importance of this
trustworthy witnesses of the faith who will         attend Baptism Class before the baptism
                                                                                                     sacrament there are certain requirements that
help the godchild attain salvation.                 date.                                            the Catholic Church says are mandatory in
Godparents should be faithful individuals                                                            order to fulfill this ministry.
                                                    Your Baptism class and Baptism date will
who are ready to accept the responsibility
                                                    be only scheduled when all required
of being a part of a godchild's life for the
                                                    documents have been submitted
rest of his/her life.
For the Godparent                               The Godparent must not only have the            Godparents must attend Mass
                                                intention of being a Godparent, but also        regularly on Sundays and Holy Days
You have been chosen from the countless         meet proper Qualifications:                     of Obligation. Moreover, if a person is
family members and friends. It is not a                                                         Catholic but antagonistic to the faith,
reward for past deeds, and certainly not        1. The sponsor must be sixteen years of         for example, has the attitude "I am a
connected with civil guardianship or future        age or older.                                Catholic but...," and would not be a
care of the child. The Church is connected                                                      good example and witness to the faith,
with "God" and therefore belongs                2. Proof of Confirmation                        this would also disqualify them.
primarily to the spiritual and the holy.           Godparent(s) must be a Catholic who
                                                   has received the sacraments of               If a person is not striving to fulfill his
Your new role is a sacred responsibility,
                                                   Initiation, Baptism, Holy Eucharist          own obligations of baptism and
entrusted to you "now" to participate and
                                                   and Confirmation, and "leads a life in       confirmation, he will not fulfill the
share in your new godchild’s Christian life
                                                   harmony with the faith and the role to       responsibilities of helping another to
and education. Be prepared to assist the
                                                   be undertaken.                               do so. If you can say “yes” to this
parents in their Christian duty by example,
                                                                                                question there is well founded hope for
support, encouragement and prayer.
                                                3. Proof of Catholic Matrimony                  you and the child, “Do I understand
Try to remain faithful to that invitation and      A Catholic who does not practice the         and accept the responsibility, which I
be active in the life of your godchild. It is      faith by regularly attending Mass or         undertake as a sponsor, and do I
after the Baptism ceremony that your real          who is in an invalid marriage disqualifies   promise to pay special attention to the
work begins! Use this wonderful                    himself/herself from being a                 person I am sponsoring in his/her
opportunity to renew your own faith life           godparent.                                   efforts to live a Christian life that
and practice. Become a model of                                                                 reflects the spirit and teachings of the
Christian living for your godchild through      4. Sponsor letter                               Catholic Church. The Church
the practice of daily prayer, weekly               Godparent(s) must be registered at a         requires that Godparents meet all
attendance at Mass and an active and full          Catholic parish and provide a letter         criteria.
participation in the life of your own parish.      stating that they are members in good
                                                   standing and are eligible to act as

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