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					                     We Welcome
                  Donation & Sponsors!

  1)    The building of Thabavanam Ashram Siddhar Illam &
        Thabavanam Education Centre.

  2)    The Management of Sri Bala Thabavanam Preschool.

  3)    Sri Roma Rishi Sittar Jothy Nilayam (Cabin Home for

  4)    Tuition class (Subsidised fees/free)

  5)    Provisions (rice, biscuits, ect), stationary materials (note
        books, pencil, pen)

                      We seek
   Volunteers, teachers, and care takers to help us
           with the Ashram’s activities.
       Come and serve as your Guru seva!

                       Thank you.
Contact Numbers: Office    : 03-55420067 / Fax: 03-55420143
                 Babu      : 0122320287
                 Dr. Malliga: 0122949287
                 Harikrishnan: 0163272392
Sri Roma Rishi Siddhar
    Jothy Nilaiyam!

  Currently 6 children are residing in the Home Cabin. In order to
  change this small area of accommodation to a bigger and a more
  spacious one, we have purchased two 40ft x 8ft cabins. One is
  accommodation and the other to be used as library.
  To furnish these two cabins we have planned to purchase:

1) 5 metal framed double Decker bed @ Rm220 /= (5x220=1100)

2) 5 tier colour box @ Rm175/= each (10 boxes x 175=1750)

3) Wardrobe @ Rm475 each (5x475=2375)
   Library book shelves @ Rm750/= each (2x750=1500) – H 6 ½ x D 15 x
   W 41

The estimated total cost = Rm5445/=

  Sponsors and Donors are kindly requested to help us to purchase
  these furniture’s in order to provide the children a better facility,
  staying and studying atmosphere!
  Thank you.

                   Thank you!
         Sri Kagapujandar Thabavanam Ashram Sinna
                 Aathinam Society Malaysia

                       Agenda for year 2010
Item Agenda                                          Date
1.   New Year Prayer’s
1.   Sri Bala Satguru Natha’s Birthday – potluck     Friday 9th April
2.   Pre-school visit to Taman Pertanian & Muziun,   9th June 2010
     Shah Alam
3.   Guru Chitral Viratham for for 48days            Tuesday 13th April to
                                                     Sunday 30th May
4.    Mouna Viratham                                 Thursday 27th to
                                                     Sunday 30th May
5.    Guru Patha Pooja & Abhishegam                  Monday 31st May
6.    Mother’s Day & Parents Awareness Program       16th May 2010
7.    Siddhar kulam Dinner                           17th July 2010
8.    Father’s Day                                   19th June 2010
9.    Thabavanam Ashram Fund Raising Dinner
10.   Sri Bala Thabavanam Pre-school Sport’s Day     8th Augest 2010
11.   Merdeka celebration & Show – Hamper            28th Augest 2010
12.   Nyana Kalvi For Spm Student (1 Week only)      Saturday 4th Sept to
                                                     Saturday 11th Sept 2010
13.   His Grace Sri Roma Rishi Sittar’s (Guruji)     16th September 2010 Prayer
      Birthday                                       18th September 2010
                                                     Celebration Dinner
14.   Thabavanam Ashram Family Day
15.   Hamper presantation
16.   Sri Ramalinga Swamigal’s (Vallalar) Birthday   Tuesday 5th October
17.   Sri Dharmalinga Swamigal’s (Kagaashram)        Saturday 30th October
18.   Thabavanam Ashram Calendar 2011 Launch
19.   Graduation & Concert of Pre-school Children    20th November 2010
20.   Sri Bala Satguru Samadhi Day                   Saturday 11th December
21.   Nyana Kalvi (2 Week only)                      Saturday 20th Nov 2010 to
                                                     Saturday 4th Dec 2010
22.   Summer Bloom Show
23.   Year End Fund Raising Dinner
24.   Food & Fun Fair
                                                      Our Ref:     SKTASASM/CM1st /2010
14        January 2010

To Committee Members,

                         Announcement of 1st Committee Meeting

                                Date    :   Sunday 24th January,
                                Time    :         3.00pm
                                Venue   :   Thabavanam Ashram


     1. Children Home (Cabin) – Opening Ceremony
     2. Educational Activity :–
                           Maths Education Camp
                               NKP
     3. Spiritual Activity:-
                               Pooja
                               Yagam
                               Guru Payerchi
                               Upadesam
     4. Publication:-
                               Magazine
                               Vaadamalli (Annual)
     5. Financial Report
     6. Activities for year 2010
     7. Other relevant matters

Your attendance and punctuality is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Yours in Duty and Guru Seva

Dr Malliga Vadiveloo
Secretary of SKTASASM
         Welcome        to

The Opening Ceremony

Sri Roma Rishi Siddhar
     Jothy Nilaiyam
Date : 21/2/2010
Time : 10am
Venue: Thabavanam Ashram
Refreshment : Lunch Served

            Thank You!
 Your Presence Is Our Joy & Happiness
           Yours in Guru Seva,
      Thabavanam Ashram Committee
1) 1ST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH      At 6pm Onwards
                                  -Guru Padarachagai Pooja
                                  -Guru Namavalli (108)
                                  -Guru Upadesam with Blessing
                                  -Guru Anathanam
                                  Devotees are Welcome!
2) 1ST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH        At 8.30am Onwards
                                  -Anarpurni Anamatha Mahalechumy Pooja
                                  -Annapurni Anathanam Pooja
                                  Devotees are Welcome!
3) EVERY THURSDAY                 At 6pm to 10pm
                                  -Pooja, Peratanai, Dyanam, Meditation,
                                   Guru Upadesam with the Blessing
                                  -Guru Anathanam (dinner)
                                  Devotees are welcome! Disciples fasting on Thursday
                                  are kindly requested to partake their food at the Ashram.
4) EVERY SUNDAY                   At 6.45am to 7.30am
                                  -Free Yoga Class
                                  Children & Adults are Welcome!
                                  At 12pm to 1.00pm
                                  -Annapurni Anathanam Pooja
                                  Devotees & Volunteers are welcome to help in the
                                  preparation of food or serving.
                                  At 3pm to 4pm
                                  -Free Thevaram Class
                                  Children & Adults are Welcome!
5) SRI DRAMALINGA SWAMIGAL”S      -30th October 2010 (Saturday) at 8pm
   BIRTHDAY PRAYER                Devotees are Welcome!
6) EVERY MONTH                    - Yagams on Amavasai, Pournami, on auepicious days!
                                    (According to Thabavanam Ashram Calendar)
                                  Devotees are Welcome!

  Sri Bala Thabavanam Pre-school available for children
   3years to 6years old.
  ‘Boys’ Home available for a discipline way of life!

For further Details Pls Contact: Off, 03-55420067 / Fax: 03-55420143
               Babu: 0122320287
               Dr. Malliga: 0122949287
               Harikrishnan: 0163272392
                 AATHINAM SOCIETY MALAYSIA (0749-07-SEL)
                 No. 391, Lot 2498, Jalan Muhibbah, Kampung Padang Jawa, 41300 Klang, Selangor Darul
                 Tel: 03-55420067 Fax: 03-55420143 Webmail: www.thabavanamashram.com

                              Maths Edu Camp
                           Educational Motivational Course

 Date                  :    Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th March 2010
 Duration Time         :    8.30am to 6.00pm
 Registration Fees     :    Rm20/= per person
 Venue                 :    Thabavanam Ashram, Padang Jawa, Klang
 Participants          :    Students Form 1 to Form 6
 Refreshment           :    Lunch & Tea provided
 Organised by          :    Mr Murgu Saravanan Muttiah (BENG Mech.Eng)
                            Currently Maths Tutor at Thabavanam Ashram, and
                            with a team of Professional Educationist &
                            Motivators are conducting this Maths Education
 Appreciation          :    Certificate of           Participation for Maths
                            Education Camp           will be handed over by His
                            Grace Sri Roma           Rishi Sittar Manimantra Ausagar
                            Asan Srila Sri           Esana Siva Subramaniam Swamigal

All Parents, Devotees & Well Wishers are invited for the launch of the Maths Edu Camp

                           For Thabavanam Ashram
  “A Service to Education Programmer” as part of its
commitment towards educational enlistment for children

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