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									Effective Spyware and Adware Utilities

If you are looking for effective spyware and adware protection, you can
always look online to check out some of the most effective anti-spyware
and adware tools available for you. There are a number of software
companies who have dedicated their resources to develop more effective
and more sophisticated programs to provide you with the best anti-spyware
and adware protection for your PC. Here are some of them:

Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor is a multi-award winning spyware removal utility that is
available for you both in free trail software as well as an on sale
software product version able to provide you with extensive spyware and
adware protection. It effectively detects, removes and protects your PC
from thousands of potential spyware and adware programs proliferating the
online world today.

A wide range of malicious trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking
threats are put at bay with the Spyware Doctor. This is an adware and
spyware removal utility that detects and cleans thousands of potential
adware, trojans, keyloggers, spyware and other malware that may be
infecting and wrecking havoc on your PC. Its remover tool allows you to
remove, ignore or either quarantine identified spyware. This tool is made
available for free in the trial version.

Spyware Doctor also has an OnGuard system that effectively immunizes and
protects your system against hundreds of online privacy threats even
while you work. The Spyware Doctor allows you to perform fast scanning
and detection at Windows start-up so that you will be alerted with a list
of the potential threats identified and provides spyware blocking
features to give you continuous protection.

McAfee AntiSpyware

Get rid of malicious programs before they can steal your identity from
your PC. Someone may be tracking you online and may be monitoring your
every move. The McAfee AntiSpyware may just be the essential protection
much needed by today's security-conscious Internet user like you.

McAfee AntiSpyware can quickly detect and then safely eliminate malicious
applications such as key loggers, remote-control programs, spybots and
browser hijackers that may be hiding on your system before they can rob
you of your precious personal information, snatch passwords or monitor
browsing activity when you go online. By eliminating online roadblocks,
McAfee AntiSpyware also prevents adware programs to trigger annoying
advertisements and sap precious system performance on your PC.


X-Cleaner is a premier privacy software solution that is made by one of
the most trusted names in anti-spyware technology. X-Cleaner effectively
deletes browser and system usage tracks, shreds pictures and generates
secure passwords in your PC. It also features a unique anti-spy and
adware technology that will remove them fully from your PC. The X-Cleaner
also has effective inoculation features that will help prevent future
infections and keep your PC safe for use.

Key features of this software include the ability to remove traces of
movie files, pictures that you have viewed. It can also detect and remove
spy software that logs your private activity online and may undermine
personal online security. The X-Cleaner can also find and remove
pornographic content that may contain malicious codes on your computer.

To provide the utmost privacy, the X-Cleaner can also permanently erase
files on your PC with a military style file shredder. Stop password theft
and know if some users are snooping and recording your keystrokes with
the use of the X-Cleaner!

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