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					           CV/COVER LETTER PHRASE BANK + CV/Cover letter example
 Outline your career history in DATE ORDER (REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL
ORDER) beginning with the most recent items!
If you have no work experience, limit your CV to a maximum 1 to 2 pages

                                 COVER LETTER LAYOUT

Your address/the sender’s address:
Date:Option A

(Date:Option B)
Opening Salutation

Opening (reference and information)
Summary of details
Explanation of previous experience
Reasons you are applying

Opening (reference and information):

Reference (first paragraph):
In reply to your advertisement in this month’s edition of Economist, I should be grateful if
you would consider my application for the post of (Bank Trainee).
or: I was recommended by .... wo is currently working in/who has had a long association with
your firm/who is one of your suppliers/customers, to write to you concerning a possible post
in your/ the ... department.

Information (second paragraph) or at the bottom of the letter after your signature and title :

I am enclosing my CV for the position of Bank Trainee.
The enclosed CV is for the above post.

Summary of details (third paragraph):
As you can see from my CV/You will see from my CV that I graduated from (name of
university) in (date) where I acquired (degree; diploma; certificate).

+previous job/explanations for leaving a company:
I left (name of the firm/company) in (date) as (new employer) offered me a chance to use my
skills (skills of specialist knowledge, eg. languages, knowledge of computers, etc.)
I joined (name of the firm/company) in (date) as they offered an opportunity for advancement,
being a much larger concern.
Explanation of relevant previous experience: responsibilities and authority in the
company/companies, projects you undertook, changes you effected, schemes you introduced,
During my time at (name of the firm/company) I worked on several (description) schemes
which were very successful as they meant (description)
While I was at (name of company) I took responsibility for (title) and this meant (description);
within (period of time) the firm/department was able to (description of improvements) ...

Reasons you are applying:
I am particularly interested in the position you offer as I know my academic background,
enthusiasm to learn, dilligence and particular skills (list them) would be valuable in this area
of (tourism, hospitality, banking, accountancy, insurance, etc)
I am sure I would be successful in this post as I have now gained the experience and skills that
are required.

Close: look forward to the interview+offer to supply more information if necessary
I am looking forward to hearing from you. However, if there is any further information you
require in the meantime, please contact me.
Please let me know if there are any other details you need. Meanwhile, I look forward to
hearing from you.
Closing salutation: Yours sincerely/faithfully
Your signature: Sign the letter!
Your name: Type it!
Your title: e.g. BTHM - Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Enclosures: Encls: 2 (= two documents enclosed)


                            COVER LETTER PHRASE BANK

BScEc/B.S.Ec. = Bachelor of Science in Economics (British: BSc in Economics)
BA Ec/B.A.Ec. = Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Economics (BEcon)

BscBA/B.S.B.A. = Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (British: BSc in
Business Administration)
BABA/B.A.B.A. = Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (BTHM)

*Bachelor of Science - frequently used for professions such as engineering, journalism,
and advertising. In the UK, which subjects are considered science subjects varies, e.g.
economics degrees may be B.A. in one university but B.Sc in another.
(The Language of Economics)

M.Ec. = Master’s Degree in Economics (MEc)
M.B.A. = Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
Ph.D. (The Doctor of Science)
Ph.D. Economics = Ph.D. in Economics
Ph.D. Business Administration = Ph.D. in Business Administration

I graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University
Singidunum, Belgrade
I completed a BTHM degree/diploma at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management
at ...
I received a BTHM degree/diploma at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management,
Singidunum University Belgrade, in (year) ....
I hold a BTHM degree/diploma, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management,
Singidunum University Belgrade

1. Language skills
2. Computer skills
3. Communication skills
4. Planning/ organising
5. Teamwork
6. Leadership skills (eg. ability
7. ability to motivate others
8. Business correspondence/Report writing
9. Professional approach/customer facing skills on telephone/presentation skills/negotiation
10. Driving licence ... hold a current/valid computer licence

1. Language skills (eg. good knowledge of the Greek language, I speak fluent German, I
possess strong written and spoken communication skills in English, I am fluent in English,
native speaker of Serbian and proficient in German; working as a (position) with the
(company) I held everyday conversations in English and took part in negotiations with our
foreign business partners, wrote persuasive reports, all types of business letters and e-mails…;
working as a (position) with the (company) I acquired strong conversational and writing skills
in business English…; I am familiar with writing reports …; I am fluent in French, proficient
in Spanish and German …)

2. Computer skills: (eg. I possess fully proficient computer skills and use …; I am a
proficient computer user …. ; I possess excellent IT skills; I possess a high level of IT skills…
… I possess excellent/good internet search skills and be a proficient user of Microsoft Word
and Excel …; I am fully proficient in all Microsoft Word programmes… I hold an European
Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), I received an European Computer Diving Licence
(ECDL) in (year) …; I possess very good computer skills, full proficiency in using advanced
standard computer applications, word processing, graphics, slides preparation, spreadsheets,
use of Internet and ability to research and organise data; I have proven/practical/excellent
knowledge of computer flow charts … I have knowledge to use a computer: Microsoft
Office, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook; I possess good computer literacy…)

3. Communication skills: (eg. as attractions lead coordinator and internship supervisor developed
strong management and communication skills; completed tasks requiring a tight deadline,
researching, and presenting my findings both verbally and in writing; I have excellent
communication skills )
4. Planning/ organising (eg. I have good organisational and time management skills; I gained
good organisational/planning skills as a (position) where I took part in management meetings,
prioritized, delegated and distributed workloads; I am experienced in organisation/planning,
especially arranging meetings…; as a (position) I demonstrated excellent
organisational/planning skills in ensuring effective and efficient upkeep and use of all event
equipment, arranging promotional events and exhibitions, …. I was in charge of planning and
managing direct marketing campaigns including email, direct mail and online promotions,
seeking out potential marketing partners and organising contra deals…)
5. Teamwork: (eg. effective communication and teamwork skills, I possess the ability to
work both independently and be a flexible and supportive team member, proven ability to
work independently and as a team member; I have good team working skills with an ability to
work with deadlines in a high pressure; I am experienced in taking the initiative to teach skills
to new hires and existing team members; I am an enthusiastic team player experienced in…; I
am a good team player with a passion for travel…; I possess good interpersonal skills and
ability to establish and maintain relations in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with
sensitivity and respect for diversity;...)
6. Leadership skills (eg. as a (position) in the (company) I developed excellent leadership
skills managing a team of (no. of subordinates), I am experienced in supervising small teams
up to 10 people able to empower others, a good coach and motivator; …)
7. Ability to motivate others (eg. I am an energetic and enthusiastic customer service
professional with 5-year experience as a Customer service team leader at the (hotel/company);
as a Customer service team leader at the (hotel/company) I developed the skill to motivate
others to perform and exceed expectations. I am experienced in creating a positive atmosphere
within the team and within the company displaying motivating and encouraging behaviours,
familiar with efficient personal working practices in order to maximise time spent on high
value team management, problem solving and customer/hotel communications. I also
participated in regular team and company meetings to discuss new ideas regarding the system
and customer service processes…)

8. Business correspondence: (eg. completed “Effective English Business Correspondence
Course”, at the (faculty, university, town), year; I possess excellent/outstanding business
correspondence skills;
9. Professional approach/customer facing skills on telephone
10. Driving licence (eg. I hold a current/valid driving licence; I hold a full, clean driving
licence; I am an experienced driver, category B; I am a category B driver with more than 8-
year experience;…)

OTHER SKILLS AND COMPETENCES that may be required by an employer

Ability to work under pressure
I am able to work under stress and cope well with deadlines;

Ability to face challenges
I feel ready to face the challenges of working in your company of high (international)
  Presentation Skills: · Strong presentation skills, both orally and in writing. I make
  presentations regularly to senior management
  · I have presented to board directors so am at ease in the most senior of company
   · I can summarise data in to report format which must be clear and concise and contain the
relevant data to suit the audience

  Interpersonal Skills:
  · I have worked with people from all backgrounds, including multinational companies,
  customers and store colleagues. Through this I have learnt to adapt my register to suit
  different audiences
  · Line management experience through managing category assistant and junior buyer
  · Conducted regular performance reviews and have created mentoring programmes to help
with development

  Time and Project Management:
  · Managed 40 suppliers and 600 product lines which meant I had to be extremely
  organised and appreciate the importance of attention to detail
  · Used to balancing more than one task simultaneously and balancing the needs of
  different people and varying agendas.
  · I have created long term strategy plans and critical paths to ensure that key deadlines
  are met
  · I have moved around buying areas frequently and can adapt to new markets and situations
very quickly

  Research and Analysis:
  · I enjoy working with information from various sources and can assimilate, analyse and
  communicate data in a number of formats.
  · I can Build complex spreadsheets and databases to compile information and then
  present information in a sumarised formats
  · I have conducted my own market research by visiting stores, competitors and meeting
with customers
  Financial and Commercial Awareness:
  · I am skilled in constructing budgets and am able to enter into complex financial
  · Most recent buying portfolio worth over 32 million p.a
  · I have gained commercial understanding of a wide range of organisations and markets and
have experience of working in a large complex organisation.

  Cultural Awareness: · I have worked with companies from around the world, particularly
China, Japan and Europe.
  Team Work:
  · I had to work in a large cross functional team (supply chain, marketing, finance) to
  ensure successful product launches and am used to adapting to different team dynamics
· I am equally happy working in a team as to on my own. I have worked individually creating
budgets, establishing strategy and analysing data.
  Negotiation Skills:
  · I have 4 years experience of negotiating with a wide range of suppliers
· I understand how to use levers to win a negotiation and also understand the need for a
win/win outcome to ensure future success

Other ideas for skills:

• Team work

        o Supportive, facilitator, organised, co-ordinator, deliverer, imaginative, delegator,

• Leadership

        o Dynamic, motivator, team-builder, confidence booster, energetic, capable, outward
           looking, accountable, visionary

• Interpersonal Skills

        o Listener, adviser, counsellor, politically aware, initiator, professional, co-operative,
            constructive, assertive

• Customer orientation

        o Welcoming, friendly, caring, approachable, constructive,

        o Accommodating, tactful, diplomatic, tolerant

• Oral communication

        o Educator, trainer, communicator, presenter, promoter, influencer, humorous,
           empathetic, telephone skills

• Foreign Language

        o Specific language skills, cultural awareness, international experience, written and
           oral expertise, sensitivity

Self-Reliance Skills:

• Self-awareness/confidence

        o Purposeful, focused, reflective, perceptive, honest, self-belief, objective, realistic,

• Self-promotion skills

        o Positive, persuasive, pleasant, proactive, persistent, ambitious, opportunistic,

• Initiative and pro-activity

        o Resourceful, energetic, drive, flexible, self-starter, self-reliant, initiative
• Networking skills

        o Initiator, trustful, personable, relationship-builder, persistent developer, resourceful,

• Willing to learn

        o Motivated, adaptable, enthusiastic, active, keen, learner, inquisitive, continual

• Action planning

        o Decision-maker, planner, organised, negotiator, responsive, evaluator, forward
           thinker, target-driven, able to prioritise

Generalist Skills:

• Problem-solving

        o Achiever, successful, results-orientated, project management, creative, practical,
           logical, astute, agile mind

• IT/computer literacy

        o IT skills, software packages, common sense, task-orientated, progressive, specific,
            office skills, keyboard skills

• Flexibility

        o Multi-disciplinary, flexible, versatile, multi-skilled, willing, obliging, mobile, adaptable

• Numeracy skills

        o Accurate, logical, problem-solver, detailed, methodical, consistent, quick thinker,
           analytical, thorough

• Business Acumen

        o Competitive, entrepreneurial, enterprising, commercial, foresight, budgeter, risk
           taker, effective written communication

• Commitment

        o Dedicated, trustworthy, conscientious, reliable, loyal, punctual, knowledgeable,
                 Examples: Sample CV – full version
                                    CURRICULUM VITAE

Name                          Mike Mortimer
Date of birth                 12.06.72
Place of birth                Enniskillen, North Ireland
Address                       157 rue des Laboureurs
                              Moissy, (town) 77550
Tel. No.                      64886341 (mobile)
                              64886341 (home)
e-mail:                       mile@yahoo.com

Marital status                Single

                            EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS
   09/93 – 02/94             Certificate of Theme Park Management: Miami University,
                              Florida, USA
   05/92 – 02/93             Diploma in Hospitality Management: Neath College, Wales
   09/90 – 04/92             Higher national Diploma in Tourism and Recreation
                              Management: Swansea Institute of Higher Education, Wales
   09/88 – 06/90             BTEC National Diploma in Business and Finance: Fermanagh
                              College of Further Education, Enniskillen, North Ireland
   09/83 – 07/88             8 GCSEs – Grade B
                              St Joseph’s School, Enniskillen, North Ireland

                              EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE
Merville, France
12/96 – present
Attractions Lead Coordinator
 Pre-opening, supervising the personal development of staff on standards of customer care
 Compiling and arranging Safety Operating Procedures for Attractions
 Managing employees’ daily schedule and delegation of task
 Monitoring safe operation of major attraction in the Park
 Coordinating the show quality, ensuring high standards of maintenance
Miami, Florida
2/95 – 12/96
Internship Supervisor
 Implemented the Intern Program
 Planned and presided over Special VIP Events
 Supervised the training of new employees on operating procedures
 Participated in leadership development and trainer classes
03/94 -02/95
International cultural representative
 Greeted guests and answered question
 Took inventory of stock, organized shop displays
 Organized international cultural exchange events
Newbern, North Ireland
06/90- 09/90
Tourist Information Assistant/Grotto Tour Guide
 Provided tourist information for local area
 Guided international parties in one of the largest caves in Europe
 Trained new employees on all aspects of cave guiding

       ENGLISH, mother tongue
       FRENCH, fluent
       SPANISH, elementary

                                   OTHER SKILLS*see file: CV/Cover Letter Phrase Bank
Computer skills (European Computer Driving Licence;
Communication skills
Planning/ organizing skills
Teamwork/leadership/ability to motivate others
Business correspondence
Driving licence (Catogory B; 5 years’ experience)

       Judo, swimming, diving, surfing
       Music (playing classical guitar), film
                                                    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
1990 – 1993 Sports club treasurer
1987 – 1990 Youth group leader
Christopher Allain                                                                                     Anne Jones
23, rue de la Paix                                                                                     Director, The Newbern Grotto
Moissy 77550                                                                                           14 Rodney Drive
France                                                                                                 Newbern
                                                                                                       Northern Ireland
                                                                                                       BT74 8DF

Examples: Sample CV focused only on skills/related
Sample Cover Letter
    Jane Doe
    10 Wallace Place
    Smithville NSW 2222

    Mobile: 0903 222 343
    Home: 02 9299 0709
    Email: jdoe@hmail.com

    Enthusiastic, ambitious and highly organised hospitality professional looking to use industry knowledge and experience in a management position.

           TAFE NSW
                                                                                                                                                 Sydney, NSW AU

                                                                                                  view/print     save
     Certificate IV in Hospitality (Supervision)
     TAFE NSW                                                                             Sydney, NSW AU
     Certificate III in Hospitality (Operations)
     Graduated: November 2007

Employment History
     Mar 07 – Present: Shift Supervisor                                                  Smithville, NSW AU
     Smithville Bites Cafe

                    Roster staff

                    Train and supervise team

                    Assist General Manager with ordering, stock control and stocktake

                    Work with cash register and cash up

                    Serve customers

                    Ensure cleanliness of cafe and quality of customer service

     Skills demonstrated

                    A strong focus on customer service

                    People management and communication skills

                    Responsible handling of cash

     Jun 07 – Dec 07: Waitress                                                           Smithville, NSW AU
     Smithville Bites Cafe

                    Served customers

                    Prepared food

                    Made coffee

                    Cleaned

                    Trained and supervise junior staff members

     Skills demonstrated

                    Customer service and excellent people skills

                    Safe food preparation

                    Attractive food presentation

     Nov 06 – Jun 07: Waitress                                                           Smithville, NSW AU
           Jenny's Cafe

                        Served customers

                        Cleaned

                        Prepared food

                        Worked with the cash register

           Skills demonstrated

                        Customer service

                        Safe food preparation

                        Attractive food presentation

                        Responsible handling of cash

           Dec 05 – Nov 06: Waitress                                                                            Smithville, NSW AU

                        Served customers

                        Carried out cashier duties

                        Cleaned

           Skills demonstrated

                        Customer service

                        Responsible handling of cash

     Joe Massa – Manager                                     Elizabeth Nason – Director of Hospitality
     Smithville Bites Cafe                                   TAFE NSW
     Email: Massa.j@bites.com                                Email: e.nason@example.com
     Mobile: 0422 333 444                                    Phone: (02) 9555 6666

                Email Referee via iDlogik                              Email Referee via iDlogik

    Sample Cover Letter

                                                                                                         Jane Doe 10 Wallace Place
                                                                                                              Smithville NSW 2222
                                                                                                                 M: 0411 222 333
                                                                                                               E: jdoe@hmail.com

    Ms Carla Thompson Manager
    Thompson's Bar and Grill
    28 Victoria Road
    Griego NSW 1111
18 July 2008

Dear Ms Thompson

Re: Assistant Manager
Ref: H123

I would like you to consider my application for the role of assistant manager at Thompson's Bar and Grill as advertised on Seek on 14 July.

Working in the hospitality industry over the last few years, I have developed a passion for providing top-quality customer service, and contributing to a
memorable dining experience. While training and leading a team I have always endeavoured to pass on these values to other staff members. As shift supervisor at
Smithville Bites Caf� I worked closely with management in ordering stock, cashing up and implementing company policy. I would love to apply my knowledge to
a career in restaurant management and am keen to join the team at Thompson's Bar and Grill.

I have completed a Certificate III in Hospitality (Operations), as well as a short course in bar and waiting, and I am RSA certificated. I'm currently studying for my
Certificate IV in Hospitality (Supervision). Modules already completed include Operations, Leadership, Finance and Meetings, from which I have gained knowledge
and skills that are very relevant to working in restaurant management.

This position interests me greatly because I believe I have the leadership skills and attention to detail to make a valuable contribution to Thompson's.

Please find my resume attached and I look forward to discussing the position with you.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Jane Doe


   Annabel Peters
   34 Going Places Lane
   Perth WA 6000

   Mobile: 0400 000 000
   Email: abel@myemailaddress.com.au


                 Certified Travel Consultant (CTC)
          Three years experience in retail travel consulting

          Friendly, outgoing and responsive personality

          Enthusiastic, conscientious and hardworking

          Team player


     Central TAFE

                                                                                                 view/print      save

                                                                                                                        Melbourne, VIC AU

     Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales)
     Graduated: November 2006
     WA Girls College                                                                                                   Melbourne, VIC AU
     Western Australian Certificate of Education
     Graduated: November 2004

Employment History
     Aug 07 – Present: Retail Travel Consultant                                                                         Fremantle, WA AU
     Fabulous Fremantle Holidays

              Discuss clients’ requirements and provide advice on worldwide destinations, tours,
     accommodation and flights

                   Plan, prepare and cost itineraries for clients

                   Liaise with agents, accommodation owners, airlines and other transport providers

                   Issue tickets, accommodation vouchers and all other relevant documentation

                Confirm bookings and notify clients of luggage, insurance, medical, passport, visa and
     currency requirements

                   Process clients’ visa applications

                   Train new staff members


                   Regularly achieve ‘travel consultant of the month’ award

                   Large return client base – many clients ask for me personally for all of their holiday and
     travel needs

                   Manage several successful relationships with agents

                   Nominated for ‘Retail Travel Consultant of Western Australia’ award for 2008

                   Successfully covered team leader role when team leader was on leave

     Jan 06 – Jul 07: Domestic Travel Consultant                                                                            Perth, WA AU
     Perth Travel Centre
                    Serve clients in person, on the telephone and by email

                  Discuss clients’ requirements and provide advice on Australian destinations, tours,
         accommodation and flights

                    Develop client itineraries

                    Issue documentation


                    Became a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) with the AFTA Australian Travel Professionals

                    Successfully completed advanced training in Galileo and CrossCheck Travel

  James Johnson – Team Leader                                                 Ruth Sanderson – Lead Travel Consultant
  Fabulous Fremantle Holidays                                                 Perth Travel Centre
  M: 0443 345 678                                                             M: 0412 456 789
  Email Referee via iDlogik                                                   E: Ruth@ptc.com.au

Sample Cover Letter

                                                                                                                    Annabel Peters 34 Going Places Lane
                                                                                                                                         Perth WA 6000
                                                                                                                                       T: 08 9992 3332
                                                                                                                                       M: 0412 345 678
                                                                                                                      E: AnnabelP@emailaddress.com.au

Patricia Patience Manager
Brilliant Holidays
PO Box 356
Perth WA 6000

8 January 2009
Dear Ms Patience

Re: Lead Retail Travel Consultant (REF 2221)
Please accept this letter and the accompanying resume as application for the above position advertised on seek.com.au on 5 January 2009.

I have over three years experience as a travel consultant in domestic and worldwide travel. My passion for travel started when I took a gap year to travel around
Europe and North America and I still enjoy travelling around Australia and overseas. I get great satisfaction from using my love of travel and interest in other
cultures to create unforgettable holidays and travel itineraries for my clients. I have extensive experience in Galileo and CrossCheck Travel.

My career in the travel industry began when I was a part-time administration assistant for Perth Travel Centre (PTC), while I was studying for the Certificate III in
Tourism (Retail Travel Sales). My skills and enthusiasm for travel were recognised by my colleagues at PTC and, on completion of my studies, I became a
domestic travel consultant for the company. I currently work as a retail travel consultant for Fabulous Fremantle Holidays (FFH). I enjoy developing personal
itineraries for clients and delivering exceptional service. I use my excellent communication skills to find out exactly what clients want from their travel experiences
and then liaise with agents to deliver everything that is required for a hassle-free holiday.

At FFH I am involved in training new staff members and I find this aspect of my job extremely rewarding. I successfully cover for the team leader when necessary
and the team responds to me in this role. I work well within a close team and enjoy fostering good working relationships to help a team achieve its goals. I am
keen use these skills to move up to the next level and manage a team of consultants.

I have long admired Brilliant Holidays and am particularly impressed by the latest range of small-group itineraries that you have developed. I am very excited
about the opportunity to join your team and sell these innovative products to clients.

I look forward to discussing my application with you further at interview.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Annabel Peters

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