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					                             THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO
                            PARALEGAL STUDIES PROGRAM
                  LGL:4940:001 - ADVANCED PARALEGAL INTERNSHIP
                                 SYLLABUS FALL 2011


Class Times:          Wednesdays         8:00 a.m. – 8:50 a.m.     Room : HH1419

Instructor:           Professor Kathleen Mercer Reed, Esq.
Office Phone          419-530-7746        Fax: 419-530-7752
E-mail                kreed@utnet.utoledo.edu


Field experience in law offices. Students will be placed in various paralegal positions by the
professor. Students will meet for job related seminar one hour per week and will work at their
assigned law office for twelve hours per week. 3 semester credits. (Prereq: Permission of
program director and attendance at internship seminar.)

UNITS/CONTACT HOURS: 1(1:1) - a 50 minute class once per week while students perform
180 hour internship experience during 15 week semester. Legal Specialty Required course for
associate degree, post-baccalaureate certificate and nurse paralegal certificate programs.

TEXT AND OTHER MATERIALS:                    Ethics for the Legal Assistant, by Deborah Orlik
                                             (most recent edition); and The Ohio Paralegal, by
                                             William Statsky, Kathleen Reed & Bradene Moore


Following the student's field experience in law or law-related offices, the instructor's lectures,
and the student's completion of the assigned reading and outside projects, the student will be
able to demonstrate an understanding of:

1)     law office structure
2)     essential functions within the law office
3)     personal time management techniques
4)     law office confidentiality
5)     ethical considerations for legal assistants
6)     avoidance of the unauthorized practice of law
7)     job interviewing skills
8)     resume writing
9)     client interviewing skills
10)    mediation and volunteering opportunities to gain experience
EVALUATION OF STUDENT PERFORMANCE: Students will complete at least the following:

1)      180 hour internship experience in placement
2)      An updated resume (which includes internship experience).
3)      Sample cover letter (such as would accompany a resume in application for
4)      Daily/weekly activity reports (one for every day worked in the internship).
5)      Thank you letter to the intern supervisor.
6)      Ethics problem exercises as assigned.
7)      A formal paper detailing the work experience.
8)      Mid-Term and Final Internship Performance Evaluations (student must meet with and
        review their performance with supervising attorney).

Class          Date         Topic

Week 1        8/24/11       Lecture: INTRODUCTION TO COURSE
                            (Discussion of appropriate professional behavior and dress; law
                            office procedures; discuss text layout as it relates to ethical canons)

                            Lecture: ETHICS
                            (Discussion of Canon One – Integrity and Competence)
                            (View Orlik Video)
                            (Student’s Preparation for Class: Reading: Chapter 1 in text &
                            assigned handout materials)

Week 2        8/31/11       Lecture: ETHICS
                            (Discussion of Canon Two – Making Legal Services
                            Available to the Public)
                            (Student’s Preparation for Class: Reading: Chapter 2 in text &
                            assigned handout materials)

Week 3        9/7/11        Lecture: ETHICS
                            (Discussion of Canon Three - The Unauthorized Practice of Law)
                            (Student’s Preparation for Class: Reading: Chapter 3 in text &
                            assigned handout materials)

Week 4        9/14/11       NO CLASS

Week 5        9/21/11       Discussion of Canon Four – Preserving Confidences & Secrets)
                            (Student’s Preparation for Class: Reading: Chapter 4 in text &
                            assigned handout materials)

Week 6        9/28/11       Lecture: ETHICS
                            Discussion of Canon Five – Representing Adverse Interests)
                            (Student’s Preparation for Class: Reading: Chapter 5 in text &
                            assigned handout materials)
Class            Date           Topic

Week 7          10/5/11         Lecture: ETHICS
                                (Discussion of Canon Seven – Zealous Representation Within the
                                Bounds of the Law)
                                (Students’ Preparation for Class: Reading: Chapter 7 in text &
                                assigned handout materials)

Week 8          10/12/11        NO CLASS

Week 9          10/19/11        Lecture: ETHICS
                                (Discussion of Canon Eight – Working to Improve the Legal
                                (Students’ Preparation for Class: Reading: Chapter 8 in text &
                                assigned handout materials)

Week 10         10/26/11        Lecture: ETHICS (Discussion of Ethics)
                                Assignment: New Rules RE: Paralegals)

Week 11         11/2/11         Lecture: CAREERS & EMPLOYMENT PLANNING

Week 12         11/9/11         NO CLASS

Week 13         11/16/11        Preparation for Mock Interviews

Week 14         11/23/11        HOLIDAY - THANKSGIVING

Week 15         11/30/11        Mock Interviews

Week 16         12/7/11         Mock Interviews


       Attendance is required at all scheduled Internship class sessions. If any class sessions are missed,
        the student will receive an "Incomplete" in the course until that class session can be made up the
        following semester.

        The University of Toledo Missed Class Policy

        Approved by Faculty Senate, 1/22/02; approved by Student Senate, 1/22/02

        This policy provides for basic protections and reasonable accommodations for students who miss
        class with excused absences. Students are expected to attend every class meeting of courses in
        which they are registered. Only in specific, unavoidable situations does the University excuse
        absences from class: 1) personal emergencies, including, but not limited to, illness of student or
        of a dependent of the student [as defined by the Board of Trustees’ Policy on Family and Medical
        Leave], or death in the family; 2) religious observances that prevent the student from attending
        class; 3) participation in University-sponsored activities, approved by the appropriate University
        authority, such as intercollegiate athletic competitions, activities approved by academic units,
        including artistic performances, R.O.T.C. functions, academic field trips and special events
        connected with coursework; 4) government-required activities, such as military assignments, jury
    duty, or court appearances; and 5) any other absence that the professor approves.

   All Internship hours (180 hours minimum) must be completed no later than FRIDAY, December 9,

    letter (a sample of one you might send to apply for a job), thank-you letter (a copy of the original you
    have sent to your internship supervisor), ethics problems as assigned, mid-term evaluation, final
    evaluation, daily time records, and work experience paper are due to my mailbox no later than 4:00
    p.m. on FRIDAY, December 9, 2011.

   All of the above must be turned in to receive a grade in this course.

                                           GRADE CALCULATIONS

                     Internship contract                       =    0 points

                     Mid-Term Evaluation                       =    0 points

                     Updated Resume                            =   25 points

                     Sample Cover Letter                       =   25 points

                     Daily/Weekly Activity Reports             =   25 points

                     Ethics Problems                           =   100 points
                               (different problems for
                               LGL:2940 & LGL:4940)

                     Work Experience Paper                     =   100 points

                     Thank You Letter                          =   25 points

                     Final Attorney Evaluation                 =   100 points

                                           Total Possible Points   400 points

                                              GRADING SCALE

                                           400 - 372 = A (93%)
                                           371 - 360 = A- (90%)
                                           359 - 348 = B+ (87%)
                                           347 - 336 = B (84%)
                                           335 - 324 = B- (81%)
                                           323 - 312 = C+ (78%)
                                           311 - 300 = C (75%)
                                           299 - 288 = C- (72%)
                                           287 - 276 = D+ (69%)
                                           275 - 264 = D (66%)
                                           263 - 252 = D- (63%)
                                           251-      =F

                            THIS SYLLABUS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

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