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					                      Benewah Medical Center
               Job Description/Performance Evaluation
                                                                    Revised 3/11

I.     POSITION: Medical Assistant (MA): A non-exempt position serving Indian
       and non-Indian patients.

II.    QUALIFICATIONS: High School diploma or GED required. Completion of
       a Medical Assistant Program with a current or eligibility to acquire MA
       certificate required. One year of experience in a Health Care setting;
       phlebotomy, procedure assistance and injection skills. EMR experience
       preferred. Typing skills of at least 35 wpm preferred. Current Basic Life
       Support/CPR certification required and/or willingness to obtain within 3
       months of employment. Must have phone.

       1. Able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care
           appropriate to the age of patients served in the clinical area. Demonstrates
           excellent technical skills and judgment.
       2. Must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and the
           development over the life span and posses the ability to assess data
           reflective of the patient’s status and interpret the appropriate information
           needed to identify each patient’s requirement.
       3. Must effectively interact with staff to coordinate and promote continuity
           of the patient’s care. Must possess demonstrated ability to be a team
       4. Demonstrate accountability for ensuring documentation of all aspects of
           care as per clinic guidelines; administering medication and treatments
           safety; maintaining patient safety, comfort, and cleanliness.
       5. Demonstrate self-direction and professionalism by identifying areas of
           needed professional development skill and participating in educational
       6. Knowledge of and ability to recognize emergency situations and ability to
           apply emergency care.
       7. Knowledge of or willingness to learn the culture, customs and health
           problems of the Native American population.
       8. Requires excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability
           to maintain positive peer relationships and provide assistance in a friendly,
           helpful manner to all patients, visitors and staff.
       9. Knowledge and skill in, or willingness to learn operation of specialized
           medical equipment such as an EKG machine, SVN unit, Fetal monitor,
           Doppler, and mini Infuser.
       10. Well-organized and able to handle conflicts and crisis in a professional
                              Benewah Medical Center
                       Job Description/Performance Evaluation
               11. Understands and practices confidentiality guidelines as established in the
                   Patient Privacy Act.
               12. Must have consistent work attendance record.

        IV.    SUPERVISION:
               The Medical Assistant works under the direct supervision of the physician and
               RN and/or the Nurse Manager. This position has no direct supervisory

               A. Hearing: within normal limits with or without use of corrective hearing
               B. Vision: adequate to read 12-point type with or without use of corrective
               C. Must be able to verbally interact with staff, clients and public.
               D. Manual dexterity of hands/fingers for writing, computer input.
               E. Able to lift up to 25-100 lbs. (assist in transfer of patients)
               F. Stand 40% of the day.
               G. Walking 60% of the day.
               H. Pushing, up to 30-100 lbs., (i.e. crash cart, stretcher, or wheelchair)
               I. Pulling, up to 25-80 lbs.

Executive Director Approval:                                Date:

Revised 3/11
                                    Benewah Medical Center
                             Job Description/Performance Evaluation

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities outlined below are to be rated on a                   YES/NO
“Yes/No” scale; indicating meets/does not meet the outlined responsibility. Essential
responsibilities are evaluated at end of Introduction Period (initial 90 days) and annually on
employee’s anniversary date
Customer Service                     1. Maintains a positive peer relationship and performs as a
                                        team player.
                                     2. Plans and prioritizes to maintain a time and attendance
                                        record which complies with BMC policy.
                                     3. Provides excellent internal and external customer
                                        service assistance, providing knowledgeable and
                                        appropriate information to customers.
                                     4. Works independently in a very detail oriented manner,
                                        and meet deadlines.

Organizational Values: Employee      1.   Care and Compassion
Demonstrates the values of           2.   Respect
Benewah Medical Center and
                                     3.   Sharing
Wellness Center
                                     4.   Professionalism
                                     5.   Confidentiality
                                     6.   Collaboration and Teamwork
                                     7.   Progressiveness

Time and Attendance                  1. Employee reports to work timely
                                     2. Employee utilizes breaks and meal periods to care
                                        for personal business outside of the work area
                                     3. Employee completes work assignments in a timely
                                        manner and appropriately exits the work area in a
                                        timely manner
                                     4. Employee appropriately utilizes Novatime Time and
                                        Attendance for clocking in and out; scheduling
                                        absences in advance when possible
                                     5. Employee is available for scheduled work shifts
                                        regularly and communicates absence to supervisor
                                        in a timely manner if unavailable.

    Revised 3/11
                                      Benewah Medical Center
                               Job Description/Performance Evaluation
Licensure, Certification and          1.   Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
Employee Health and                   2.   Hepatitis B
                                      3.   TB Skin Test
                                      4.   Influenza (optional)
                                      5.   Tetanus (optional)
                                      6.   MA Certification
                                      7.   BLS Certification

                   General Comments Regarding Performance of Essential Responsibilities:

    Revised 3/11
                                      Benewah Medical Center
                               Job Description/Performance Evaluation
MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: outlined below will be rated annually on the employee’s
anniversary date. Ratings will be completed on a 1-5 scale, with the scale outlined below. Performance
 may be evaluated at the discretion of the supervisor of the position if necessary and/or appropriate.
                                Rating Scale:
5=     Superior Performance – Performance consistently far exceeds expectations of the
       position. Almost all job related activities were done in an outstanding manner.
       (There should be very few individuals qualified for this rating.)

4=     Very Good Performance – Performance consistently meets and may exceed
       expectations. Consistently contributes more than his/her share.

3=     Satisfactory Performance – Satisfactory performance on all assigned

2=     Marginal Performance – Performance satisfactory, but not in all areas of major
       responsibilities. Needs further development and improvement to perform at
       satisfactory level.

1=     Poor Performance – Performance does not meet the requirements of the position. If
       performance does not improve after a reasonable period of time, the employee should
       be reassigned or terminated.

            DUTY                                         STANDARD                            RATING
Assess, plan, delegate                      1. Functions as the NextGen Master
implement, and evaluate                        on the nurse/provider team,
patient care.                                  ensuring that provider
                                               documentation is complete,
                                               accurate, and timely.
                                            2. Obtains patients’ complaint/reason
                                               for visit using HPI template in
                                            3. Obtains appropriate vital signs,
                                               including weights and heights
                                               under Nurse Documentation. Also
                                               able to recognize normal and
                                               abnormal ranges.
                                            4. Able to recognize and evaluate
                                               changes in patient status and initiate
                                               action when appropriate.
                                            5. Obtains the appropriate
                                               information, specimens, lab results,
                                               x-ray results and health history
                                               from patients to prepare them for
                                               the clinical provider.
                                            6. Assists clinicians with procedures,
                                               such as minor surgical procedures,

     Revised 3/11
                                   Benewah Medical Center
                            Job Description/Performance Evaluation

                                        and prepares the exam room and
                                        instruments for these procedures.
                                    7. Performs procedures that are within
                                        appropriate scope of practice (for
                                        example, tympanography,
                                        audiometry, spirometry,
                                        administration of medications,
                                        venipuncture (blood draws),
                                        performing EKG’s, performing
                                        vision screening, dressing changes
                                        and suture removals.)
                                    8. Provides and documents patient
                                        education including rationale for
                                        medication administration,
                                        medication side effects, explanation
                                        of medications and procedures,
                                        prescription usage and directions,
                                        test results.
                                    9. Able to anticipate Medical
                                        Providers’ needs.
                                    10. Operates and maintains appropriate
                                        medical equipment.
Patient/Family Education
Recognize and address patient       1. Ensure patient education/teaching
and significant others learning        plan by patient needs.
needs                               2. Access resources for referrals as
                                       needed and sets up referral
                                       appointment for patients if
Accurately and completely           1. Ensure complete, accurate and
record information                     timely documentation within the
                                       electronic health record including
                                       the right patient, right encounter
                                       date/time and appropriate provider.
                                    2. Able to select appropriate reason
                                       for visit, able to utilized HPI
                                    3. Able to input vital signs, allergies,
                                       medications, Past Medical History,
                                       past diagnostic information, Family
                                       History, Social History,
                                       confidential information, review of
                                       systems, update diabetic and/or

    Revised 3/11
                                   Benewah Medical Center
                            Job Description/Performance Evaluation

                                         Coumadin flowsheet, and/or any
                                         procedure completed into Next
                                    4.   Able to order Immunizations, drug
                                         injections, lab, x-ray, print labs.
                                    5.   Able to accurately and completely
                                         fill out an ROI.
                                    6.   Transfer information is documented
                                         accurately, completely and in a
                                         timely manner for patients’ transfer
                                         to other health care facility.
                                    7.   Able to input information into the
                                         EMR quickly and efficiently.
Safety and Legal Issues
Adheres to Safety and Legal         1. Practices Universal Precautions.
Issues                              2. Follows established policies for
                                       safe administration of medications,
                                       treatments, and procedures.
                                    3. Meets mandatory education
                                       requirements for safety, i.e. blood
                                       borne pathogens, body
                                       mechanisms, hazardous chemicals,
                                       fire and safety procedures.
                                    4. Communicates situations of
                                       potential legal risk at time of
                                       occurrence through appropriate
                                       chain of command process.
                                    5. Able to utilize all medical
                                       equipment within scope of practice
                                       safely and appropriately.
Patient Rights
Promote consideration of            1. Supports patient rights to:
patients and significant others             Confidentiality
values and preferences.                     Privacy
                                            Security
                                            Resolution to complaints
                                            Cultural/Religious Issues
                                            Communication
                                    2. Obtains informed consent.
                                    3. Respects and supports the patients’
                                       rights to treatment or services in
                                       accordance with clinic policy.
Critical Thinking
                                    1. Coordinates and cooperates with

    Revised 3/11
                                   Benewah Medical Center
                            Job Description/Performance Evaluation

                                       other caregivers for productive
                                       problem solving.
                                    2. Knows responsibility and performs
                                       efficiently as a team member in
                                       emergent situations, remaining
                                       calm, communications and
                                       documenting appropriately.

Demonstrate the conduct, goals      1. Demonstrates ability to critique
and qualities that characterize a       own practice for error and pursues
responsible employee.                   corrective action.
                                    2. Keeps informed by reading memos,
                                        emails and bulletin boards and
                                        seeking out assistance of others.
                                    3. Accepts constructive feedback
                                        about performance or behavior and
                                        initiates corrective action.
                                    4. Takes ownership of issues.
                                        Participates in projects and follows
                                        through to completion.
                                    5. Pursues education activities to
                                        maintain or enhance a current level
                                        of knowledge and competency and
                                        documents appropriately.
                                    6. Positively adjusts to health care
                                        environment and changes.
                                    7. Adheres to Personnel policies.
                                    8. Demonstrates priority setting ability
                                        and organizational skills by timely
                                        completion of assigned tasks,
                                        maintaining clean and orderly work
                                    9. Uses supplies, labor and equipment
                                    10. Limits personal phone calls/ cell
                                        phone use in the clinical area.
Working Relationships/
Communication Skills
Demonstrate the ability to work     1. Maintains relationships that are
and communicate with others            characterized by mutual support,
positively and in a collaborative      open communication, trust and
manner.                                respect.
                                    2. Avoids destructive comments, lack

    Revised 3/11
                                     Benewah Medical Center
                              Job Description/Performance Evaluation

                                         of support, and negative/offensive
                                         non-verbal behaviors.
                                      3. Gives feed back to others in a
                                         private, constructive manner.
                                      4. Handles conflicts with appropriate
                                         respect for privacy and maintaining
                                         the self-esteem of those involved.
Demonstrates flexibility by           1. Supports clinic request when asked
adjusting to work demands                to adjust work schedule during
                                         times of vacation, staff illness or
                                         clinic needs.
Other                                 1. Performs other duties that may be
                                         necessary in the best interest of the




    I understand that by signing this review, I am not indicating agreement with the rating, but
    am acknowledging that my supervisor has reviewed and discussed this performance
    evaluation with me.

    Employee’s Signature:                                        Date:
    Evaluator’s Signature:                                       Date:
    Evaluator’s Supervisor:                                      Date:

    Revised 3/11

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