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             Family Readiness Report
                           1st Battalion 12th Marines

Commander’s Column

08 June 2009

Dear Family and Friends of 1/12 (Formerly Task Force MP):

       I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of our Marines, Sailors, spouses, children and
other family for the magnificent service and support you all provided over the last year. While our
deployment may have only been seven months, the workup and redeployment was also part of the
deployment. We asked much of you and you unfailing served and supported us. Perhaps the most
important part of our return that may get overlooked during all the post deployment leave and reset
work we are doing is that we brought everyone home. I cannot be more proud of the efforts by all of
our leaders and the members of the unit who contributed to that distinction; not only did we do it
well, we brought everyone home. Again, thank you.

       After a week of half-days, we kicked everyone out on some much-deserved leave. Everyone
returned from leave on 1 June and began the long road back to reorganizing the battalion and setting
ourselves up for our shoot on the big island in October. Again, thank you all for your continued
support. With the summer comes the annual migration of Marines and Sailors in and out of the
battalion and in and out of command. We’ve turned over Bravo Battery where Captain Jesse Cook took
over from Captain Brian Rockel and Alpha Battery where Captain Chris Grasso took over from Capt
Spencer Speer. Captain Rockel will move to the S-4 and Captain Speer is off to Quantico, Virginia.
Welcome to the newly joined Marines and Sailors and farewell and thank you to our PCS’ing brothers
and their families.

       We look forward to meeting with our Family Readiness Team in late June or early July to
discuss our program and initiatives that we want to implement. Thanks again to all our Family
Readiness Assistants (FRAs) and our Morale Support Volunteers for their help. We are planning to
meet with our Family Readiness Team and host our families at a Town Hall in the near future. At
this event, the Command Team will lay out the plan for the next six months and field questions. We
look forward to your participation.

       We continue to post new information to our website (http://www.mcbh.usmc.mil/3mar/1-
12/112index.htm) to keep you all informed of what is going on and our Family Readiness Officer
Master Sergeant Chris Scott – continues to work tirelessly to keep the spouses and families
informed. He is also a critical resource in assisting with numerous matters that may come up. If
you have any questions or concerns, please contact him at Christopher.a.scott@usmc.mil or Commercial
(808) 284-3331. Additionally, I will work to record a weekly message to everyone using our
Battalion Toll Free Hotline: Battalion Information Hotline: (877) 289-0225.

Again, thank you for your continued support.

Semper Fidelis,

LtCol Christopher A. Tavuchis, USMC
Commanding Officer
1st Battalion, 12th Marines
1ST BATTALION 12TH MARINES                                                  JUNE 2009

Family Readiness Officer

To the Families of 1st Bn 12th Marines,

First let   me say that I appreciate all of your support during such a difficult time
when your   love one was deployed. It makes me feel honored knowing that 1/12 has such
motivated   and caring individuals ready to step up to the plate to help our families
thrive in   this military life style.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain a little about the new program of
Family Readiness to all of the new Families that have joined the battalion since
we’ve returned from deployment. The new Family Readiness Command Team consists of
the following: Battalion Co, SgtMaj, Xo, FRO, Chaplain, Family Readiness Advisor,
and Assistant. The Advisor is someone that is capable of providing family insight to
the Family Readiness Command Team regarding the over all unit Family Readiness
Program and family well-being, the most experienced spouse within the unit. The
assistant will support the Fro by welcoming unit families, providing feedback from
unit families and assisting with the information and referral services. The
assistant will have three areas of responsibility that they will focus on
Communication, information and referral, and family outreach. Then we have the
morale support volunteers which are a very important part of the team. They are
utilized on the team for specific, event-driven, short-term events, an ideal venue
for a volunteer to serve in a short term. They are assisting the FRO in the
planning, coordination, and execution of unit family days, return and reunion
events, holiday parties, etc.

This is how the system works and if you are use to having that one individual, that
was your Btry Spouse that gave you information those days are gone. Now if you need
assist you need to contact your Family Readiness Officer and I will assist you in
the best way possible, by utilizing the Family Readiness Assistants or any other
resources I have available like the Marine Corps Family Team Building or the Marine
and Family services, we have a wealth of services that are aboard the base that are
there to assist you. We also have a website that has a lot of information that is
available to assist you as well. If there is any questions or concerns about any
service please contact you’re FRO and my team and I will help you find the services
or resources available that would fit your needs.

Thanks so much for all you do and welcome to the 1/12 family!

MSgt Christopher A. Scott
Family Readiness Officer
COM: 808-257-3221
CELL: 808-284-3331
EMail: christopher.a.scott@usmc.mil
Battalion Information Hot Line 1-877-289-0225

1ST BATTALION 12TH MARINES                                                JUNE 2009

Chaplain’s Corner
A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was
nearly swamped.... He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves,
"Quiet! Be still!" Then the wind died down and it was completely calm. He
said to his disciples, "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?"
Mark 4:37,39-40

One of the things you learn if you are around the sea awhile is that stormy
weather is inevitable. You do your best to avoid it but sometimes you just
have to ride through it. The key is to see it coming whenever possible, act
early to avoid it or prepare for it and then, when necessary, batten down
the hatches and ride it out. Many times relationships are not all that
different. Hopefully, there are many beautiful days of clear sailing. But
there will be those storms that arise. There are usually some indicators
that the seas are getting rough and that is the time to act, not once the
storm is upon you; communicate about what you see and feel, emphasize the
good things you have, be creative about alternatives and solutions. But
even if you take all the "right" steps sometimes you will still experience
those storms. It is then, when you feel yourselves being most pulled apart,
that it is the most critical that you work together. Because it is together,
with faith, hope, love, commitment and teamwork, you can overcome fear and
hurt and ride out the storms of life and enjoy the beautiful journey of a
fulfilling relationship.

Chaplain Hill

Headquarters Battery
                                                                      8 June 2009

Dear Headquarters Battery Friends and Family,

The battery is back on the island and is moving forward into artillery reset
training. I hope the leave period was a meaningful time spent with your Marine
or Sailor; they all deserved a relaxing break and the training schedule will be
fast-paced throughout the coming months. We will be going back to the basics in
the month of June and getting back to the rifle range for some time sharpening
our marksmanship skills. Additionally, the battery has reorganized to prepare
for its primary artillery mission and the Marines will be re-learning their
artillery-specific skills in July.

I would like to extend greetings to all the new family members of Marines and
Sailors in Headquarters; many folks have come aboard and many are departing for
their next assignments. 1stSgt Darrell Carver has joined the team as the Battery
1stSgt and brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the battery. Finally,
I will have a change of command on June 19th and 1stLt Graham Hennessey will
assume command of the battery. I am honored to have served with such a skilled
and dedicated group of Marines and Sailors.

Semper Fidelis,

Capt Will Mangham

 1ST BATTALION 12TH MARINES                                                     JUNE 2009

Alpha Battery                                    Bravo Battery
                                                    To the families and friends of Bravo
`Families of Alpha Battery,                      Battery, Greetings! On Friday, 5 June,
This month has been formative for the            Bravo Battery conducted a change of
battery. We have had a Change of Command,        command where I accepted command of the
the addition of new Marines at all ranks         battery from Captain Brian Rockel. The
and in all sections, and have received our       Marines and Sailors did a superb job
equipment in preparation for our artillery       during the ceremony and they deserve a
mission. A great deal of work lies ahead         great deal of credit. I look forward
as we prepare our equipment and build the        to getting to know and work with your
new Alpha Battery team. In the coming            husbands, sons, brothers and friends
weeks we will be conducting training for         --- and you! The Marines and Sailors
our Annual Rifle Qualification here aboard       have earned an excellent reputation
Marine Corps Base Hawaii and at the              within the battalion, a reputation that I
Pu’uloa Range. Following the 4th of July         expect they will only continue to
96-hour liberty period, the rest of July         improve upon. In the coming months,
will be training intensive and we will be        Bravo Battery (along with the rest of
fully engaged in our artillery reset             the battalion), will be busy conducting
training. All of the upcoming field              artillery reset training in
training and evaluations will ready the          anticipation of future deployment. As
battery for the Battalion Exercise on the        such, the Marines and Sailors will be
island of Hawaii in October.                     working long and tiring days as well as
                                                 conducting a three week live-fire
We will set up a time when I can meet and        exercise on the Big Island. With your
speak with all you. This will give a             support I know that the Bravo Battery
chance to get to know each other as well         will be successful.
as an opportunity for me to speak to you
about the future of the battery. I will          Following the live-fire exercise, the
also be happy to address any concerns you        Marines and Sailors will have the
have regarding family readiness and              holiday season to look forward to, along
welfare. I look forward to meeting all of        with some well deserved time off.
you. Finally I would like to recognize the       Between now and then I ask your help in
Marines of Alpha Battery that were               making the most of what precious
promoted this month; Corporal William            time you have together and support them
Hunt, Corporal Caleb Lyon, Corporal Aaron        in all that they do.
Schwartz were all promoted to Corporal.
Alpha Battery is proud of its new Marine         Sincerely,
Non-Commissioned Officers.                       Captain Jesse "JC" Cook

Semper Fidelis,                                  Capt Jesse Cook
Captain Christopher G. Grasso                    Bravo Battery Commander
Commanding Officer, Battery A                    1st Battalion, 12th Marines
1st Battalion, 12th Marines                      Tel: (808) 257-8480
                                                 Cell: (910) 358-5882
                                                 Email: jesse.b.cook@usmc.mil

1ST BATTALION 12TH MARINES                                                        JUNE 2009

Charlie Battery
Charlie Battery Family,

I hope everyone enjoyed their much needed Post-Deployment Leave! It's hard to believe that we
are already into June, and so many things have happened over the past few months. Throughout
April / May there were approximately 14 Marines from the Battery who received promotions,
awards, or executed orders (PCS) for follow-on duty stations/schools. Also during this time,
we receiving 19 newly trained Marines or experienced Marines from other batteries or units. I
would like to welcome each one of them to our family or thank them for their dedication to
the Charlie Battery Family.

With all of these activities going on, you will see your Marines and Sailors are still very
busy, and this will continue to be the normal routine for the next couple of months. We, as
a Battalion, are gearing up for our primary duty as Artillerymen. So I ask for patience from
every loved one and family member as we make our transition to this demanding job. If anyone
questions or concerns please call the Battalion Family Readiness Officer (MSgt Scott) 808-
284-3331 or if they would like to help the Family Readiness Team we are in much need of
volunteers from the Enlisted and Officer family members.

Congratulations to the following Marines:

May 1st Promotions
Cpl Coker, James, Cpl Gallenberg, Cpl Grover, Glenn Cpl Losi, Michael Cpl Reagh, James
Cpl Simmons, Albert

June 1st Promotions
LCpl Menchaca, Davil Cpl Miles, Kevin Cpl Rahill, Kendall

June 2nd Promotions
Meritorious Cpl Harley, Blake, Meritorious Cpl Maxwell, Cody

Navy Commendation Medal
1stSgt Bullock, Daniel

Navy Achievement Medal
1stLt Exner, Garrett

Semper Fidelis,

Capt Jon P. Connolly

1ST BATTALION 12TH MARINES                                                                                   JUNE 2009

Echo Battery
Echo Battery, Family and Friends,

The next couple of months promise to be an exciting time for the battery. At the end of June
and beginning of July our Marines and Sailors will finally get a chance to test themselves during
our first live fire exercise at Pohakuloa Training Area on the big island of Hawaii. After months
of toiling here on Oahu, this will be our first opportunity to put into practice all that we have
been learned over the previous ten months. This is a momentous occasion for us and you
should all be proud of the hard work your Marines and Sailors have put into getting to this
point, as I am.

However, with the exciting prospect of live fire training upon us, so too is the bittersweet
separation from our families that goes hand in hand. So as we depart to take the next step in
our training, I ask for continued support of your loved ones in order to for them to remain
focused at the task at hand. It is only with you that we will be able to face and meet any
challenge that we have in front of us. Your unwavering support will ensure our success.

Congratulations and a job well done to the following Marines:

LCpl Pelletiere
LCpl Tosie

Sergeant’s Course Graduates:
Sgt Johnson
Sgt Morales
Sgt Moriarity
Sgt Thomas

Semper Fidelis,
Capt Todd H. Litvin
Commanding Officer

              An on-going eight-session educational program for active duty and their family members with emphasis
               on communications issues, particular to married personnel.
              This group is available in the morning or afternoon. Participants receive a certificate of completion at
               the end of course.
              Classes meet every Thursday. Orientation is 0800 every Tuesday.
              POC: Counseling Services, 257-7780/7781.

1ST BATTALION 12TH MARINES                                                                                   JUNE 2009

Let Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge, & Skills (L.I.N.K.S.) be one way to welcome you to the unique,
sometimes challenging, and very rewarding Military Lifestyle. As with any new lifestyle, many aspects in your everyday
world will be very different from what you are used to. Join the many spouses who have "been down this road" and are
excited to pass along their valuable experiences during the next session of L.I.N.K.S. Meet new friends and make the
most of your family's military tour. One two-day session will explain a little bit about military history and tradition, how
to cope with a "PCS" (permanent change of station) move, and how to find and make use of the resources the base offers
to families. To sign up for a session, call 808-257-2368 for more information.

L.I.N.K.S. Trainer: Ms. Staci Holt
                                                                     1/12 LI.N.K.S Class
Bldg. #244
808-257-2368                                        The Battalion is going to have a special L.I.N.K.S
                                                    class just for the spouses of 1/12 in the upcoming
                                                    month. Please stay in contact with MSgt Scott for the
                                                    date and time of the class. He can be reach at 257-
                                                    3221 or 284-3331 christopher.a.scott@usmc.mil

                                                                                   LifeSkills Classes
                        FEELING STRESSED?
CREDO is the Chaplain's Religious Enrichment
Development Operation, a service of the United                        LIFESKILLS - COMMUNICATING WITH SENSE(S)
States Navy Chaplain Corps                                            / MCFTB, BLDG 244 CONF ROOM / 0900-1300
CREDO offers Personal Growth Retreats. With one
of the most beautiful oceanfront locations on the                          Learn the secrets of communicating
windward side                                                             more successfully using the Language of the
of Oahu, the CREDO facility offers patrons a place to                     Senses.
relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life.                     Increase your communication with
CREDO weekends are available to all active duty,                          anyone and everyone by learning simple
military spouses, Reservists, Retirees, and DoD                           techniques.
civilian employees, and their dependents.                                  Excellent for both personal and
To register for a retreat, please call 808-257-1919                       professional relationship-building.
during regular office hours.                                               Open to all spouses, active duty military,
                                                                          and civilians as room is available.
                    Kaneohe Bay                                            Reservations required. Childcare
                 Phone: 808-257-1919                                      reimbursable.
               Monday-Friday, 0800-1630
                                                                      POC: Jocelyn Pratt, 257-2653/2410,

  1ST BATTALION 12TH MARINES                                                              JUNE 2009

              In the up coming month we are going to have a Town Hall Meeting to
              discuss the upcoming events and training plan and to answer any questions
              you may have for the battalion. The FRO will be sending out the date and
              time in the upcoming dates to remember so mark your calendar.

Commanding Officer
1st Battalion 12th Marines                                           PRESORTED STANDARD
PO BOX 63024                                                         POSTAGE AND FEES PAID
MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI. 96863-3024                                     MARINE CORPS BASE
                                                                     PERMIT NUMBER NO. 488

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