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									                                     IB Exam Registration– For May 2012 EXAMS
                                           North Mecklenburg High School
                                                     Code 0809

Important! IB examinations will be sent to the school based on the information provided through this registration process.
Once the registrations are complete, you will have an opportunity to check to see that your registration is correctly
entered. There is no fee for Theory of Knowledge or the Extended Essay.
All IB Diploma Program students who choose to sit for their exams will owe a flat fee of $145. This is the
exam registration fee required by the International Baccalaureate Organization. This registration fee is to be
paid no later than Friday, October 14, 2011.
Each exam is an additional $100. Exam fees are due by Tuesday Nov. 1, 2011.

Please provide the information below using blue or black ink.
Your registration will be entered and transmitted electronically to IBCA.

Candidate Name
Please print your name clearly as you wish to have it appear on the IB Diploma.

Last Name                                            First Name                                          Middle Name

Provide your date of birth:                                                    Circle one:      Male
                                   Day       Month       Year

Print your date of birth:
                             Day         Name of Month              Year

Please fill in your nationality and language. (Nationality is the country whose citizenship you hold--that which is listed on your
                 Nationality                                                   Best Language

                 2nd Nationality                                               2nd Best Language

Circle one:                 D (diploma – 12th)               A (anticipated – 11th)             C (Certificate- 11th, 12th)

Ethnicity:       American Indian/Alaska Native                                 Asian/Pacific Islander
(circle one)
                 Black/Non-Hispanic                                            Hispanic

                 Other                                                         White/Non-Hispanic

Please list the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number:         9999

Indicate the subject in which you are writing your Extended Essay.

       English                                   Biology                                     Music
       French                              ______Chemistry                                   Theatre Arts
       German                                    Environmental System                        Visual Arts
______ Spanish                             ______Physics                               ______ Other __________________
       History                                   Computer Science
       Politics                                   Mathematics
IB Diploma Candidates must take six examinations, one from each of the IB groups: Group 1 –English,
Group 2 – Foreign Language, Group 3 – History, Group 4 – Science, Group 5 – Mathematics, and Group 6 – Arts (a
second group 3, 4, or 5 can substitute for group 6). Candidates take a minimum of three HL (Higher Level) examinations
and a maximum of four HL exams. Higher Level examinations may be taken only in grade 12. No more than two
Standard Level exams may be taken in grade 11.

Indicate the exams you took/will take your JUNIOR year with A. Indicate the exams you will take your SENIOR year
with D. Indicate your extra examinations with E.

Diploma Candidates: be certain you have marked
    Exactly 6 courses
    At least 3 HL courses
    At least 2 SL courses
    No more than 2 courses as an anticipated candidate (with an A)

IB Certificate Candidates must take 3 IB examinations. This Applies to the Class of 2012 ONLY

Indicate the courses you took/will take in junior year with C11; indicate the courses you will take as a senior with C12.

Certificate Candidates: be certain you have marked 3 courses.

                                                      IB Curriculum
             A represents Anticipated Candidate: D represents Diploma Candidate: C is Certificate Candidate.
             If you are taking an extra exam, mark E. (Points on extra exams do not count toward a diploma).

      Group 1, English                      Group 2, Foreign Language                 Group 3, Individuals & Societies

        IB English HL                          IB French SL                                    IB History HL

                                               IB German SL
                                                                                               IB Psychology HL
                                               IB Spanish SL

         Group 4, Science                           Group 5, Mathematics                             Group 6, Arts

        IB Biology HL                                IB Mathematics SL                            IB Art HL

        IB Chemistry SL                              IB Math Studies SL                           IB Photo HL

        IB Chemistry HL

        IB Physics HL

______ IB Echo-systems SL

I have carefully reviewed the information on both sides of this registration form and attest to its correctness.

Student Signature                                                                   Date

Parent Signature ____________________________________________                       Date______________________

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