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Certification of private residential facilities
progressing well
The West Island Health and Social Services Centre participated in the
accreditation of six of these facilities

Pierrefonds, February 9 - Effective February 2009, all private nursing homes and seniors
residences in Quebec must have a certificate of compliance from the Quebec
Accreditation Board.

In the West Island, the Quebec Accreditation Board (CQA) has certified six out of the
territory’s 53 facilities. Certification ensures that residences meet health and social
criteria established by the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec.

Accreditation became mandatory following adoption of Bill 83, an Act to amend the Act
Respecting Health and Social Services and other Legislative Provisions (2005, c. 32).

The role of the West Island Health and Social Services Centre
The Quebec Accreditation Board is responsible for assessing conformity in all of the
territory’s private nursing homes and residences for the elderly. Certain conditions apply
and the HSSC will oversee two aspects: invasive care measures and the administration of
In terms of invasive care measures (e.g. enemas, rectal curage), HSSC professionals
must train and supervise the residences’ non-professionals to ensure they are able to
provide such services safely on their own and in accordance with Law 90.

“Our role consists of evaluating all new clientele of the residences, to offer training,
supervise initial acts, evaluate non-professionals and do the necessary follow-up,”
explained Nicole Dallaire, Program Manager at the West Island Health and Social
Services Centre.

Those who administer medicine to residents will also be required to undergo training.
This applies in the case of clients who, due to illness, are unable to administer their own
medications. Non-professionals need to know how to properly administer these

The 53 private residences for seniors in the territory serviced by the West Island Health
and Social Services Centre provide 2,730 spaces for the elderly. While some of these
facilities offer round the clock nursing care or employ auxiliary nurses, others offer care
without professional staff or no care at all.

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Information:     Danielle Turgeon
                 Communication Counsellor
                 West Island Health and Social Services Centre
                 Tel.: 514 626-2663, ext. 4418

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