Certificate of Compliance Assurance Under the CPSIA - DOC by LJ60j3Nr


									Certificate of Compliance Under the CPSIA
For rain boots made of PVC/Terylene fabric/ PVC+Fabric

1. Products Covered by this Certificate rain boots as above- imported. (Style numbers:

2. Citation to CPSA Product Safety Regulations: 16CFR1303-(Lead Content)

3. Domestic Manufacturer: For Bare Feet, 2082 State Highway 45, Helmsburg, Indiana,

4. Contact information for the individual maintaining records of test results showing
compliance – Mandy Zellmer, For Bare Feet, 812-988-6674; mzellmer@forbarefeet.com

5. Date and place where this product was manufactured: May 2011 – July 2011

6. Date and place where this product was tested for compliance. Products passed for
lead content and surface coatings on March 8, 2011. Place of testing: Consumer Testing
Laboratories Inc, 611 Dream Valley Road, Rogers AR 72756

7. Identification if a third party laboratory on whose testing the certificate depends.
Consumer Testing Laboratories Inc.

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