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    2010 Airport Food Conference & Awards
TheAirport Food & Beverage& Beverage Awards
Organised by The Moodie Report                                        Hosted by Manchester Airport
Manchester Airport 24 January 2011
Closing date for entries Friday 1st October 2010

Championing innovation and
excellence in airport food & beverage

Introduction                  Judging              Categories                        Entry Forms

  Organised by               Platinum and          Platinum Sponsor                     2010 Host
                        Opening Cocktail Sponsor
    Food & Beverage (F&B) represents arguably the airport
    industry’s most exciting revenue growth opportunity
    over the next decade.

    We estimate that the worldwide airport F&B market was       broad range of categories at airports around the world.
    worth nearly US$9.5 billion in sales in 2009 generated      The event will act as an annual beacon of quality in our
    from 4.4 billion passengers.                                burgeoning industry.

    With passenger numbers set to grow to 7.3 billion           These are big ambitions – but quite simply they
    by 2017 the F&B market, if it simply keeps pace with        need to be in order to keep pace with the anticipated
    traffic growth (and we think it will do much more), and     exponential development of the aviation sector in
    allowing +3%pa inflation, could be worth a staggering       coming years and to maintain the all-important focus on
    US$18 billion in sales within just seven years.

                                                                Creativity and flair will be critical to the development
    The size of the market could double again by 2027
                                                                of new and existing F&B concepts. But which players
    to US$35 billion in sales based on the ACI projected
                                                                will have the genuine desire and ability to consistently
    passenger numbers of 11 billion.
                                                                provide customers with fine food and beverages,
                                                                delivered with hospitable service at appropriate value
    This anticipated growth provides superb opportunities       for money and truly stand out from the crowd?
    for airport owners; F&B concessionaires; brand owners;
    suppliers of products, equipment and services; and
                                                                The FAB award categories will encompass all
    other industry stakeholders.
                                                                aspects of airport Food & Beverage operations. Most
                                                                importantly, they will focus on product quality, value for
    But to maximise those opportunities, standards              money (whatever the price point), customer service and
    must continue to rise. There are many examples of           commercial application.
    internationally acclaimed, award-winning airports which
    have set enviable standards for customer care, comfort,
                                                                We are planning 20 awards to recognise the
    and service along with a demand for high quality food &
                                                                achievements of airports, concessionaires, suppliers,
    beverage.                                                   brand owners, designers and F&B personnel along
                                                                with an ‘individual’ award for the person the industry
    But equally there are still too many cases of mediocrity,   considers to have made an ‘outstanding individual
    questionable value and poor service. Those weak links       contribution’ to the Airport F&B business.
    in the chain negatively affect consumer perception of
    the sector as a whole.                                      The awards will be assessed by a judging panel of
                                                                industry experts in October 2010 from submissions
    The FAB Awards will recognise, celebrate and                made by individuals and or organisations for the
    encourage excellence in Food & Beverage across a            respective award categories.

2                                                                         The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                          Organised by The Moodie Report     Hosted by Manchester Airport
     Who can enter?
    Anyone associated with the sale of Food & Beverages        managed operations; brand owners; suppliers of food,
    at any airport in the world. This means Airports           beverages, equipment, support services, designers and
    landlords; F&B concessionaires and airport in-house        F&B personnel.

     How to enter?
    The process is simple and straightforward.                 All entries will be on a self-nomination basis and must
                                                               be submitted electronically to
    Please complete and submit the entry form (see back        Martin@TheMoodieReport.com with two hard copies
    page) by Friday 1 October 2010, together with all          posted to David King, Convenor of Judges, at:
    relevant accompanying material. Please limit the latter    Moodie International Ltd
    to no more than 1,000 words.                               Boston House, 69 Boston Manor Road,
                                                               Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9JJ,
                                                               United Kingdom

                                                               The entry form details the information you are required
                                                               to submit.

     Your entry and judging criteria
    We would ask that you place particular emphasis            Please refer to the awards criteria section of the
    on customer satisfaction, endorsements,                    document for more detailed information.
    recommendations, testimonials, performance measures
    and achievement (subject to confidentiality constraints)   Awards will be made at the sole discretion of the judges
    and any further evidence supporting your entry.            based upon the evidence submitted. The judges
                                                               reserve the right to withdraw a category at any time or
    Within reason, you should provide sufficient information   to withhold an award if the required quality criteria are
    to ensure the judges have as complete an insight and       not met.
    understanding of the attributes of your nomination as
    possible. That said; please do not enclose any Food or
    Beverages with your submission!

     When will the awards be made?
    We look forward to seeing you at the FAB awards Gala Dinner on Monday 24 January 2011 in Manchester UK.

3                                                                        The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                         Organised by The Moodie Report     Hosted by Manchester Airport
     What will be the main judging criteria?
    We will be looking for evidence of how and why the              Design: How have F&B outlet designs been
    nomination is worthy of an award for excellence in a            ‘Travelised’?
    particular category. How has the F&B proposition been
    ‘Travelised’ to meet the needs of the passenger base it         Visibility of FID screens; availability of power points by
    serves and the market it operates within?                       tables and seating to recharge phones and laptops;
                                                                    seating layout and density; mix of seating which is
    The main criteria are summarised under 6 main                   suitable for both men and women travelling alone;
    headings below:                                                 clarity of signage and messaging; space for luggage by
                                                                    tables and seating.
    Passengers: Does the F&B product offer truly meet
    the needs of the diverse passenger mix? Nationality;            Service: Does the service style align with the
    ethnicity; local v international traveller; point to point      customer’s mindset and circumstances? Available dwell
    vs transit; type of airline – full service vs charter vs        time vs Grab and Go; staff knowledge of the airport
    low cost; time of day; economic wealth of passenger;            layout & facilities; cognisant of a passengers time and
    available dwell time; cognisance of a customer’s time;          making appropriate menu recommendations; what
    large groups vs families or individuals.                        specific approach to service helps reduce customers’
                                                                    stress and maintains a sense of the customer being in
    Brands: How have international brands adapted to                control of the time available?
    local markets; menu structure, pricing, local, religious
    and cultural considerations? How have national or local         Financial: Given all of the above is the F&B offer
    brands adapted to the airport channel?                          commercially viable and does it provide realistic returns
                                                                    to both the operator and airport owner?
    Food & Beverage: How and why does the F&B
    meet the customers’ needs? International vs local;
    health and wellbeing; quality of product & appropriate
    pricing; portability and takeaway propositions; day
    part flexibility; range of offer; originality & innovation of

4                                                                             The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                              Organised by The Moodie Report    Hosted by Manchester Airport
     Who will be on the Judging Panel?
                                    David King: Convenor         and Cherbourg and the start up of the Orient Express
                                    of Judges                    Cruise Ferry route between Venice and Istanbul.

                                  David is the Founder
                                  of The David King
                                  Partnership, a specialist      Before working in Travel Retail, David spent 20 Years,
                                  consultancy providing          10 of which at board level, in the UK Pub, Restaurant,
                                  strategic and operational      Hotel and Hospitality sector with Allied Lyons,
                                  advice to airport              Mitchell’s & Butler’s Toby Restaurants and regional
    shareholders and senior management teams on the              brewer Gibbs Mew.
    development of all aspects of non-aeronautical revenue
                                                                 Whilst working at Allied he created the ground breaking
                                                                 Muswell’s Café bar in London in 1983, expanded the
    He is also a project partner and associate of                chain to 25 outlets and opened the award winning Soho
    Milligan Ltd, a retail focused property development          Brasserie in 1985. During his time with M&B, David was
    company, partnering projects at London City Airport          leader of the Innovation Change Management Team
    and Center Parcs, the UK based holiday company.              that initiated a number of new F&B concepts including
    During 2009, he was part of the team working with            what is now known as All Bar One.
    Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) on the successful
    acquisition of Gatwick airport.

    David was a Main Board Director of Alpha Airports Group
    plc between 2003 and 2006 responsible for Alpha’s
    worldwide Tax and Duty Free business and airport
    retail catering operations; he was Managing Director
    of Alpha’s UK Tax and Duty Free business for 6 years.
    Under his leadership, turnover more than doubled and
    he successfully negotiated many new contracts including
    a new 10 year retail contract at Manchester airport with a
    turnover value of more than £800m.

    Prior to joining Alpha, he was Retail Director of the Sea
    Containers owned Hoverspeed UK, French, Belgium
    and Swedish fast ferry operations and a director of
    Focus 1999. He had previously worked with Sea
    Containers, on the newly privatised Sealink British
    Ferries routes between Portsmouth, Channel Islands

5                                                                         The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                          Organised by The Moodie Report   Hosted by Manchester Airport
     Who will be on the Judging Panel?
                                   Dr Patricia Ryan:                                                       Martin Moodie
                                   Patricia is President of
                                   Florida-based Decision                                                  Martin is Founder &
                                   Services International,                                                 Publisher of The Moodie
                                   an affiliate of Airport                                                 Report, the leading provider
                                   Consultants International.                                              of business intelligence
                                                                                                           related to the travel retail
                                     Patricia is one of                                                    and airport commercial
                                     the most admired                                                      revenue sectors.
    consultants and executives in the airport commercial
    revenues sector and has also achieved recognition           He is also the creator and owner of The Trinity Forum,
    worldwide as a conference speaker. She was the former       a joint venture with Airports Council International that
    Division Director, Commercial Operations, Miami-Dade        ranks as the airport industry’s leading commercial
    Aviation Department, responsible for managing Miami         revenues conference. A New Zealander, Martin has
    International Airport’s revenue-generating activities,      been involved in this industry for 23 years, firstly as
    including retail, food & beverage and duty free, the        Editor and Managing Director of Duty-Free News
    airport hotel, car rental and parking, and services such    International from 1989 to 2002.
    as luggage carts and wireless business opportunities.

                                                                In September 2002 he created The Moodie Report,
    She was formerly with Reno Washoe Aviation                  which in less than eight years has emerged as one of
    Department as Director of Business Development and          the most powerful business-to-business multi-media
    Properties and Richmond International Airport in a          titles in the UK, and which enjoys high readership and
    similar position. Patricia is also a highly experienced     respect levels all around the globe. It has embraced the
    aviation consultant for airports and airlines.              digital age with zeal and is synonymous with innovative,
                                                                immediate and highly visual coverage of major industry
    Patricia is a past Associate Dean and professor at          developments.
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where she
    created and was responsible for the Embry-Riddle ACI        Martin created the FAB Conference in response to what
    Concession Analysis conference for 15 years. ACI has        he saw as the lack of focus on airport food & beverage
    taken over the organization of that conference after        at the leading international conferences and exhibitions
    she negotiated their association with Embry-Riddle to
    ensure commitment and involvement from ACI.
                                                                He believes passionately that a high-quality event can
                                                                help advance the sector, and ensure an ever-improving
    She was also active as past President of the Economic       offer to the travelling consumer.
    Committee of ACI-Latin America and Caribbean region for
    four years and served on that body’s training committee.

6                                                                         The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                          Organised by The Moodie Report                Hosted by Manchester Airport
    Award categories
     1 Best Non-Alcoholic Beverage Outlet Award
    It’s likely that the majority of passengers drink              many more are served with style to thirsty passengers.
    something while waiting for their flights. Ice cool
    sodas to exotic freshly squeezed fruit cocktails; a            FAB wants to identify and award ‘The Best Non-
    vast selection of infusions to a simple cup of perfectly       Alcoholic Beverage Outlet’. Do you own, operate or
    brewed breakfast tea; Turkish coffee, known as the ‘milk       host this outlet either as a branded chain or individual
    of chess players and thinkers’ in Istanbul in the late         operation? If so this award is for you. Just tell us why
    16th century to a 20th Century frothy Cappuccino; real         you think the outlet is the best.
    chocolate milkshakes to Japanese Calpis; these and

     2 Best Airport Bar
    Many of us can no doubt recall with a smile a                  perfect place to be to relax and have fun or chill with
    memorable bar discovered while on holiday, travelling          people you are happy to be with!
    for work with a colleague or alone or perhaps just out
    with friends or family.                                        So many ingredients go into making a successful bar
                                                                   and when the recipe is right, you just don’t want to
    It’s that magical atmosphere in a bar when everything          leave even if it means catching the next flight!
    is just right; the people – customers and staff, a chance
    to chat, the craic, the calm, the hospitality, the welcome,    FAB wants to identify and award ‘The Best Airport Bar’.
    the choice and presentation of drinks, the design,             If you own and or operate a fantastic bar then you must
    the heritage, the comfort, the space, the authenticity,        enter this award. We want you to tell us why you think
    the noise of conversation, the lighting, the delicious         you have ‘The Best Airport Bar in the World’.
    food, the entertainment, the refuge, the oasis – just the

     3 Best Sandwich Offer
    Muffuletta, Flutternutter, Monte Cristo, Dagwood, Club,        Sandwich who, history records, invented ‘The Sandwich’
    Japanese Katsusand, Korean Gaeran tost-u, Mexican              in 1762 at London’s Beef Steak Club. He reputedly
    Tortas, Danish open flogSildld, Croque Monsieur,               ordered his valet to bring him “meat tucked between
    freshly baked baguettes, toasted Panini, Shawarma              two pieces of bread” and other club members began to
    filled Pitta or flat breads, delicious locally baked artisan   order “the same as Sandwich!” The original sandwich
    breads brimming with wonderful fresh ingredients and           was, apparently, a piece of salt beef between two slices
    many, many more all have something in common –                 of toasted bread.
    sandwiches! Millions are made and consumed every
    day in every country around the world with everyone            FAB wants to identify and award the provider of ‘Best
    having their personal favourite.                               Sandwich Offer’ served in an airport anywhere in the
                                                                   world. Do you think that your sandwich is the best? If so
    And we owe it all to John Montague, 4th Earl of                this is the award category for you.

7                                                                            The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                             Organised by The Moodie Report     Hosted by Manchester Airport
    Award categories
     4 Best Full Service Restaurant
    Not all passengers are in a hurry. Some have simply          menu offer, environment and friendly service to attract
    arrived early; others are in transit with several hours      and delight passengers? Your restaurant might be part
    between flights. Whatever their reason for having            of a national or international branded chain or a local
    extended dwell time, they might want to enjoy the            independently owned operation.
    comfort, service and food quality and range offered in a
    full service restaurant.                                     FAB wants to identify and award the operator and/or
                                                                 owner of ‘The Best Full Service Restaurant’.
    Whatever the time of day, does your restaurant have the

      5 Best Self Service/Assisted Service food operation
    Our research established that this type of multi-food        A major benefit of this type of offer is that individuals in
    and beverage offer, popular in many airports around the      families and other large groups can all enjoy the style
    world, has many different names but you know the sort        of food they want to eat at the price they want to pay.
    of thing we mean; customers either serve themselves          Moreover, the customer is fully in control of the time
    or are assisted with service from a number of food &         they spend eating and drinking as service speed is
    beverage counters.                                           normally fast and efficient.

    Typically this configuration of outlet provides a range of   FAB wants to identify and award the operator and or owner
    F&B offers – sometimes branded, from fast food and           of ‘Best Self Service/Assisted Service food operation’.
    hand-held snacks to full meals and hot & cold beverages.     We want to know why you think you are the best.

      6 Best Fast Food/Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)
    Depending upon the part of the world you live in,            FAB wants to identify and award the operator and or
    some of the following names will be familiar to you.         owner of ‘The Best Fast Food/QSR in an airport. This
    McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Panda         could be a single store local operator or an international
    Express (Award winning 1000+ chain selling gourmet           chain. Whatever your size, tell us why you think you are
    Chinese food), Mos Burger (Japanese 1400+ chain),            the best.
    California Beef Noodle King (Chinese noodle chain),
    Japanese Gyudon chains Sukiya, Yoshinoya & Ajisen
    Ramen – the list seems endless.

    Fast food outlets/QSRs are an integral part of our daily
    lives that provide inexpensive food quickly. There are
    200,000+ outlets in the USA alone, representing the
    largest segment of the food industry with a turnover of
    US$120 billion so within the airport environment this is a
    segment to be taken ultra seriously.

8                                                                          The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                           Organised by The Moodie Report       Hosted by Manchester Airport
    Award categories
     7 Best F&B Marketing and Promotions Campaign
    Generating increased footfall; increasing sales and         Your campaign may have been in operation at one
    profits; improving average transaction values (ATVs);       airport for a short period or might be a long term
    building customer loyalty; and communicating the            national or international campaign. It might have been
    attributes and provenance of your products and              a joint campaign between operator and airport or
    services are just some of the aims of successful,           operator and supplier – or perhaps all three.
    imaginative and truly effective marketing and
    promotional campaigns. Clear objectives with                Whatever your campaign, if you’re proud of it and it was
    measurable targets and detailed evaluation are              measurably successful, we really want to hear about it
    fundamental to determining the success.                     and give an award to the best.

     8 Best Supplier
    What are the attributes that make a supplier ‘The Best      operate your business? Or is it they supply a single product
    Supplier’? Food & Beverage operators - we would             to all the locations that you operate in? Is it that they take the
    like you to tell us! Is it that they are a multi-national   time to work with you and understand your business?
    company with international reach that can supply your
    business anywhere in the world? Or is it that they are      Whatever your reasons for nominating a supplier as
    local to you and can offer a daily service providing the    ‘The Best Supplier’ we want to hear about them. Don’t
    freshest and finest local produce?                          forget you can nominate any supplier of goods and
                                                                services to your business and not just those which
    Could it be that they offer you every product you need to   supply food & beverages.

     9 Best Concessionaire Innovation
    Innovation is the life blood of any business.               and implemented if they are viable? How does your
                                                                company encourage and reward innovation?
    Experimenting and generating new ideas for F&B
    outlets, food dishes, beverages, equipment, packaging,      We’d like to hear about how your organisation innovates
    service standards, staff reward and recognition             and learn of the success you have enjoyed as a result
    programmes, staff training, IT F&B applications, staff      of innovation. It doesn’t need to have been a big idea
    scheduling, recycling and waste disposal, concession        but it must have produced measurable benefits to your
    contract structures, supplier contract arrangements,        organisation.
    promotional activity …… the list is almost endless but is
    a prerequisite for business and profit growth.              We look forward to recognising the Best Concessionaire
    How do employees in your organisation who have
    good ideas get them heard by senior management

9                                                                          The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                           Organised by The Moodie Report          Hosted by Manchester Airport
 Award categories
     10 Best Airport Innovation
 This is intended to recognise airports that have been        vocational training schemes; local community
 innovative in the manner in which they provide F&B           programmes; waste & recycling initiatives.
 services to their passengers.
                                                              Whatever form innovation by the airport manifests itself,
 It might recognise the format of the layout and design       we want to hear about it.
 of F&B facilities; the contractual arrangements between
 operator and airport landlord; or a unique approach to       This is the opportunity for airports to tell us why they
 marketing and promotions.                                    should be considered the most innovative airport in the
                                                              world when it comes to the provision of F&B services.
 Equally it could be a staff reward and recognition scheme;
 the development of alliances with local F&B operators; or    Of course, as with all our awards, not only can an
 commitment to health and well-being F&B programmes.          airport nominate itself, it can also be nominated by
                                                              other stakeholders. Please provide clear evidence
 Other possible areas could include the use of IT to          to demonstrate the impact and success of the of the
 improve customer insight; customer service initiatives;      innovation programme.

     11 Best Design of Overall F&B facilities
 According to Thomas J Watson Jr, “Good design is             Great food & beverage facilities do much to calm and
 good business” and we’re sure that most people in our        relax stressed passengers and give a real and positive
 industry would agree.                                        boost to passengers’ perceptions of the airport’s
 There is ample evidence to support the fact that F&B
 operations generate significantly higher levels of           If you think your airport has great F&B facilities that
 turnover and income when they are fully integrated           are brilliantly designed, perhaps incorporate some
 into an airport’s layout and design along the main           of the latest technology available and are generating
 passenger flow and not treated as just an afterthought       substantial levels of business we would like you to tell
 hidden away on a mezzanine floor or in some remote           us who the designers were and why you think you or
 corner of the terminal.                                      they should receive the award for Best Design of overall
                                                              F&B facilities.
 Dwell times at airports are generally getting longer as
 passengers take account of potential travel delays
 getting to the airport, as well as coping with the
 demands of check-in, immigration and security queues.
 This increase in dwell time offers superb business
 opportunities to generate additional sales and income.

10                                                                      The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                        Organised by The Moodie Report    Hosted by Manchester Airport
 Award categories
     12 Best F&B Employee
 Airports are about people – passengers and those            These individuals may work in the kitchen, back of
 people working to provide goods and services to             house, as a bar-tender or barista, cashier, waiter or
 passengers.                                                 waitress, general manager, shift manager, cleaner –
                                                             anywhere in the F&B organisation at the airport.
 Working at an airport can be great fun but it is also
 very hard work. F&B employees and management                This is your opportunity to tell us about the great people
 are often required to work in shift patterns, anti-social   that work in your organisation and why you think they
 hours, weekends and holidays in what can be busy and        deserve to be awarded best F&B employee. Imagine
 stressful environments.                                     their reaction if they were short-listed – or won! Again
                                                             from the evidence you submit the judges will choose
 There are undoubtedly many unsung heroes in every           one individual to be honoured with the award for Best
 airport F&B operation that do a great job – every single    F&B Employee at an airport anywhere in the world.
 day. They are 100% reliable, nothing is too much trouble
 and no matter how busy and chaotic business is, can
 be relied upon to deliver what’s required and more.

     13 Best Outstanding Individual Contribution
 This award will be made to the individual who               from any one of the stakeholders involved in the US$10
 stakeholders working in the worldwide airport F&B           billion+ world-wide business.
 industry believe has made an outstanding contribution
 to the overall development of the Airport F&B business.     So please, do send us your nominations telling us why
                                                             the person you have nominated deserves the accolade
 This individual may be a concessionaire, supplier,          for the Best Outstanding Individual Contribution.
 airport owner or manager – indeed they may come

     14 Best Concession Programme
 Designing and implementing a concession programme           programme which achieves high levels of passenger
 that meets the needs of a diverse national and              and airport landlord satisfaction.
 international passenger profile, caters for all day parts
 and achieves overall financial objectives for both the      So to all concessionaires, we want to hear about your
 concessionaire and airport landlord requires significant    successes and why you believe you should win the
 skill and business insight.                                 award for the best Concession Programme.

 This award will be made to the concessionaire that is
 best able to demonstrate that they have designed and
 operate a commercially successful F&B concession

11                                                                     The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                       Organised by The Moodie Report     Hosted by Manchester Airport
 Award categories
     15 Best Concession Partner as Voted by an Airport
 There can surely be no greater tribute than to be voted    We are asking airport landlords to consider all
 ‘the best’ by your customers.                              concessionaires that they work with and to nominate
                                                            the F&B concessionaire they think is the best. As
 Airport landlords are in a unique position to assess the   always, we would ask you to give your reasons for your
 relative merits of the F&B concessionaires they come       nomination.
 into contact with. Developing trusting partnerships
 between airports and concessionaires based upon            The judges will consider all the evidence submitted and
 mutual respect can prove invaluable and there are          make this prestigious award to the one concessionaire
 many successful partnerships operating at airports         that is considered by airport landlords to be ‘The best
 around the world today.                                    concession partner’

     16-20 Best Overall Airport F&B Offer
 These coveted awards will be categorised based upon        We are asking all stakeholders - airport landlords,
 the number of total passengers using an airport. There     concessionaires, suppliers and readers of the Moodie
 will be an award made to the winner in each category       Report to tell us which airport they think provides the
 plus an award for the best overall airport F&B offer in    best overall F&B offer.
 any airport in the world.
                                                            The airport categories will be:

     16 Less than 5 million passengers

     17 5m to 10m passengers

     18 10m to 25m passengers

     19 More than 25m passengers

     20 The Best overall F&B offer in an airport in the world
 From the sector winners one airport will receive the
 accolade and an award for providing ‘The Best overall
 F&B offer in an airport in the world’

12                                                                    The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                      Organised by The Moodie Report    Hosted by Manchester Airport
 Entry Form
 (To be accompanied by relevant support material of no more than 1,000 words)

     Award category

     Name of company

     Name of airport/s (where relevant)

     Contact details

     Title and full name

     Position in organisation

     Full postal address

     Telephone                                             Mobile


 Please complete and submit the entry form and separate support materials (no more than 1,000 words
 please) by Friday 1 October 2010. Please feel free to include relevant visual material.

 All entries will be on a self-nomination basis and must be submitted electronically to
 Martin@TheMoodieReport.com with two hard copies posted to David King, Convenor of Judges, at:
 Moodie International Ltd
 Boston House, 69 Boston Manor Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9JJ, United Kingdom

 Please also tell us who you think should be given an award for ‘Best Outstanding Individual Contribution’
 and why

     Best Outstanding Individual Contribution to Airport Food & Beverage



     Reason for nomination

13                                                                   The Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards
                                                                     Organised by The Moodie Report   Hosted by Manchester Airport

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