Finally A Website for Remote Control Helicopters

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					Finally! A Website for Remote Control Helicopters

Now that we are well into the information age, it’s obvious that
helicopter enthusiasts become more computer literate, and that has begun
with the induction of a new website for remote control helicopters. This
website has everything you could ever want and it’s really quite awesome,
because it has a separate section for people who know nothing about
remote control helicopters and need a primer before getting into the real
meat of the website, but once people complete that primer, they become
certified to go further into the website, and they can even contribute
their own stories about their best flight altitudes and speeds while
flying their own remote control helicopters. I recently was able to
contribute my own story of my first remote control helicopter, which I
purchased when I was only eleven years old.

It was something that I really wanted, and although my parents said that
they would get it for me for my birthday, I couldn’t wait the six months
until that was to happen, so I asked if I could do extra chores around
the house and save up my money to buy one on my own. Since my parents
also had three other kids, they were more than happy to finally have one
of their kids offer to do some chores around the house, and they really
put me to work.

I spent the next two weeks running around doing errands for my mom and
helping with yardwork for my dad. By the time I had scraped together the
sixty dollars for my first helicopter, I was so tired out that I couldn’t
walk to the store to pick it up.

I was actually planning to wait until the next day to go buy it, but much
to my surprise, my dad came home from work with the helicopter in his
hands—and he said that he was so proud of me for working toward a goal,
that he got the more expensive one and said that he would cover the
difference. Having that first helicopter really solidified my interest
in remote control helicopters, and I was so happy to contribute my story
to the brand new remote control helicopters website. I can only hope
that someday my story will inspire someone else who is considering
purchasing a remote control helicopter to do so as soon as possible.

Yes they are expensive, but if you ask me, they are one of the best
investments you can possibly get, especially if you do your homework and
get a really nice one. That being said, if you are not trained to
operate a remote control helicopter, then make sure you do so before
taking yours out for the first time, because crashing your hard earned
helicopter can be heart breaking. That’s why the helicopter website is
really so great, because it’s got an in depth article about how to fly
your remote control helicopter the first time you pick it up, and I’ve
asked people who read that article, and they agree it’s the best place to
get information about flying remote control helicopters.