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					                               P. E. Grading Rubric
A major portion of the P.E. grade is based on attendance and participation. Each day you are in
class you earn points. If you do not suit up for class the best you can earn is ½ points. There
are no extra credit opportunities. To maintain your points you need to do the following:
    1. Attend class.

   2. Arrive on time.

   3. Follow directions.

   4. Participate willingly.

   5. Help with equipment.

   6. Line up for attendance.

   7. Use appropriate language.

   8. Keep your hands to yourself.

   9. Suit up in appropriate P.E. clothes.

   10. Leave personal balls and toys at home.

   11. Follow safety rules as well as remaining with the class and out of the back stairwell,
       upper balcony and hallway.

   12. Follow school rules including no hats, hoods or scarves; no food or drink in gyms, weight
       room or pool; no headphones, walkmens, ipods, mp3 player, cd players, electronic games
       or cellphones.

You will be graded in 2 or 3 week blocks. Grades will be posted by student number. This allows
for a fresh start on a regular basis. Your goal is to suit up and participate daily.

You will also receive a no suit grade. The following is the no suit grade rubric:
      Number of no suits                                 Grade
               0                                             A
              1-2                                            B
              3-4                                            C
               5                                             D
               6                                             E

Additional grades may include written test or quizzes, completion of a fitness portfolio, fitness
test, swimming grade and State Classroom Based Assessment.

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