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                              Secondary Inauguration Questions
Part 1: President’s Swearing-In Ceremony

What is an inauguration?

Where is the inauguration?
      Why is it outside?
      What kind of work happens in the building behind President Obama?
      Why would presidents take their oath in front of this building?

Who can come to the inauguration?

Who stands with President Obama while he says the Oath of Office?

Who administers the Oath of Office? What job does that person do for the people of the United States? What
was that person wearing? Why?

Why is President Lincoln important? Why would President Obama use his Bible for the oath?

What does President Obama swear to protect and defend?

Does he say “so help me God” at the end of the oath? Why would he say that?

Step 2: Inaugural Address

What idea does President Obama say first in his speech? last?

What does President Obama say that makes the crowd cheer during his speech?

Who does President Obama mention in his speech?

What words or phrases does President Obama repeat throughout his speech?

What does President Obama say he will do as president?

What does President Obama ask us to do to help him and our country?

What does President Obama say about Congress (the legislature, the lawmakers, etc.)?

What does President Obama say about the political parties, Republicans and Democrats, working together?
                    Possible Topics in Pres. Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Address
               Within the United States                                       The United States and the World
Note: Some of Pres. Obama’s ideas will fit into more than one category. Choose the category which seems to fit those particular
ideas the best and list them in that category. This is simply organize ideas. We do not know yet what topics Pres. Obama will actually
include in his address.
Education                                                           Trade

Economy (including jobs, spending,                                  U.S. responsibility to the world
infrastructure, etc.)

Environment                                                         Environment

Taxes                                                               War in Iraq

National Security                                                   War in Afghanistan

Health care                                                         Other Military

Sacrifices/responsibilities Americans will need Immigration
to make/take on

Other Domestic Policy                                               Other Foreign Policy
Possible Questions for Journaling:

The inauguration of a president is exciting because…

The most important thing President Obama said today was…

What does President Obama need to go to work on first? Why?

Seeing ____ today made me proud of the United States because…

I hope that President Obama will/will not….

I am concerned that President Obama will/will not…

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