PEN HIGH GRAD NEWSLETTER
                        May 26, 2009

GRAD ASSEMBLY: Welcome to the class of 2009! There is much important
information regarding your Grad and related events to share today. Please listen

Grad gowns, caps honour cords & ceremony tickets will be distributed to grads
following the assembly on May 26/09 in the gym at the conclusion of the assembly.
They will be distributed alphabetically. Grads will receive a grad cap, a tassel, a
gown and a V-stoll. Please note that immediately following the Ceremony, grads
must hand in the gown & V-stoll, but may keep the cap, tassel & cord. Keep the
ceremony tickets in a safe place – no duplicate copies are available. Grads will also
receive a local transit pass that provides free public transit during the month of
June courtesy of Berry and Smith.

All reserved Grad Ceremony seating tickets will have been distributed by Mr.
Corbett according to student / parent requests received. Every effort has been
made to accommodate the requests. If you have guests attending who do not have
a reserved seat(s); there are a limited number of general admission, standing room
places available on the concourse level. Please remind parents and guests to sit
according to the reserved seating numbers on your tickets. Grads will be seated on
the floor of the SOEC. No parents will be permitted on the floor during the

Shirt – preferably a white or light coloured shirt with tie or golf shirt. No T-shirts.
Pants - dark coloured long pants. No jeans or shorts.
Shoes - clean, dark dress shoes. No sandals, runners or flip-flops.

Shirt –a white or light coloured shirt or tank top. A dress, shorts or skirt short
enough that it will not be seen below the grad gown.
Shoes – a clean dress shoes or dress sandals. No runners or flip-flops.
Both Men & Women – No gum, neck collars.

RETURNING YOUR GRAD GOWN:              All Students must return the grad gowns
immediately following the Grad Ceremony on Friday, May 29/09 at the conclusion of
the ceremony - no exceptions. Return the gown to on the floor of the South
Okanagan Events Centre (SOEC) and ensure that your name is recorded. Gowns
should be returned in good condition. You will receive a wrist band for entry to Dry
Grad Celebration once you return your gown. Students who leave the SOEC will not
be permitted to attend the Dry Grad event. Students without a wrist band will not
be permitted to attend the Dry Grad event.
If you are the recipient of a local scholarship or bursary, you will receive a phone
call asking for your attendance at the scholarship and bursary evening at the
Penticton Trade and Convention Centre on Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 7:00 pm. As
well, the names of all recipients will be posted in front of the main office and in the
daily bulletin. Please check the list.

Award recipients need to arrive in the lobby of the Penticton Trade and Convention
Centre by 6:30 pm. All grads and their families are invited to attend. Light
refreshments will be available in the foyer following the presentations.
All award recipients must wear grad gowns with appropriated attire beneath and sit
in the designated area. If you are NOT receiving a scholarship or bursary but
would like to attend, you can wear your grad gown and sit in the designated area or
not wear a grad gown and sit with the general audience.

There is a grad rehearsal at the Trade and Convention Centre on Friday, May 29,
2009. Plan to arrive by 1: 15 pm as the rehearsal starts at 1:30 pm sharp.
Students will be dismissed from school at 12:45 pm. and should quickly make their
way to the PT & CC.

          All Grad Ceremony participants must attend this very important
           rehearsal. No exceptions.
          When entering the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre for the
           rehearsal, grads will pick up a rehearsal ticket in the foyer. The
           rehearsal tickets will be distributed alphabetically by last name. Each
           rehearsal ticket has an individual section, row & seat number. Students
           will then find their corresponding seat in Ballroom 2 at the Penticton
           Trade and Convention Centre.
          Grads are reminded to bring to school the clothing and shoes that they
           wish to wear at Dry Grad later that evening. On Friday, May 29, 2009,
           bring the items in a bag or back pack and check your bag into the Weight
           Room between 11:00 am & 12:45 pm (prior to the rehearsal).
          All bags will be stored securely and will be returned to the grad when
           they arrive at the Dry Grad Celebration. No trips to lockers are
           permitted at the Dry Grad Celebration.

The grad ceremony takes place at the South Okanagan Events Centre on Friday,
May 29, 2009 starting at 7:00 pm sharp. Please remind parents and guests that
doors open at 6:30 pm and they need to be in their seats by 6:50 pm at the latest.
All Grads are to report the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre at 5:45 pm.
dressed in their grad gowns, V-stolls, caps and tassels! (Of course with the
appropriate attire underneath). You should not bring anything else with you to the
Grad ceremony such as purses, bags etc. Cameras should be left with parents /
At the conclusion of the Grad Ceremony, grads will exit the seating are in a final
processional according to the directions provided at the rehearsal. Grads will walk
slowly to the sound of their selected grad songs to the area behind the black
curtain on the floor of the SOEC. Once gowns have been returned, parents are
then welcome to come to the floor of the SOEC for photos.

Photographic Reflections by Brenda will once again be taking photos of all grads
crossing the stage at the Grad Ceremony. You may pre-pay your order and avoid the
rush. For $12.00, you may have the photo image emailed to you. A photo disc of
the grad, plus bonus candid shots is also available for $15.00. Pre-paid cheques
made payable to PR by Brenda may be handed in at the office or mailed to
Photographic Reflections by Brenda, 123 Secrest Ave, Penticton V2A 3R1, or you
may drop off cash or cheques to the Pen High Office. Make sure you include your
full name, phone # and address with all orders.

Our school “tech crew” will be recording the entire grad ceremony. Students may
order a DVD recording of the Ceremony from at the office after June 1/09 – cost
is $15.00. Pre-paid orders only - order your disc at the office.

Dry Grad will take place at Pen High following the Grad ceremony on May 29-30,
2009. Following the ceremonies students will be bussed to Pen High for the Dry
Grad celebration. Students are again reminded that they are not permitted to
leave the South Okanagan Events Centre if they plan to attend the Dry Grad
function. (No trips to your car). Be sure to make arrangements to have your
vehicle looked after if you choose to drive to the Grad Ceremony. It is not
recommended that you leave your vehicle overnight at the Events Centre.

An important reminder to all grads: attendance at school is still mandatory after
the Grad ceremonies. Students who have unsatisfactory attendance, as result of
unexcused absences after the Grad Ceremonies, will not be permitted to attend
the Prom or participate in the parade.

Both the grad parade and prom take place on Thursday, June 25/09. The grad
parade leaves at Memorial Arena at 6:00 pm, travels down Power Street, along
Lakeshore Drive and ends at the Lakeside Resort. Participants should arrive at
Memorial Arena Parking lot by 5:30 pm. If you are unsure as to what vehicles are
permitted / prohibited from the parade please ask well ahead of time. Student
safety is our primary concern. Students can park their vehicles at the Lakeside
Resort and take photos there or they can leave the Lakeside and take photos
PROM / PARADE (continued):
Prom will be at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. It will start at 7:00 p.m. and will end
at 1:00 a.m. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. Tickets for prom are $60.00 per person and
will be available for sale June 3 - 19/09 from the Accounting Office. Guest Passes
will be available June 1 - June 5/09 and are available at the office. Guests how are
not in school will be required to provide a criminal record check. These are both
due no later that June 12/09.

Prom Photos will be taken by David Szabo Photography. Students may pre-book &
prepay for these photos at school the week before prom for as reduced cost.
Students may also bring their own cameras to Prom.

The last day of regular school classes is Tuesday, June 16, 2009. School, District
and Provincial exams start Wednesday, June 17, 2009. Please check the Provincial
& School Exam schedules posted near the Multi-purpose Room & outside the library.
Record the time, date and room number for all of your exams carefully in your
planner. If you have an exam conflict you must register to arrange an alternate
time to write the exam. Please ensure that all textbooks are handed to the
accounting office or the main office.

              Grad is the event; hard work, exam preparation and
                          Exam writing is the process.

                      There is lots of work still ahead grads!

                            Good luck and stay focused!

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