Executive Summary by M8P293


									                                             Executive Summary
    [Company Name]
    [Contact Name]
    [Address: Street, Town, State, Zip]
    Phone: [(000)000-0000]                              Fax: [none or number]
    Email: [me@jmu.edu]                                 Web Address: [http:www.address.com]

    Management:                                             Business Description: [Briefly describe the
    If known: CEO                                           general nature of your company.]
    VP Sales/Marketing
    VP Product Development                                  Products/Services: [Provide specific details
    CTO                                                     about each aspect of your products/services.
    CFO                                                     Provide numeric details of sales volume, cost,
    etc.                                                    price, and sourcing.]

    Industry:                                               Company Background: [Provide a short
                                                            summary of your company background.]
    Number of Employees:
                                                            Management: [List senior management and
    Bank: [optional]                                        prior experience if it exists otherwise delete.]

    Future Auditor: [optional]                              Competitive Advantage:
                                                            [Technologies/Special Know-how: highlight
    Law Firm(s): [optional]                                 the aspects of your product that may be
                                                            protected by current intellectual property or
    Amount of Financing Sought:                             patent law. Provide evidence of how your
                                                            offerings are different and will be able to
    Current Investors: [name, amount invested,              develop a barrier to entry for potential
    and percentage]                                         customers.]
    [venture capitalists]
    [private investors]                                     Markets: [Provide a clear description of your
    [personal funds]                                        target market and any market segments that
                                                            may exist within that market. Include
    Use of Funds: [i.e. Product development,                potential market size and growth rate.
    marketing/sales, distribution, etc. and dollar          Mention your revenue model in this section.]

Distribution Channels: [Indicate which channels will be used to deliver your products/services to your
target markets (i.e. Web site, direct sales force, VARs, channel partners, direct to consumer, etc.)

Competition: [List any current or potential direct and indirect competition. Briefly describe the competitive
outlook and dynamics of the relevant market in which you will operate.]

Financial Projections (Unaudited):
               2009           2010                   2011           2012              2013
Revenue:                                                                                       (dollars in thousands)

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