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                           Public Health Transition Progress Report
Subject of Report:

                           Health and Adult Social Services Standing Scrutiny Panel

                           26 April 2012

                           Dr Jackie Chin
Service report author:     Director of Public Health

                           Kevin Unwin
                           Scrutiny Review Officer
Scrutiny officer:

                           Councillor Jasbir Anand, Health and Adult Services
Cabinet Responsibility:

Director Responsibility:   David Archibald, Executive Director of Children and Adults

                           To update the Members on the Public Health Transition and
Brief                      ask for comments and feedback.

                           To consider the information contained in the report and
                           make comments and recommendations as appropriate,
                           considering in particular:

                              (a) the transition plan at appendix 1, and whether
                                  members feel any clarifications, amendments or
                                  additions to the plan are needed;
                              (b) further to the examples listed at section 2, possible
                                  suggestions of areas for closer working and between
                                  individual council services and public health in the

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Public Health Transition Progress Report
1. Overview of the report

  The purpose of this report is to give Members an overview and update of the
  Public Health transition to Ealing Council.

2. Overview

   The Health and Social Care Act 2012 proposes the transfer of key Public
   Health functions to local authorities by 1 April 2013.

   The Government has set out its vision that local authorities will take on a key
   leadership role for public health locally. Councils will lead on improving their
   populations’ health and Wellbeing, co-ordinate local efforts to protect the
   public’s health and ensure health services effectively promote population
   health. Building on their central role as democratically accountable bodies
   which are ideally placed to shape services to meet local needs, they will be
   able to develop holistic solutions to health and Wellbeing embracing the full
   range of local services (e.g. health, housing, leisure, planning, transport,
   employment and social care). Local authorities’ new public health
   responsibilities will be supported by a ring-fenced budget. Directors of Public
   Health will lead this work, as the principal adviser on health to the local

   The provisions include a new duty on upper tier Councils, to take steps to
   improve the health of their local population. One way those local authorities
   may fulfil their new health improvement duty will be through commissioning
   public health services.

   In performing their public health functions Local Authorities will work with
   Clinical Commissioning Groups and representatives of the NHS Commissioning
   Board and Public Health England.

   Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) are groups of GP’s that will be
   responsible for designing local health services. The NHS Commissioning Board
   will oversee CCG’s. Public Health England will lead on health protection
   nationally and set the overall outcomes framework for public health.

   These new bodies will be created and the transfer of functions to Local
   Authorities will take place on 1 April 2013.

   The vision for public health in Ealing is one where it has transferred safely and is
   integrated with every council function so that taking action to improve health is an
   automatic part of the work and culture of every department, section, team and
   individual – ‘part of Ealing Council’s DNA’.

   A local public health system established with all our local partners – Ealing Clinical
   Commissioning Group, NHS Commissioning Board, Public Health England, other
   statutory partners such as the police, the community and voluntary sectors, local
   LINks/HealthWatch and our providers such that they are an integral part of
   delivering improvements.
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  Ealing Council and all political parties are seen leading and influencing all sectors,
  communities and individuals, and public health has become a ‘movement for
  change’ for healthier lives and environments.
  Some examples of closer working in the Council are given below:

        Distributing healthy start vitamins in Children’s centres

        Joint strategies on obesity, breast feeding and accidents in children’s

        Community safety- sharing of information on hot spots so that drug and
         alcohol service providers can better target their outreach work

        Analysts in the community safety team, drug and alcohol team, probation
         team etc meeting to share information

        Linking the school Health related behaviour survey in children to the
         commissioning of the school nursing team

        Using libraries for health trainers to meet with communities and exploring
         the possibility of library staff becoming health champions

        Exploring Park Rangers helping with leading health walks in their parks

  The transfer has resulted in reduced health inequalities, improved health outcomes
  and better integration of health and social care through cost effective delivery.

2.1 Commissioning

  In ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Update and way forward’ published by the
  Department of Heath in July 2011.

  The government has indicated a provisional view of what should be funded
  from the national public health budget, and who the principal commissioner for
  each activity should be. Where possible responsibility and resources for public
  health services will be devolved to local government. Although in a number of
  cases where a public health service is deeply intertwined with the delivery of
  clinical services, or where services are part of the primary care contractual
  arrangements, the Secretary of State for Health will ask the NHS
  Commissioning Board to commission services on his or her behalf (for example
  national screening and immunisation programmes).

  The Health and Social Care Act 2012 includes a power for the Secretary of
  State for Health to prescribe that local authorities take certain steps in the
  exercise of public health functions, including that certain services should be
  commissioned or provided. The purpose of this power is not to identify some
  services as more important than others. Rather the issue is that in some
  service areas (particularly health protection) greater uniformity of provision is
  required. In others, the Secretary of State for Health is currently under a legal
  duty, and needs to ensure that the obligation is effectively delivered when the

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function is delegated to local government (the provision of contraception is an
example). Finally, certain other steps are critical to the effective running of the
new public health system at a local level, for example ensuring that the local
authority provides public health advice to NHS commissioners.

The proposed list of mandatory functions is:
    Appropriate access to sexual health services
    Steps to be taken to protect the health of the population, in particular, giving
      the local authority a duty to ensure there are plans in place to protect the
      health of the population
    Ensuring NHS commissioners receive the public health advice they need
    The National Child Measurement Programme
    NHS Health Check assessment.

The Department of Health has recognised that further work is needed to clarify
responsibilities as between Local Authorities and NHS bodies.

A full list of local authority prescribed functions will be subject to Parliamentary
approval when the regulations are made.

Regarding health protection, at present Directors of Public Health in primary care
trusts play a key leadership role in planning for, and responding to, health
protection incidents, supported by local Health Protection Agency health protection
units. The Health and Social Care Act provides that the Secretary of State for
Health is responsible for taking steps for the purpose of protecting the health of the
population. The Director of Public Health will continue to provide a coordination
role to protect the health of the local population when transferred to local
authorities. The local authority, and the Director of Public Health acting on its
behalf, should have a pivotal place in protecting the health of its population. Local
authorities will need to take steps to ensure that plans are in place to protect the
local population.

Under this duty, local authorities (and Directors of Public Health on their behalf)
would be required to ensure that plans are in place to protect the health of the local
population from threats ranging from relatively minor outbreaks to full- scale
emergencies, and to prevent as far as possible those threats arising in the first
place. The scope of this duty will include local plans for immunisation and
screening, as well as the plans acute providers and others have in place for the
prevention and control of infection, including those which are healthcare

It is anticipated that the new responsibilities of local authorities would include local
activity on:
      Tobacco control;
      Alcohol and drug misuse services;
      Obesity and community nutrition initiatives
      Increasing levels of physical activity in the local population
      Assessment and lifestyle interventions as part of the NHS Health Check
      Public mental health services;
      Dental public health services;
      Accidental injury prevention;
      Population level interventions to reduce and prevent birth defects;
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        Behavioural and lifestyle campaigns to prevent cancer and long term
        Local initiatives on workplace health;
        Supporting, reviewing and challenging delivery of key public health funded
         and NHS delivered services such as immunisation programmes;
        Comprehensive sexual health services (includes testing and treatment for
         sexually transmitted infections, contraception outside of GP contract and
         sexual health promotion and prevention)
        Local initiatives to reduce excess deaths as a result of seasonal mortality;
        Role in dealing with health protection incidents and emergencies
        Promotion of community safety, violence prevention and response
        Local initiatives to tackle social exclusion.
        Improving health through prevention including the out of hospital strategy

  Options are being explored regarding joint commissioning, procurement and
  contracting with the West London Alliance and the NHS Commissioning Support

  Recommendations on the way forward will be brought back to Cabinet in due

  Spend on Programmes (Top 4) in 2010/11
  Programme Area                         Spend in 2010/11
  Sexual Health                          £5,444,000.00
  Drugs                                  £4,809,000.00
  Alcohol                                £2,328,000.00
  Children 5-19                          £777,000.00

2.2 Governance

  Responsibility of the Director of Public Health ( DPH)

  The DPH as a public health specialist will be responsible for all new public
  health functions for the local authority. The Department of Health has indicated
  its intention to make the DPH a statutory officer, although the council may
  choose to share this role with another authority or combine it with another role
  within the council. They will be a statutory member of the Health and Wellbeing
  Board, and will act as the lead officer for health and champion health across the
  local authority.

  Health and Wellbeing Boards

  Health and Wellbeing Boards offer the opportunity for system-wide leadership
  to improve both health outcomes and health and care services. They will have
  a duty to promote integrated working, and their core purpose is to drive
  improvements in health and Wellbeing by promoting joint commissioning and
  integrated delivery. Their agenda extends beyond health and adult social care
  to include children’s health and Wellbeing, and wider areas that impact on
  health such as housing, education and the environment.

  Since their role includes partnership working between their members to support
  CCG commissioning plans in aligning with the joint health and Wellbeing strategy,
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  they will also consider issues that are generally seen as core NHS services rather
  than those mainly at the Council/NHS interface – for instance cancer care, or
  hospital configuration.

  Under the new legislation Health and Wellbeing Boards will have responsibility for
  the joint strategic needs assessment and the joint health and well being strategy.
  They have a strategic role in setting the framework for commissioning of health,
  social care and public health in their area.

  Health and Wellbeing Boards involve an interplay of powers and responsibilities,
  and are best seen as a body for shared leadership across the health, care and
  Wellbeing system. Elected Members will have a very important role in ensuring the
  development of a shared vision and in demonstrating collaborative, inclusive and
  consensual leadership.

  Ealing has a well established shadow Health and Wellbeing Board, which is well
  placed to take on these new duties for 1 April 2013, subject to review of its
  membership and terms of reference to ensure that any statutory requirements are
  met. The membership of the Health and Wellbeing Board includes representatives
  from Community Groups and our stakeholders and partners.

  Healthwatch will replace Local Involvement Networks (LINks). HealthWatch will
  monitor the work of the health and wellbeing boards. Local HealthWatch will
  have a seat on the new health and wellbeing boards, ensuring that the views
  and experiences of patients, carers and other service users are taken into
  account when local needs assessments and strategies are prepared, such as
  the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and the authorisation of Clinical
  Commissioning Groups. This will ensure that Local HealthWatch has a role in
  promoting public health, health improvements and in tackling health inequalities

  Links with Ealing’s Community Strategy

  The Director of Public Health will work with our partners and stakeholders to help
  deliver Ealing’s Community Strategy. One of the 4 key priorities agreed with our
  partners and stakeholders is to improve public health and support those with
  specific needs to achieve well-being and independence.

2.3 Workforce

   Primary care trusts and local authorities will be responsible for developing
   public health transition plans and consulting with their constituent trade unions
   and staff on these and the associated workforce plans. To support this, key
   guidance and support has been developed at national level and published by
   the Department of Health and the Local Government Association. This
   outlines the human resources processes and expectations on primary care
   trusts, councils, NHS and local government trade unions in managing this
   important change with elements on some remaining key issues being
   developed. Further HR guidance is due at the end of March 2012. The
   expected date for any transfer of staff that may occur is 1 April 2013.

2.4 Organisational Design

  Local Authorities will be working to develop their vision and the structure of
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    their new public health function in dialogue with a range of partners and
    representatives over coming months. There is an emerging view that it may
    be appropriate for commissioned public health services to be procured jointly
    at a West London level, rather than Borough level, in line with the West
    London Alliance approach to procuring adult social care, children’s and
    transport services. However, a final decision is not proposed to be taken on
    this aspect until further work has been carried out with regard to cost,
    effectiveness, and feasibility. At an appropriate point, the Council will need to
    discuss these plans with Public Health England, the National Commissioning
    Board and the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

    Recommendations on the way forward for Ealing will be brought back to
    Cabinet in due course, once the work referred to above on cost, effectiveness,
    and feasibility has been completed.

3. Key Implications

  The Department of Health is encouraging PCTs and Local Authorities to put in
  place by the 5th April 2012 a clear local plan which sets out the main elements of
  transfer including functions, staff and plans for commissioning contracts for
  2013/14 and beyond.

  Ealing Council and NHS Ealing (Ealing PCT) have established a Public Health
  transition sub group to oversee this transition. This group is accountable to the
  Ealing Executives Group.

  Within NHS NW London, it is anticipated that shadow arrangements will be in
  place by 1 April 2012, with Clinical Commissioning Groups operating in their
  groups of four, Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group is within the Brent, Harrow
  and Hillingdon group.

  For Public Health there is an expectation from the NHS that shadow arrangements
  are in place by October 2012. This report represents the council’s first step to
  achieve this. The Council has also established a shadow Health and Wellbeing
  Board and has a development day planned in April 2012. The Board will over see
  the refresh of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for June 2012 and
  refresh its Health and Wellbeing Strategy (HWBS) by September 2012.

  During the transitional period in 2012/13 there are key areas that will need to be
  covered which include:

            Finance
            Contracts (including novation of existing contracts where appropriate,
             and consideration of whether or not new commissioning arrangements
             will be appropriate following transition)
            HR
            Governance
            Legal
            Business and IT
            Development of JSNA and HWBS

   Initial details, timescales and resources are included in Appendix 1 and further
   details will be reported in due course.

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4.   Value For Money

      Value For Money underpins all developments occurring in the Council. In the
      climate of increasingly tight resources under which we operate, all the content of
      this plan has been designed with the future financial climate in mind and a need
      to ensure that all activities and organisational development enables the Council
      to become increasingly effective and efficient. Options for collaboration are also
      being explored.

5. Sustainability Impact Appraisal

     Not required at this time.

6. Risk Management

     The risks associated with implementation of this Plan and the activities prioritised
     for 2012/13 are largely related to

       a) The ability of the organisation (and its partners) to respond to the demands
          of the projects and activities included, particularly in a climate of increasing
          financial pressures and organisational change within the NHS. In addition,
          the operating model for Public Health England and the National
          Commissioning Board is still evolving and their interface with local
          government is still unclear.

     The plan has been developed and the activities planned for the coming year with
     an understanding of risk and our context for operating in mind.

     As is currently the case, risk to achieving the key goals in the Plan, will be
     managed through quarterly performance monitoring reports sent to Ealing
     Executive Group and to the Adult Health and Social Service Scrutiny Panel.

7. Community Safety

8. Links to the 5 Priorities for the Borough

     From 1 April 2013, Ealing Council is expected to lead on improving its population’s
     health and wellbeing, co-ordinate local efforts to protect the public’s health and
     ensure health services effectively promote population health. Ealing Council will
     shape services to meet local needs and develop holistic solutions to health and
     wellbeing embracing the full range of local services (e.g. health, housing, leisure,
     planning, transport, employment and social care). Health is already a priority in
     the Community Strategy and these objectives will need to be included in future
     Corporate Plans and the refreshed Health and Wellbeing Strategy to ensure
     delivery of the required public health outcomes.

     The key corporate values will be core to its delivery:
        Putting residents first
        Offering world class customer service
        Securing value for money in everything we do, and
        Working as One Council.

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9. Equalities, Human Rights and Community Cohesion

   S149 Equality Act 2010 requires the Council to exercise its functions with due
   regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and
   foster good relations between people with protected equality characteristics when
   carrying out their activities.
   The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Health and Wellbeing Strategy being
   developed by the Health and Wellbeing Board and the other steps that need to be
   taken to prepare for the transition of public health functions to the council will be
   the subject of robust equalities assessment analysis to support the Council and
   key partners to improve the health of the local population and reduce health
   inequalities by focussing on meeting the needs of those who may be
   disadvantaged and in minority groups.

10. Staffing/Workforce and Accommodation implications:

   In January 2012, local government transition guidance set out some basic
   principles for the transfer of the public health workforce. Councils will naturally
   build on their own policies and procedures, whilst paying close attention to the
   basic principles set out below.

   The main principles are:
      All matters relating to the statutory transfer of public health functions and
        any staff transfers are of course subject to the enactment of the Health and
        Social Care Act 2012 .
      Staff identified as working in the public health functions that will transfer to
        local government on a statutory basis under the Health and Social Care Act
        2012 will do so on a TUPE or TUPE-like basis under COSOP
      Local authorities and PCTs are strongly encouraged to work together jointly
        with relevant trade unions to prepare for the transfer
      Arrangements should be agreed locally to help transferring staff to engage
        more closely with their eventual new employers in the transition year 2012-
      However, no staff should transfer employment in advance of the due date of
        1st April 2013 which is the date the statutory responsibilities transfer
      Councils are strongly encouraged to implement best employment practice,
        taking account of the need for future recruitment and retention of specialist
        public health staff

  A number of issues have yet to be fully resolved and will be the subject of further
  clarification from the national Concordat Steering Group, including:

        A checklist of options for agreed initiatives, including secondments to
         engage employees more closely with new employers prior to the final
        Proposals for dealing with staff pensions
        Details of a staff commission to be set up under the auspices of ACAS to
         deal with any problems relating to individual transfers that cannot be dealt
         with locally.
        The appropriate involvement of NHS trade union officials in local and
         national discussions post 1 April 2013

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          Treatment of current and future trainees
          Treatment of individuals close to retirement in the NHS, or close to the
           expiry of a fixed-term contract.
          Arrangements for future specialist training and development – especially
           statutory requirements

           Consultation with staff and unions will be carried out in due course.

11.    Property and Assets

       The PCT Public Health team is already based in Perceval House, and it is
       anticipated that they will remain there following 1st April 2013. Cost sharing
       arrangements with the PCT for the period up until 1st April 2013 have yet to be

12.    Financial

       From the financial year 2013/14, Public Health will be the responsibility of the
       Local Authority and a direct budget will be allocated to Ealing which is based
       upon actual expenditure baseline of 2010/11. Shadow arrangements will be in
       place for 12/13, but expenditure and budgets remain within Health and the
       allocation is £18.025m as notified by the Department of Health in January 2012.

       There is currently no specific funding for transition costs that has been
       allocated to the Local Authority to assist with the costs of transferring the
       responsibility to Ealing. Such costs include legal and contracting costs
       associated with the transfer of responsibilities, system upgrades and changes
       to ensure that the Council can accommodate the work of Public Health and
       other due diligence. An estimate of these costs is currently being calculated.
       Funding for these additional costs still needs to be identified. The Executive
       Director, Children and Adults has raised this issue with the Department of
       Health and awaits a response.

       Care will need to be taken, in the transitional period and once the legislation
       has been implemented, to ensure that the Council does not assume
       responsibilities and costs which are legally the responsibility of NHS bodies.

13.    Legal

       The formal transfer of statutory responsibilities to the Council will occur on 1
       April 2013.

       Care will need to be taken to ensure that any transitional arrangements made
       by the Council before the new legislation is implemented are within the
       statutory powers currently available to the Council.

13.1   Public Health Functions under the new Health and Social Care legislation
       A duty to take such steps as the Council considers appropriate for improving he
       health of the people in its area. The steps that may be taken include

           a) Providing information and advice;

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         b) providing services or facilities designed to promote healthy
            living (whether by helping individuals to address behaviour
            that is detrimental to health or in any other way);
         c) providing services or facilities for the prevention, diagnosis or
            treatment of illness;
         d) providing financial incentives to encourage individuals to
            adopt healthier lifestyles;
         e) providing assistance (including financial assistance) to help
            individuals to minimise any risks to health arising from their
            accommodation or environment;
         f) providing or participating in the provision of training for
            persons working or seeking to work in the field of health
         g) making available the services of any person or any facilities.

      The steps that may be taken include
         a) Providing grants or loans (on such terms as the local authority
            considers appropriate).
         b) A duty to provide for the medical inspection and treatment of school
            pupils and powers to arrange for children to be weighed and measured.
         c) A power to conduct, commission or assist the conduct of research for
            any purpose connected with the exercise of its functions in relation to the
            health service, including the power to obtain and analyse data or other
            information and obtain advice from persons with appropriate professional
      The power to assist any person to conduct research includes power to do so by
      providing financial assistance or making the services of any person or other
      resources available.

13.2 Director of Public Health
      Councils will be required to appoint a Director of Public Health with
      responsibilities which include
      a) The exercise of prescribed public health functions under the National Health
         Service Act 2006 (as amended).
      b) Preparing for and responding to public health emergencies
      c) Cooperating in the assessment and management of risks posed to the
         public by offenders

      The Secretary of State must approve the appointment and may direct a Council
      to review how the Director has discharged his/her responsibilities.

      The Director of Public Health must prepare an annual report on the health of
      the people in the area which must be published by the Council.

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       All of these duties are subject to the Secretary of State’s powers to make
       further Regulations as to public health functions and to issue Statutory

13.3 Additional Functions
       A duty to make arrangements for independent mental health advocates to be
       available to help ‘qualifying’ patients.
       A duty to set up a Local Healthwatch Organisation for the involvement of
       people in the commissioning, provision and scrutiny of health and social
       A duty to make such arrangements as it considers appropriate for the provision
       of independent advocacy services to assist people with complaints about health

13.4 Strategic Needs Assessment and Health and Wellbeing Strategy
       The Council and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) must undertake a joint
       strategic needs assessment of the health and social care needs for the area
       (JSNA) and prepare a joint health and wellbeing strategy (JHWS) for meeting
       the needs by the exercise of functions of the authority, the National Health
       Service Commissioning Board or the Clinical Commissioning Group.
       In preparing a JHWS the Council and the CCG must, in particular, consider the
       extent to which the needs could be met more effectively by the making of
       partnership arrangements under section 75 of the National Health Service Act
       2006 (rather than in any other way).
       In preparing a JSNA the Council and CCG must have regard to:-
       a)   the mandate published by the Secretary of State under section
            13A of the National Health Service Act 2006, and
       b)   any guidance issued by the Secretary of State.
            and must—
       c)   involve the Local Healthwatch organisation for the area and
       d)   involve the people who live or work in that area.
       The Council must publish the JHWS
       The Council and the CCG may include in the strategy a statement of their
       views on how arrangements for the provision of health-related services in the
       area of the Council could be more closely integrated with arrangements for the
       provision of health services and social care services in that area.
       The Council, the CCG and the NHS Commissioning Board must have regard to
       the JSNA and JHWS in the exercise of their functions

13.5   Health and Wellbeing Boards. (HWB) and the future of Health Scrutiny

       Councils will be required to establish a HWB as a committee apppointed under
       S102 Local Government Act 1972. Membership must include at least one
       councillor, the Directors of Adults Services, Children’s Services and Public

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      Health, a representative of the Local Healthwatch Organisation and the Clinical
      Commissioning Group.
      The responsibilities of the HWB will include to lead on the production of the
      JSNA and JHWS. to promote the integration of health, social care and public
      health and to promote joint commissioning.
      CCG’s will be required to consult the HWB on their commissioning plans and
      HWB’s will advise the NHS Commissioning Board on how well the CCG has
      helped deliver the JHWS for the purpose of the annual assessment of the CCG.
      The HWB may refer plans back to the CCG of NHS Commissioning Body if
      they do not follow the JHWS but may not veto them .
      Councils may delegate any other functions to the HWB and two or more HWB’s
      may exercise their functions jointly.
      There will be no obligation to continue to have a Health Overview and Scrutiny
      Committee. However the Council’s functions under S244 National Health
      Service Act 2006 review and scrutinise any matter relating to the planning,
      provision and operation of health services in their area will remain and may not
      be exercised by the HWB.

14.   Any other implications
      None anticipated.

15.   Consultation

      The Public Health Transition proposals and process are at an early stage, but
      will take account of feedback from officers, members, staff, unions, and partner

16.   Timetable for Implementation

       Details                                                  Timescales
       Consideration of draft Public Health Transition          24 April 2012
       Progress report by Cabinet
       Further development and implementation of transition     March 2012- March
       plan                                                     2013
       Formal transfer of statutory responsibilities            1 April 2013

17.   Appendix 1
      Draft of transition plan

18.   Background Information
      ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Update and way forward’ published July

      A series of policy updates were published on 20 December 2011 to help
      partner organisations and staff involved to understand and implement these
      reforms. This includes a suite of factsheets on:

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   The New Public Health System
   Public Health in Local Government
   PHE’s Operating Model

In January 2012, ‘Public Health Transition Planning Support for Primary Care
Trusts and Local Authorities' was published. This is to assist PCT clusters with
their requirements to produce public health transition plans as part of their
overarching plans for the transition year, as set out in the NHS Operating
Framework and planning guidance for 2012/13 recently issued by the
Department of Health.

In addition, ‘Local government transition guidance on public health workforce
issues’ has been developed by the Local Government Association, supported
by local government union colleagues and NHS Employers and union
colleagues. This focuses on public health workforce issues and is primarily for
HR specialists in local authorities who will be responsible for managing
transfers working with PCTs, and is concerned with the key questions and
options where staff are transferring from PCTs to Local Authorities.

Draft Statutory Guidance JSNAs and joint health and wellbeing strategies. January

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     Name of                  Post held              Date         Date       Comments
    consultee                                       sent to    response       appear in
                                                   consultee    received     paragraph:
David Archibald      Executive Director,          12 Feb 2012 28/2/2012 Various
                     Children and Adults
Mary Umrigar         Business Manager,            12 Feb 2012 15/2/2012 Various
Adele Taylor         Director, Finance            12 Feb 2012 15/2/2012 Finance
Cllr. Jasbir Anand    Cabinet Member Health       21 Feb 2012 29/03/2012 Various
                     and Adults Services
Jane Batalona        Head of Legal Social Care    12 Feb 2012 15/2/2012 Legal
                     and Education
Helen Harris         Director of Legal Services   12 Feb 2012 15/2/2012 Legal
Derek Holl           HR Business Partner          12 Feb 2012 15/2/2012 Workforce

                      eg voluntary

Report History

Decision type:          Urgency item?

For information          No

      Report no.:       Report author and contact for queries:
                        Dr Jackie Chin, Director Public Health, NHS Ealing

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Appendix 1
DRAFT 24 March 2012

                       London Borough of Ealing
                      public health transition plan

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Transition plan
Area 1: Vision, strategy and structures: lead Jackie Chin and David Archibald
                                                                                                                                                                                RAG      Resources
No.                  Key Tasks                                         Actions                              Comments / Progress          Responsibility   Start    Finish
                                                                                                                                                                                /Risk     required
1.1   Implementation of this plan                Establish stakeholder reference group (SRG) –           Established                    JC/DA                     April     Green
                                                 ToR, membership, key work streams:                                                                               2012
                                                 Communication, HR, Governance, IT and Estates
                                                 Agree leads for all areas of this transition plan

                                                 Agree overall approach to implementation, agree         In progress                    JC/DA                     May2012   Green
                                                 transition plan and set milestones
1.2   Develop vision and strategy for            Health and Wellbeing strategy to be developed in        In progress                    JC/DA                     Sept      Amber
      improving health and wellbeing in          line with Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and                                                                   2012
      Ealing                                     ‘Public Health Outcomes Framework’
      Design of future operating model for       Agree functions to be undertaken in Ealing; develop     WLA option for procurement     JC/DA                     Oct       Amber
1.3   specialist public health functions in      service model                                           being considered                                         2012?
      Ealing                                     Carry out initial EAA

      Agree structure of public health           Agree functions to be undertaken with other             As above
      specialist team in Ealing                  boroughs, within the West London Alliance or
                                                 Develop structure of public health specialist team:     To be developed in line with                             October   Amber
                                                 engage with stakeholders                                WLA                                                      2012
                                                 Carry out necessary staffing consultations.             In HR section                                            April     Green
                                                 Consider TUPE implications                                                                                       2013
                                                 Structure approved by CEO                               Discussion paper on models                               October   Amber
                                                                                                         under consideration by CE                                2012?
                                                                                                         and Exec Director
                                                 Complete EAA

                                                 Council Cabinet approval                                TBD                                                      ? Nov
                                                 Communicate structure

1.4   Develop public health commissioning        Identify all current contracts (section 2.5 below for   See Section 2.5
      intentions for 13/14 in line with public   further detail)
      health outcomes framework and ring         Establish mandatory services (as per grant
      fence grant                                conditions)
                                                 Agree commissioning intentions for 13/14
                                                 Establish interface / shared service options with
                                                 existing council services, or with equivalent
                                                 services in other boroughs and evaluate the most
                                                 cost efficient options going forward
                                                 Consider whether PCT or LBE contract terms and
                                                 conditions will apply and establish commissioning
                                                 timeframes in the light of this
1.5   Corporate support                          Agree resource and leads for all areas of this          Leads agreed, financial                                            Amber       Resources
                                                 transition plan (including finance, IT, legal,          resources TBD                                                                  TBD
                                                 governance and performance, HR etc)
1.6   Shadow working for 2012/13                 Develop principles for shadow working                   MOU agreed for 12/13                                     March     Green
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Transition Plan
Area 2: Finance and contracts: lead Inderjit Mattu and Lisa Money NHS Ealing/ Adele Taylor and Kate Graefe LBE
                                                                                                                                                                                      RAG     Resources required
No.              Key Tasks                                    Actions                                Comments / Progress                  Responsibility     Start       Finish
2.1   General Ledger & Respective         Agree new hierarchy in Council ledger               Needs to involve Agresso support        Bob                  from – July   By 31-03-   Amber    Adults Finance –
      Feeder systems: Payroll, Debtors,                                                       team                                    Scoffham/Safia             2012           13            Accountancy Team
      Creditors, Procurement                                                                                                          Khan                                                    Time and Agresso
                                                                                                                                                                                              support team time
                                          Transfer historic/previous years information and    Query – unlikely to be possible in      Safia Khan           from – July   By 31-03-   Amber    Adults Finance –
                                          ensure it is accessible                             Agresso so how can we download                                     2012           13            Accountancy Team
                                                                                              to be able to interrogate                                                                       Time
                                          Get new licences for and all other associated       Query – under BSG. Need further         BSG                                                     £ Query
                                          software and systems for PH services                information from the NHS regarding
                                                                                              licenses required/already held
                                          Transfer debtor and creditor balances as at         Liability for debtor and creditor       Bob Scoffham           31-03-13    By 30-04-   Amber    Corporate Finance
                                          31.03.13 to Ealing Council systems                  balances to remain with NHS                                                       13            – Team Time
                                          Set up new payroll run for PH staff                 Needs to be part of staffing            Helen Furey
                                                                                              transition – need to also liaise with
                                                                                              DH and TH (see section 3) as part
                                                                                              of TUPE
                                          Cancel all existing PH call off orders              NHS responsibility                      NHS

                                          Set up new call off orders as required at LBE       Need to identify resource from PH       ?                     Training –               Green
                                                                                              to do this on Agresso once structure                           Feb-Mar
                                                                                              set up.                                                            2013
                                                                                              Agresso training can be provided by                            Orders –
                                                                                              Ealing Procure to Pay team                                      Mar-Apr
                                          Resolve all outstanding disputed invoice            NHS responsibility                      NHS
                                          Agree which organisation will chase bad debts       Liability for debtor and creditor       NHS
                                          existing                                            balances to remain with NHS
                                          Transfer PH computers and other small items of      NHS responsibility                      NHS
                                          equipment from NHS Ealing's asset register by       Ensure no LBE charge?
                                          writing value down to nil, or minimal value to be
                                          covered by non-recurrent funding transfer
2.2   Financial governance including:     Complete full year accounts NHS Ealing              NHS responsibility                      NHS
      Financial Controls, Financial       Keep open access to PCT and associated              NHS responsibility                      NHS
      Reporting, Final Accounts &         financial systems post year end in order to
      Board Approval for New Budgets      complete final accounts
      and Financial Plans                 Amend LBEs SO’s, SFI’s and Scheme of                Update finance regulations and          Bob                  from – July   By 31-03-   Amber    Corporate Finance /
                                          Delegation to take account of PH                    Scheme of delegation                    Scoffham/Helen             2012           13            Legal – Team Time.
                                                                                                                                      Harris                                                  Legal Recharges?
                                          Agree new year Internal Audit plan for PH as        Discuss requirements with Sudhi         Safia Khan/Sudhi        from –     By 31-03-   Amber    Adults HoF & Audit
                                          part of LBE internal audit process                  Pathak                                  Pathak               Sept 2012            13            – Team Time

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Transition Plan
Area 2: Finance and contracts: lead Inderjit Mattu and Lisa Money NHS Ealing/ Adele Taylor and Kate Graefe LBE
                                                                                                                                                                              RAG     Resources required
No.              Key Tasks                               Actions                              Comments / Progress                Responsibility       Start      Finish
                                    List of signatory at LBE to be updated to           Once PH becomes part of scheme          Bob Scoffham           from –    By 31-03-   Amber    Corporate Finance
                                    include PH staff                                    of delegation, signatories to be                            Sept 2012           13            and
                                                                                        collated                                Agresso IT team                                       Agresso support
                                                                                        Agresso approvals (hierarchy)                                                                 team time (IT)
                                                                                        impact- links to first point above)
                                    Notify all suppliers, both internally and           Need agreed list from NHS and then      Rupinder Hardy       Dec2012            By
                                    externally, of transfer                             agree with P2P team                                                       31.03.13
                                    Set up a process for inclusion of PH financial      Agree format with corporate finance     Safia Khan/Amalio    Jan 2013    By 31-03-   Amber    Adults Finance –
                                    position to be included with LBE reports                                                    Alcazar                                 13            Accountancy Team
                                                                                                                                                                                      Time and Corporate
                                                                                                                                                                                      Finance Team Time
2.3   Cash, Reserves, Capital and   Amend cash flow forecasts at LBE to take            At transfer date ensure that cash       Sharon                 from –    By 31-03-   Amber    Corporate Finance
      Financial Plans               account of the additional requirements from PH      flow amended within Treasury            Daniels/Bridget     Sept 2012           13            – Team Time
                                    Identify any reserves within NHS Ealing             At transfer date ensure that cash       Sharon                 from –    By 31-03-   Amber    Corporate Finance
                                    budgets being transferred                           flow amended within Treasury            Daniels/Bridget     Sept 2012           13            – Team Time
                                    Upgrades and backlog maintenance issues
                                    should be in the Facilities scope of the
                                    adequacy of premises, equipment and any
                                    associated indemnities
2.4   Non-Pay Expenditure           A list of all goods and services provided,          Get list from NHS and then provide      Safia Khan/P2P         from –    By 31-03-   Amber    Adults Finance
                                    product codes, quantities and prices paid           to P2P team. Work out the best          (Hayden             Sept 2012           13            Operations & Adults
                                    (including unit of issues) by provider              structure within Agresso                Urquhart/Rupinder                                     HoF – Team Time
                                    A comprehensive list of all repetitive items        Assuming same as items above                                   from –    By 31-03-   Amber    Adults Finance
                                    required by provider and department including                                                                   Sept 2012           13            Operations & Adults
                                    the role of NHS Supply Chain                                                                                                                      HoF – Team Time
                                    A list of all areas, transfer points, and their
                                    geographic Site Locations
                                    Users and delivery point details

                                    Flowchart of existing supply chain processes        Share current P2P process with          P2P                 Dec 2012?                Green
                                    used, e.g. from request of requirements to          NHS and identify differences. Will
                                    payment of invoice                                  need to write to suppliers (captured
                                    Any existing details related to requisition books                                           (P2P)
                                    currently deployed
      Review and renew Contracts    Agree draft new contract format, ensuring it is     Standard contract form/PO already       N/A
      Signed within the agreed      appropriate for clinical care.                      exists.
      timescale                                                                         Legal to review vs Ealing std terms?    Catherine Taylor
2.5                                 To collate a list of all contracts and service      Contract register sent through to                           April 2012   Oct 2012    Green
                                    specifications requiring transfer with public       LBE team
                                    health to Ealing Council                            Specs and further contract details to   NHS
                                                                                        be advised by the NHS

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Transition Plan
Area 2: Finance and contracts: lead Inderjit Mattu and Lisa Money NHS Ealing/ Adele Taylor and Kate Graefe LBE
                                                                                                                                                                             RAG     Resources required
No.           Key Tasks                               Actions                                Comments / Progress               Responsibility       Start       Finish
                                  Review and revise in line with 2013-2014                                                    PH?                 April 2012   Oct 2012     Green
                                  Operating Framework and Public Health
                                  outcomes framework and commissioning
                                  intentions (section 1 above)
                                  Identify service specifications to be transferred    Part of due diligence on contracts     Kate Graefe         April 2012   Oct 2012     Green
                                                                                       NHS to identify & advise relevant
                                  Establish interface / shared service options (of                                                                                March     Green?
                                  all contracts and service specifications requiring   WLA developing potential               WLA / John                           2012
                                  transfer) with existing council services, or with    procurement process to share with      Ashley
                                  equivalent services in other boroughs, and           the Design Panel on 28th Mar
                                  evaluate the most cost efficient commissioning       Contracts lists versus council
                                  options going forward.                               services initial cross-check
                                                                                       completed – only interpreting
                                                                                       services as common
                                                                                       Future shared commissioning plans      PH/Proc             Summer
                                                                                       – requires contract information from                       2012??
                                                                                       other boroughs
                                  Consider whether PCT or LBE contract terms           Part of due diligence on contracts     Kate Graefe         April 2012   April 2013   Green
                                  and conditions will apply to each contract and       register                               (/Catherine
                                  establish contract and commissioning                 (Likely to be PCT terms potentially    Taylor)
                                  timeframes (and support required) in the light of    with some LBE additions depending
                                  this                                                 on above review of std terms)
                                  Consider, in relation to any services currently      Part of due diligence on contracts     Kate Graefe
                                  provided by the NHS Ealing (or successor             register
                                  organisation) and required to continue in that
                                  way, whether or not any s.75 or other
                                  agreement is required between LBE and
                                  relevant health body in relation to future service
                                  Service specifications agreed by Ealing Council      Part of due diligence on contracts     Public Health                    April 2013

                                  Data quality and improvement plans agreed to         PH to clarify what to transfer?        Diane Malpass
                                  ensure access to data by the contracting team                                               (Michelle Gabay
                                                                                                                              in her absence)
                                  Provide assurance that all internal support          Identify support services where        Safia                  from –    By 31-03-    Amber    Adults Finance –
                                  services are covered by an SLA, and internal         charges relate and ensure CSA’s        Khan/Richard        Sept 2012           13             Accountancy/Adults
                                  recharges to be applied                              are updated to include PH from         Costella (Jenny                                        HoF Team Time and
                                                                                       13/14                                  Jones on return                                        Corporate Finance
                                                                                       BSG SECTION ACTION                     from maternity                                         Team Time
                                  Obtain any necessary LBE approvals (Cabinet /                                               Jackie Chin (with
                                  ICMD / officer)                                                                             Proc & legal
                                                                                                                              support as

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Transition Plan
Area 2: Finance and contracts: lead Inderjit Mattu and Lisa Money NHS Ealing/ Adele Taylor and Kate Graefe LBE
                                                                                                                                                                               RAG     Resources required
No.               Key Tasks                            Actions                                Comments / Progress               Responsibility       Start        Finish
                                  Contract and values agreed using LBE format           Part of due diligence on contracts
                                                                                        register (links to comments on
                                                                                        terms, above)
                                  Contract sign off                                                                            TBD                               April 2013
                                                                                        As per approvals/scheme of
                                  Establish a contract payment schedule which           Payment schedule to be agreed as       Safia Khan/Anne         from –    By 31-03-    Amber    Adults Finance
                                  finance and providers are aware of                    part of P2P work                       Scanlon/P2P          Sept 2012           13             Operations & Adults
                                                                                                                                                                                       HoF – Team Time
                                  To provide and share finance / activity                                                      PH
                                  schedules for the main PH contracts
                                  Notice served where appropriate on current                                                   PH in liaison with   April 2012   April 2013   Green
                                  contracts                                             Links to shared services objective –   Proc (& Legal)
                                                                                        need to determine which contracts
                                                                                        to extend/serve notice on, etc
                                  Ensure that all required contracts have been                                                 PH/Catherine                      April 2013   Green
                                  novated to LBE, and approved by LBE legal                                                    Taylor
                                  Provide assurance that all services required                                                 PH
                                  going forward are covered by an SLA or
                                  Where services are provided by NHS Ealing or                                                 PH/NHS
                                  successor organisation under an SLA/contract,
                                  there is a supporting finance schedule and the
                                  SLA/contract is accounted for correctly
                                  Further review of the relevant detail on Contract
                                  Register. Ensure all services have formal
                                  documentation in place
                                  Review timeline for commissioning or re                                                      PH with support      April 2012   April 2013   Green
                                  commissioning of all services, to ensure review       Links to collaborative                 from Proc
                                  / renewal procedures on track to meet contract        commissioning options assessment
                                  expiry deadlines
      Non-Clinical Contracts      Expenditure by supplier exclusive of VAT              Is this collation of current
                                                                                        information? If so, NHS/PH to
2.6                                                                                     advise
                                  Budget Vs Actuals                                     Is this collation of current
                                                                                        information? (as above)
      Risk                        Ensure risk registers updated in NHS H prior to       NHS to update their own plan.          NHS
                                  Ensure arrangements, systems and procedures           Risk registers to be developed and     John Allsop
                                  are agreed for safe effective transfer in all areas   updated. Emergency plan covered
                                  pertaining to risk including:                         by Chris Begley.
                                           SUIs                                                                               ??
                                           Emergency plan                              Ensure PH staff trained in LBE H&S
                                  Health and Safety                                     procedures
      Insurance                   Ensure LBE insurance covers work to be                Liaise with Bob Craik in insurance     Bob Craik
                                  transferred, including clinical activity              around clinical activity

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Transition Plan
Area 2: Finance and contracts: lead Inderjit Mattu and Lisa Money NHS Ealing/ Adele Taylor and Kate Graefe LBE
                                                                                                                                                                                         RAG     Resources required
No.              Key Tasks                                   Actions                                Comments / Progress                Responsibility       Start           Finish
      Internal charging                                                                      Ensure that list of current charges is   Safia Khan to             March     March/April   Green    Adults Finance –
                                                                                             supplied to PH                           collate                    2012          2012              Adults HoF &
                                                                                             BSG SECTION ITEM                                                                                    Accountancy Team

Transition Plan
Area 3: Human Resources- Derek Holl LBE and Tara Healy (NHS Ealing)
                                                                                                                                                                                                 RAG     Resources
No.                 Key Tasks                                      Actions                                    Comments / Progress              Responsibility           Start           Finish            required
3.1   Develop Communication &                  Development of staff communications and              1;1 with staff have begun in NHS
      Engagement Strategy                      engagement strategy [with internal and external      Ealing.
3.2   Achieve the successful transfer of PH    Agree NHS and LA staff in scope for transfer /       Guidance awaited and PHE and NHS
      staff and ensure full staff              deployment to new operating model based on           CB models awaited- due May 2012
      engagement, communication and            guidance re roles of PHE and LA
      partnership working                     Identify all potential NHS employees that should      As above
                                              transfer to LA including impact on corporate
      SUBJECT TO EVOLVING NATIONAL            (business support) functions
      GUIDANCE / AGREEMENTS                   Consider implications of any shared service           See WLA proposal to be considered
                                              delivery proposals, either within the West London     by Chief Execs
                                              Alliance or otherwise
                                              Confirm TUPE or COT. Identify implication of this,    Guidance awaited
                                              including EAA.
                                              Establish pension arrangements for transferring       Guidance awaited
                                              Formal notification to Trade Unions re proposed       Guidance awaited
                                              SRG sub group to agree process for populating
                                              posts in new operating model/ structures
                                              Submit first round the workforce employee liability
                                              information / HR Due Diligence
                                              Formal letter to transferee regarding measures

                                              Staff Briefing sessions to continue including
                                              consultation on measures,/ re-structuring process
                                              if appropriate
                                              Letter to assigned staff confirming transfer &
                                              employee liability information
                                              Offer 1-1’s with line managers supported by HR &
                                              trade union rep where individual concerns over
                                              TUPE are raised.
                                              Panel for appeals to consider any objection to

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Transition Plan
Area 3: Human Resources- Derek Holl LBE and Tara Healy (NHS Ealing)
                                                                                                                                                                                 RAG     Resources
No.                Key Tasks                                       Actions                                  Comments / Progress            Responsibility   Start      Finish             required
                                             Final submission of workforce employee liability
                                             information and staff lists to be produced (with
                                             names) and identifying ongoing CPD requirements
                                             Ensure workforce liabilities and warranties are
                                             agreed as part of contractual documentation –
                                             Business Transfer Agreements
                                             Transferor collate all employment policies,
                                             procedures and agreements relevant under TUPE
                                             and submit to transferee
                                             Transferor complete payroll information template
                                             for all transferring staff and submit to transferee
                                             Personal files to be transferred, including PDP
                                             Close consultation & confirm TUPE transfer letter

                                             Clarification on regional holding position to be
                                             sought from SHA & Regional holding position to
                                             be included in consultation if appropriate
3.3   Review the current employment          SRG sub group , including staff rep’s to review
      policies / HR processes across the 3   position and establish what contractual, what will
      organisations and determine what fit   be continued with / integrated
      for new organisation (i.e. PDR /
      Management Of Absence / Training )
3.4   Organisational development /           Prepare induction plans for all transferring staff    Induction has begun and being further                            April 2013
      Learning & Development                                                                       developed
                                             Agree CPD arrangements with relevant staff in
                                             order to ensure continuity
                                             Annual training needs analysis to be undertaken
                                             as normal
3.5   Corporate Services                     Consider other Corporate functions. Link with
                                             other areas on Work on post integration Structure.
                                             PCT current SLAs HR and OH review.
                                             SLAs to ensure transferred organisations have
3.6   Staff Contracts                        New contracts issued

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Transition Plan
Area 4: Performance, Incidents and Freedom of Information lead Mary Umrigar and Peter Morris and Simon Evans Evans- Director Corporate Affairs?
(NHS Ealing)
                                                                                                                                                Responsi                           RAG    Resources
  No.                  Key Tasks                                    Actions                                  Comments / Progress                              Start      Finish
                                                                                                                                                  bility                          /Risk
  4.1    Performance                       Ensure that there are integrated arrangements in place to    Will scope integrating into existing   Mary         April 2012   March    Amber
                                           ensure contract continuity and monitor new public health     arrangements and possibly part         Umrigar                   2013
                                           outcomes framework - key performance indicators              shadow from June 2012                  /Jackie


                                           Freedom of Information                                       Discussion and agreement               Peter                     April    Amber
                                               -   Need to ensure that FOI records relevant to the      regarding how FOI relating to          Morris                    2013
                                                   transferred PH services are passed over to           Public Health will be handled in
                                                   LBE                                                  future has yet to be concluded. At
                                               -   If there are any outstanding complaints to the       present there are no
                                                   Information Commissioner/Information Tribunal        arrangements in place for the
                                                   relating to FOI compliance – who will be held        transfer of records, hand-over of
                                                   liable                                               ongoing enquiries, and future
                                               -   Who will be responsible for handling any
                                                                                                        handling/approval of Public Health
                                                   requests for internal review relating to PCT FOI
                                                                                                        related enquiries.
                                                   requests? Who will be responsible for handling
                                                   any complaints relating to the PCT’s FOI
                                                   compliance including any that get taken on to
                                                   the Information Commissioner?

  4.4    Infection control                 Establish existing arrangements for Infection Prevention     Currently monitored by contract        Mary         April 2012   March    Amber
                                           and Control and develop future safe efficient                monitoring officers.                   Umrigar                   2013
                                           arrangements                                                 Need to scope further                  /Jacky
                                                                                                                                               and Jackie
  4.5    Clinical Effectiveness            Establish existing arrangements for clinical effectiveness   Currently monitored by contract        Mary         April 2012   March    Amber
                                           and develop and propose safe and efficient                   officers.                              Umrigar                   2013
                                           arrangements for future service delivery                     No Research Governance                 and Jackie
                                           Identify role of LBE in research and development and         framework in place                     Chin
                                           clinical audit                                               Further scoping work required
  4.8    Review all outstanding SUIs and   Create a database of outstanding / on-going services         Within LA covered by Customer          Mary         April 2012   March    Amber
         complaints                        issues                                                       Care Unit. Scope possibility of        Umrigar                   2013
                                                                                                        integration with existing system.
         Complaints                                                                                     As above for SUIs                                                         Amber

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Transition Plan
Area 4: Performance, Incidents and Freedom of Information lead Mary Umrigar and Peter Morris and Simon Evans Evans- Director Corporate Affairs?
(NHS Ealing)
                                                                                                                                                  Responsi                                  RAG      Resources
      No.                     Key Tasks                                 Actions                                   Comments / Progress                              Start      Finish
                                                                                                                                                    bility                                  /Risk
      4.9        Business Continuity Plans     Develop BCP for new public health team                        . Pubic Health function will have    Chris          Upon         Within       Amber/      Additional
                                                                                                             to be reviewed against council BC    Begley         transition   12           medium      resources
                                                                                                             process and priority ratings                        to Council   month                     may be
                                                                                                             agreed with DPH. Priority                                        s                       required to
                                                                                                             Services will then be assisted to                                                       produce and
                                                                                                             produce BC plans.                                                                        maintained
                                                                                                                                                                                                     BC plans, as
                                                                                                                                                                                                      scale is yet
                                                                                                                                                                                                         to be
   4.10          Customer Service Interface                                                                  Alison Reynolds

Transition Plan
Area 5: Business IT and Information Governance Mark Newton LBE and Simon Evans Evans and Kevin Fernandes? (NHS Ealing)
                                                                                                                                                 Responsibilit                               RAG       Resources
No.                         Key Tasks                                   Actions                                  Comments / Progress                                Start       Finish
                                                                                                                                                      y                                      /Risk
5.1         IT support to PH team              Obtain info regarding current IT systems including IT          Completed                                                       Completed     Green
                                               support staff
5.2         IT systems                         Agree access to NHS data – for public health intelligence /    TED completed, finance to be                                    April 2013    Amber     Finance to
                                               N3 connection                                                  identified ~£45                                                                         be

5 .3        Identify Technology licenses and   Identify all licenses including consents which need to         Completed                                                       April 2012    Green
            implications                       transfer from existing organisations into new organisation
5.4         Electronic Records                 Migrate e-mail and electronic records to LBE systems           Completed                                                       April 2012
                                               ensuring forwarding of e-mails to new account
5.5         Mobile Phones                      Identify mobile phones and budget.                             In progress                                                     October       Green
5.6         Intranet                           Ensure current access to Intranet, to include sensitive        Completed                                                       April 2012    Green
                                               health search terms
5.7         Information Governance             Identifying existing information governance arrangements       Lead TBD                           Mark Newton
                                               and implementing in shadow form new systems and
                                               processes to ensure a smooth transition:
                                               Records Management
                                                         Archiving
                                                         Information assets
                                                         Policies
                                                         Procedures
                                                         Patient Literature
                                               Information policies
                                               Policies provided covering info sharing
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Transition Plan
Area 5: Business IT and Information Governance Mark Newton LBE and Simon Evans Evans and Kevin Fernandes? (NHS Ealing)
                                                                                                                                                 Responsibilit                                    RAG      Resources
No.                    Key Tasks                                           Actions                                   Comments / Progress                               Start        Finish
                                                                                                                                                      y                                           /Risk
                                                  Guidance for personal identifiable information policy
                                                  Responding to subject access request
                                                  Code of Practice
                                                  Information security policy
5.8    Confirm accommodation provision post       Identify current accommodation occupied and cost.              Current accommodation on        Mark Newton                      April 2013     Amber
       April 2013                                 Identify proposed accommodation                                Level 3                         and Jackie
                                                                                                                 Costs ~£3000 per person         Chin
                                                                                                                 Need to feed back to PH
                                                                                                                 allocation Dept of Health
                                                  Identify any individual workplace adjustments that may be      Completed                                                        April 2012     Amber
                                                  required including IT
5.6    Health and Safety

Transition Plan Legal Helen Harris ( Jane Batalona) LBE Simon Evans Evans NHS Ealing
Area 6:
                                                                                                                                                                                               RAG        Resources
No.                  Key Tasks                                        Actions                               Comments / Progress        Responsibility          Start           Finish
6.10   Corporate Governance                    Review Council constitution and Scheme of Delegation                                  HH                                    31.3.2013
                                               and proposes amendments for Council approval to
                                               ensure statutory requirements are met and
                                               appropriate governance arrangements in place eg with                                                                                      Green
                                               regard to statutory officer and member roles, the TOR
                                               and membership of the Health and Wellbeing Board
                                               and the Scrutiny arrangements
6.2    Litigation                              Ensure all areas of litigation are flagged (if any)                                                                         31.3.2012     Green

Transition Plan Assurance Plans Lead Jackie Chin and NWL Cluster
Area 7
                                                                                                                                                                                               RAG        Resources
No.                  Key Tasks                                        Actions                               Comments / Progress        Responsibility          Start           Finish
7.0    Test arrangements for Emergency         Plans to be tested                                         Plans for testing in Oct   Jackie Chin/Chris                     Oct 2012
       Planning, Screening and Immunisations                                                              2012                       Begley

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