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					Role of the sponsoring medical director (or equivalent)

  Role                                                      Actions

              Develop a major service change project for the Fellowship placement.
              Ensure that the project is in line with national and local strategic priorities.
              Clarify goals and deliverables for additional local clinical leadership capacity building project with
              Work with Fellow to define projects scope, schedule and resource needs.
              Actively monitor projects progress to ensure Fellow delivers on outcomes.
Recruit       Customise indicative job and person specifications, advertise, interview and select Fellow to post.
              Position Fellow’s role and ensure legitimacy within the Trust
              Introduce Fellow to senior trust staff e.g. CEO and trust board members
              Provide access to meetings - the ''inner working of the corporate world''
              Arrange trust induction
              Identify important and relevant project areas
              Promote internal networking to enable Fellow to access key people who can support project goals
              Provide ongoing clinical and senior management support
              Remove organisational blocks and help to push projects forward
Support       Meet with Fellow regularly (ideally weekly) to check progress
              Allow Fellow to suggest project areas they can best contribute to/lead
              Provide guidance on how to handle difficult situations
              Provide insight into a clinician's day-to-day role in senior management
              Highlight the required skills required to be effective in that role
              Help Fellows in thinking about their development needs in order to make the transition to senior
               management roles
              Offer knowledge, reflection, insight, understanding and advice
              Provide the appropriate mix of a freedom and direction.
              Intervene on Fellow’s behalf as needed
Mediate       Help resolve issues/disputes between Fellow and those affected by change
              Provide supportive authority for the Fellow in difficult situations.
              Act as a mentor and role model
              Be available to listen and support
              Encourage Fellow to shadow MD closely during the initial three months
              Encourage Fellow to “own” project e.g. chair meetings, write agenda
              Solicit help from trust members to support projects
              Facilitate introductions and promote networking
              Suggest meetings that Fellow should attend
              Be honest; congratulate but also highlight weaknesses for attention
              Provide or locate resources for the project.
              Provide essential work resources such as desk and computer
Provide       Obtain commitment from trust to provide support and resource needs
              Protect Fellow from getting pulled into unnecessary additional projects
              Ensure Fellows’ release to attend educational components
              Attend occasional joint Deanery meetings to support Fellow’s learning

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