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Chief Executive Officer
Arthritis Foundation, Northeast Region
Reports To:
Northeast Region Board of Directors
The Arthritis Foundation is the only national not-for-profit organization that supports the more than 100
types of arthritis and related conditions. Founded in 1948, with headquarters in Atlanta, the Arthritis
Foundation has multiple service points located throughout the country. The Arthritis Foundation is the
largest private, not-for-profit contributor to arthritis research in the world, funding more than $380
million in research grants since 1948. The foundation helps people take control of arthritis by
providing public health education; pursuing public policy and legislation; and conducting evidence-
based programs to improve the quality of life for those living with arthritis.
Primary Functions:
The Arthritis Foundation Regional Chief Executive Officer is accountable to the Northeast Arthritis
Foundation Board of Directors for planning and directing mission delivery and income development
within the 3 state Northeast Region of the National Arthritis Foundation. The Regional CEO provides
leadership and direction to local units within the region and ensures compliance with the National
Arthritis Foundation organizational policies, programs and standards within the conditions set forth in
the Northeast Regional Charter. The CEO serves as a member of the National Arthritis Foundation’s
President’s Cabinet to strengthen delivery of the national AF mission, ensure support for regional
operations and integration of nationwide Arthritis Foundation activities.
Primary Responsibilities:
Vision, Mission, Strategies
Working with the Board, the CEO develops a shared vision for the future of the organization, building
understanding around the National Arthritis Foundation and Regional Arthritis Foundation mission.
    Ensures the development of appropriate goals and strategies to advance the mission.
     Develops a process for strategic planning to include annual and long range mission related
      strategic goals and objectives.
     Effectively evaluates progress toward goal achievement providing appropriate guidance for
      changes in process and strategies.
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Chief Executive Officer/Board Partnership, External Liaison and Public Image
Within the Foundation
Reports to and works in partnership with the Regional Board of Directors. Establishes systems for
dialogue and communication between the board and staff regarding all Arthritis Foundation Regional
and appropriate National issues. Maintains close working relationship with key volunteers, members
of various committees, staff and volunteers at the Regional, Local, and National levels to direct the
work of the region. Fosters open communication with volunteers, identify prospects for future
leadership roles, and promote nationwide and regional initiatives. At the National level, serves on the
President’s Cabinet to ensure support for regional operations and integration of nationwide AF
Outside the Foundation
The CEO and Board Members are key players in establishing and maintaining positive relationships
with the many groups that support the work of the region. The CEO cultivates and maintains
relationships with community, business leaders, local and state government officials, corporate and
media contacts, and potential leadership volunteers, relevant professional organizations, potential
funders and other key contacts in order to promote the mission of the Arthritis Foundation within the

Fiscal Management, Fund Raising and Resource Development
Maintains a clear understanding of the current and future financial resources needed to realize the
organization’s mission. Is knowledgeable regarding financial planning, budgeting, management of the
organization’s investments and endowment, and understands the place of each in the organization’s
overall financial picture. Responsibilities include:
    Ensures that a clear and accurate accounting system is maintained, linking strategic and
     operational planning with the organization’s budget. Assists the Board to monitor the
     organization’s finances and operations in relationship to the approved budget.

    Is innovative in the creation of partnerships with individuals, corporate partners or other
     institutions with the potential to contribute to the organization’s resources.

    Guides revenue-generating activities in order to provide adequate income to the organization

Program Management Responsibility and Authority
The CEO leads the staff in managing and administering all Arthritis Foundation Regional programs
and services and ensures the establishment of effective and efficient technical, operational, and
ethical standards. The CEO demonstrates substantive knowledge regarding the organization’s
programs and services and works with the Board to develop appropriate policies to ensure the
efficiency and effectiveness of program.
Working with the Board, the CEO establishes operational objectives that support the strategic plan
and the work of all related organizational units. Specific functions include:
    Provides leadership for the recruitment and retention of a qualified staff team, at the regional
     and local levels. Cultivates a positive work environment and a team of qualified, trained,
     outcome-oriented staff.
    Provides leadership and direction to the region and local units. Through effective oversight
     develops an annual work and budget plan and ensures effective and efficient management
     and delivery of programs.
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    Ensures that there are appropriate staff and operational systems in place to facilitate the day-
     to-day operations within the chartered region to include :
      development and delivery of programs, education and outreach including AF advocacy and
        public health programs
          policy development to ensure operational efficiency within the region
        marketing and promotional activities
        volunteer resources development
        use of appropriate technologies to enhance operational efficiency and program delivery
    Provides for the creation and implementation of organizational and staff management polices
     to ensure legal and regulatory compliance and consistency with national AF standards,
     policies and procedures.

    Through ongoing program evaluation, communicates to the board to recommend new
     programs and the modification or discontinuance of current programs, as appropriate.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

 Ten years of progressively responsible experience in strategic planning and management
 Direct experience in or regular exposure to a non-profit, volunteer-intensive organization
 Proven track record of successful fundraising. Consistent positive trend in performance results for
  self and for organization (e.g., individual performance objectives and results, organizational goals
  and accomplishments)
 Ability to develop collaborative and strategic partnerships
 Demonstrated ability in designing systems for holding organization accountable for achieving
 Operational budget responsibility
 Demonstrated leadership in guiding programmatic results in an area
 Development of corporate strategies and business practices
 Comprehensive understanding of and the ability to articulate the Region’s educational programs,
  services and fund-raising activities
 Successful internal and external collaborations and partnerships


 Bachelor’s degree in business, public health, public administration, or related field or equivalent
  combination of education and experience

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