YEAR SIX HOMEWORK TERM week 1 2 25pbv30 by HqH5dN


									                                            YEAR SIX HOMEWORK TERM 3 - Weeks : 1&2                                  Name:_____________
** Reading                                         **Research Task                                      **Mathletics
20 minutes every day.                              Complete the set I.R.P tasks. Remember to            Complete all the compulsory tasks
At present I am reading: _______________           refer to the I.R.P sheet provided. You can           set by your class teacher. Live
                                                   work at your own pace but it is expected             Mathletics is always available for
                                                   that the set tasks will be completed as              you to complete daily.
                                                   shown on the I.R.P Homework Planner.
                                                   Signed:________________                              Signed:________________
 ** Science – Weather                              Religion                                             Organisation
Answer the following research questions:           You might like to write a special prayer for         Make sure all your folders and bookwork
Where is the hottest place in the world?           someone in need or a prayer thanks for the gifts     are always organised, up to date and
                                                   that God provides in your life.                      neatly presented.
What is the highest ever recorded
                                                   You can share this prayer with your family or with   *School Leaders can prepare for Friday’s
temperature? Where was it recorded?                your class during Prayer Circle time.                assembly and list it as a part of this
Where is the coldest place in the world?           Remember to think about our weekly theme.            homework task.
What is the lowest ever recorded                                                                        *Prepare for class Prayer Circle.
temperature? Where was it recorded?                                                                     *Speech therapy, OT, tutoring are also
Where is the driest place in the world?                                                                 recognised as part of this activity.
Where is the wettest place in the world?
Signed:________________                            Signed:________________
Reflecting on the learning week                    Watch the News                                       Physical Activity
Talk about or teach your parents or a sibling      Watch/Read a news article.                           This can include playing in the backyard,
something you learnt at school. This is the best   Summarise the article to 1 or 2 sentences.           training for an out of school sport, dancing
way to reflect on your own learning. Do this at    Think about the following questions:                 or dance practise, walking the dog, playing
least three times a week.                              Who was involved/What happened?                 on a trampoline, or riding a bike or
                                                       When & where did it happen?                     scooter.
                                                       Why did this happen?                            Signed:_________________
Signed:________________                            Signed:________________
NB:There are (4) Compulsory activities highlighted by**. You must also choose to complete at least 2 optional activities.

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