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					Voluntary Action Charnwood                                 Job details


                     JOB DETAILS – March 2012

Job Title               Café @ JSH (John Storer House) Coordinator

Responsible to          Chief Executive

Responsible for         Paid staff and volunteers in Kitchen, behind the
                        counter, and front of house, and occasional student

Salary                  Scale S5, scp22, £19,621

Status/hours            28 hours, including 10-2, 5 or 6 days,
                        Monday - Saturday

Accountability          Stock-keeping and ordering food and supplies for all
                        catering sales, budget over £30,000pa; ordering
                        routine servicing and repair of equipment, and liaising
                        with management re new equipment

Main Purpose of the post:

Food and refreshments are an important aspect of John Storer House.
The Café Coordinator has lead responsibility to deliver a high quality and
viable service, in accordance with Diversity and Equalities principles. In
2012 a new imaginative approach is sought – see draft plan attached

1     Menu planning, ordering food and supplies, food preparation and
      cooking, and compliance with Health, Safety and Hygiene regulations

2     Management of staff and volunteers to provide counter service and front
      of house for customer satisfaction

3     Cashing up and banking, Sales analysis using EPOS software, and
      other “Back office” liaison with management re budget, costing and

4     Make more and better use of volunteers across all services and assist to
      ensure that all staff contribute to a single team approach

Café @ JSH Coordinator, March 13th 2012                                  1
Voluntary Action Charnwood                                  Job details

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
1    Menu planning, ordering food and supplies, food preparation and
     cooking, and compliance with Health, Safety and Hygiene
1.1 Lead responsibility for the development of the Café @ JSH, as per
     attached outline, on a sound financial footing. Works closely with other
     staff in implementing policies and strategies, primarily to enable a
     welcoming atmosphere in JSH building, in accordance with equalities
     and diversity policy and principles

1.2   Plans menus for all meals and snacks, and orders all supplies, including
      food, confectionery and drinks; performs stock-control and manages
      issue and portion sizes

1.3   Manages all aspects of food production and preparation

1.4   Ensures compliance with food hygiene regulations and high standards of
      cleanliness at all times

2     Management of staff and volunteers to provide counter service and
      front of house for customer satisfaction
2.1   Supervises and supports staff and volunteers in kitchen, at counter, and
      in front, allocating duties and rotas

2.2   Builds strong customer relationships, ensuring satisfaction and
      sustained orders

3     Back office, liaison with management and accounts re budget,
      costing and pricing

3.1   Receives cash and payments, cashing up and closing down till as
      agreed, and handing cash to approved staff or banking

3.2   Uses EPOS software to monitor and analyse sales

3.3   Maintains records of supplies, including daily usage, checking deliveries,
      authorising invoices, staff time sheets and volunteer expenses, and
      other requirements as agreed

3.4   Liaises with Finance Office and senior management in respect of
      budget, costing, and pricing of items for sale, generating sales invoices
      internally and for external customers, balancing the need for profitability
      with the provision of nutritious food and good value

Café @ JSH Coordinator, March 13th 2012                                   2
Voluntary Action Charnwood                                Job details

3.5   Attends, advises and reports to the Catering sub-committee and other
      management meetings

4     Make more and better use of volunteers across all services and assist to
      ensure that all staff contribute to a single team approach

Associated responsibilities

Benefiting individuals – Customer-facing

    5 Work closely with other Voluntary Action Charnwood staff, under the
      guidance of the Chief Executive, to deliver effective and efficient
      solutions to meet the needs of individuals, groups and communities in
      Charnwood and Leicestershire

6     Raise awareness and promote the services of Voluntary Action
      Charnwood, to assist in creating and maintaining good external relations

7     Seek to raise standards and improve quality of services and activities
      provided, and lasting impact
          Quality outcomes for each individual
          Impact on communities

Organisational sustainability – independence from “grants”

8     Work with the Chief Executive to ensure streamlined services are
      provided and that efficiency savings are made through effective staffing

Performance management culture –
Monitoring, Reporting and Accountability

9     Ensure compliance with all contractual and other funders requirements,
      including outputs and outcomes and service quality standards

    10 Work with the CEO to provide management reports to, and gain advice
       and support from all Voluntary Action Charnwood Trustee Committees,
        Performance management against service targets
        Evaluating performance against quality standards
        Monitoring of income and expenditure, management accounts

Café @ JSH Coordinator, March 13th 2012                                 3
Voluntary Action Charnwood                                   Job details

           Uphold, and enable monitoring of equalities and diversity policies
            and practices, positively promoting equality of opportunity in service
            delivery and employment practices. e.g. for under-represented

     11 Comply with all rules on health and safety and ensure necessary
        monitoring and reporting forms are completed, daily attendance notified
        and displayed, and share in duty management responsibilities for

12                Contribute to achievement of wider strategic aims, including
       attending management and other meetings, and contributing to
       development and implementation of the Forward Plan

Flexible staff co-operation

13     It is necessary to work flexibly and to be prepared on occasion to
       contribute to other areas of work in the Organisation. Only a strong
       existing tradition of teamwork and commitment enables the staff to enjoy
       the satisfactions, as well as facing the challenges, of working in an open
       and complex organisation of this kind

     14 Deliver agreed policy and practice under Investing in Volunteers

15     As a line manager responsible for supervising paid staff and volunteers,
       perform regular supervision and annual performance appraisals, in line
       with VAC policies and procedures

16     Take responsibility for own learning and development, including through
       regular support, supervision and training, to ensure that the project
       workers’ skills and knowledge are kept up to date

Other reasonable duties, may be carried out by the post-holder, from time to
time, as requested by Chief Executive and trustees

Café @ JSH Coordinator, March 13th 2012                                    4
Voluntary Action Charnwood                                Job details

          Café @ JSH Coordinator – Person Specification

Description                  Requirements     How measured
                             E = Essential    A= Application
                             D = Desirable    I = Interview T=Test

Description                                              E or   How
Knowledge and Skills
Must have at least 3-years’ catering management           E       AI
experience, ideally including costings, ordering
supplies, and record keeping
Catering qualification, e.g. C+G 706 1/2                  E       AI
Must have management and supervision skills,
probably gained by at least 2 years experience in         E       AI
customer service, to proficiently and accurately, to
necessary level of detail
    Operate range of catering equipment
    Produce management information reports
Must have Information and Communications
Technology (ICT) skills, probably gained by at least 2    E       AI
years experience, to be able to process information to
produce statistics and reports at high levels of
accuracy and attention to detail
Ability to deal with a range of people, in local
communities and across levels of various public           D       AI
services, probably gained through 2 years experience
in a customer service environment
Able to work in dynamic and changing communities,
with the ability to meet diverse needs of volunteers,     E       AI
whether young or old, whatever their levels of ability
and irrespective of their health and well-being
Management and Supervision
Able to supervise, line manage and support small          E       AI
teams of volunteers
Able to supervise, line manage services, including        E       AI
food preparation and cooking, counter service, and
front of house

Café @ JSH Coordinator, March 13th 2012                                 5
Voluntary Action Charnwood                                  Job details

People and Contacts
Able to explain nutrition, and menus for different diets,   E      AIT
medical and cultural – verbal and written
communication skills
Understand range of public services, voluntary and          D        A
statutory, affecting daily quality of life issues across
communities in Charnwood
Able to work reliably and responsibly as a team with        E        A
internal and external colleagues, demonstrating cross-
boundary working, and working with others to achieve
organisational goals
Accountability and Resources
Will be able to assert direct control over resources        E       AI
Job Impact
Determination to seek to improve quality of
performance, assisting staff to achieve Quality             E        A
standards and maintain accreditation
Caring attitude to all people using JSH, and                E        I
competence to deal with all situations
Creativity and Innovation
Will be able to provide consistent Information and          E        A
statistics to support management
Able to plan, organise, manage and monitor activities       E        A
in a logical and consistent manner, using appropriate
information systems and tools e.g. charts
Independence and Judgement
Able to work with minimum supervision using                 E       AI
initiative, thinking on your feet, and responding to
urgent situations and emergencies
Able to identify problems, analyse the relevant factors     D        A
and through the use of appropriate information,
suggest effective solutions
Able to accept responsibility for own initiatives,
demonstrating flexibility and pride in delivering work of   E       AI
the highest quality, working to deadlines and under

Café @ JSH Coordinator, March 13th 2012                                   6
Voluntary Action Charnwood                                  Job details

Other attributes
Relevant qualification – Food hygiene, Nutrition, lifting   E        A
and manual handling, Management
Voluntary work                                              D        A
Supervising volunteers                                      D        A

Other requirements

All staff employed by Voluntary Action Charnwood will:-

    Recognise the Duty of Care to all service users and the public

    Agree with the organisation’s values and ensure they are complied with
     at all times

    Demonstrate understanding and belief in Voluntary and Community
     Sector values

    Implement best practice in relation to Equalities and Diversity, so that all
     people and communities in Charnwood are included in our services and
     treated justly

The person appointed to this post will also:-

    Have Enhanced level clearance from CRB – E

    Have a driving licence and access to a vehicle – D

    Be available for occasional evening meetings and weekend events – D

Neil Lambert, Chief Executive

March 1st 2012

Café @ JSH Coordinator, March 13th 2012                                   7
Voluntary Action Charnwood                                  Job details

            Catering Service Outline – John Storer House
Principal aims:-

   1     to provide a quality service, which provides good value, highly
         nutritious food, both along traditional lines, and to meet current tastes
         and diets

   2     to meet the dietary requirements of interest groups, such as Black
         and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups, vegetarians, and any other groups
         prioritised from time to time

   3     to ensure that sales income covers all costs by providing imaginative
         menus and products alongside traditional. Current turnover £100,000

Café @ JSH currently consists of:-

   1     Breakfasts and Main daily lunches in Café @ JSH

   2     Main daily lunches for lunch clubs in John Storer House and

   3     Event catering – e.g. “trolleys” in John Storer House

   4     Refreshments – currently open Monday to Friday 9 - 330, and
         Saturdays 9 - 1200 noon

Note: A review of the current service and menus is required.
The new Café @ JSH Coordinator may want to make significant
changes in future. For example, promoting more use of
Fairtrade products, and using organic and local farmers
produce could bring in much needed new custom. We would
also be interested in supplying Healthy Eating options to enable
active lifestyles.

Neil Lambert
Chief Executive

Café @ JSH Coordinator, March 13th 2012                                   8

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