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					                   Central Care Community Health Center**Job Descriptions

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                      Building Service Technician
Job Title
Building Service Technician
Job Level
Job Description
Significant Duties and Functions
Perform cleaning, decontamination, maintenance and other related tasks to provide a
safe and therapeutic environment of care. Cleans and maintains the center to an inspection
status daily.

Performs all duties related to cleaning, decontamination and maintenance of the physical
environment to provide staff and patient a safe and secure environment of care. Cleans and
maintains assigned building(s) to an inspection ready status daily. Performs normal janitorial
duties, which consist of but are not limited to:

 Sweeps and mops floors, performs low and high dusting, wash walls, decontaminates
  exam rooms, cleans restrooms, replenishes soap and toilet paper as needed.
 Monitor the environment of care for unsafe or hazardous conditions and implement
  corrective action as needed.
 Cleans up spills including hazardous chemical spills
 Replaces light bulbs and fixtures when needed.
 Documents cleaning/decontamination on a daily basis.
 Checks all fire extinguishes and other fire safety equipment per regulatory standards.
 Cleans and decontaminate refrigerators as needed.
 Ensures that the MSDS sheets are given to the compliance officer
 Retains records according to “Records Retention” policy
 Prepares Conference Room for meetings (arrange media/equipment)
 Empties trashcans and transports biohazard waste to designated disposal area.
 Replaces paper products in dispensers as required.
 Sweeps and mops offices, patient waiting areas and hallways daily.
 Clean rugs/carpets, using vacuum cleaner
 Strips and re-waxes floors as needed.
 Properly secures areas when daily work has been completed.
 Maintains a stock of needed supply items and accounts for all equipment/supplies
 Keeps supply rooms and building service office clean and well organized.
 Performs inventory control in the records store room (located in the front lobby
  women’s restroom) and move old records to storage according to the Record Retention
 Request repair services for equipment
 Performs minor repairs, painting, plumbing and other minor maintenance activities.
 Assists in Centers’ safety and surveillance audits as the needed
 Runs errands, such as pick up/delivery of supplies and/or equipment
 Keeps janitorial office, storage areas and carts well-stocked, clean and tidy.
 Notifies management concerning need for major repairs.

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                  Central Care Community Health Center**Job Descriptions

 Performs other duties as assigned inclusive of travel from one CCCHC site to another to
  perform duties/tasks when requested by COO, CEO, Medical Director or supervisor

Working Conditions and Work Requirement
Job Requirements                                   Working Conditions
Pleasant comfortable environment, some direct      Must be able to:
patient interactions/contact, usually work a 40-  Handle some work related stress
hour week, some overtime may be required.           Stand for prolonged periods of time and
May be required to travel from one CCCHCC site        withstand a moderate amount of walking.
to another to perform duties/tasks and/or           Bend, stoop and lift and/or push up to 50
distribute documents, as deemed necessary.            pounds.
 Must be able work at both CCCHC locations, if  Must be able work at both CCCHC locations,
    needed.                                           if needed.
 Must present proof of highest academic level      Must be willing/agreeable to work
    of education                                      weekends, if needed.
 Must have Two forms of identification to meet
    the Employment Eligibility Verification, i.e.,
    drivers license, social security card, etc.
 Must be willing/agreeable to work week-ends
    if needed.
High school or GED
Workforce Preparation
M-W 2p-6p T-TH- 3p-8:30p; Some Saturdays Available
Work Experience

$ 9.50- $10.50
Employment Outlook
21-35% over the next 10 years, representing faster than average growth

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