Invitation to Tender - Ref: ATCM Contracts Management

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					Invitation to Tender - Ref: ATCM Contracts Management

February 2012

This document constitutes an invitation to prepare and submit an offer to the Association of Town
Centre Management (ATCM) to undertake work as detailed below.

The Association of Town Centre Management holds a number of externally funded contracts to
deliver a range of project outcomes. The funding is commonly, but not solely, provided from
European sources.

The ATCM now wishes to contract with a suitable individual to provide services as Contracts
Manager for such current or future activity.

Work Specification

To prepare and submit funding applications

To formulate project financial plans

To develop documentation to meet the monitoring and audit needs of contracts

To prepare management accounts for projects

To monitor financial and deliverable project progress

To manage project finances and ensure contract compliance

To prepare and submit returns to funding bodies

To prepare reports for ATCM senior management

To work with ATCM’s Book Keeper/Accountant to ensure timely submission and payment of invoices

To report to ATCM’s CEO or other senior manager specified

Person Specification


A proven record of the successful acquisition and management of externally funded projects
covering a wide range of business activity

A minimum of ten years experience of project/contract managing European and UK funded projects

A thorough knowledge of the European funding regime

Experience of working with funding bodies and a comprehensive understanding of their scoring

A background in education and training
Excellent IT and communication skills

A commitment to upholding ATCM policy for Equal Opportunities

A commitment to complying with data protection requirements

A willingness to work flexibly, providing a level of service that may vary considerably from week to

Contract Specification

To provide some or all of the activities in the Work Specification

To work at ATCM offices, attend meetings at other venues and work from home, as agreed with
ATCM senior management

To provide the an input that meets the varying demands

To provide timesheets for hours worked on a monthly basis

To invoice on a monthly basis for the hours worked, the cost based upon an agreed hourly rate

Remuneration being for hours worked, excluding travelling time and cost (except when attendance
is required at a venue other than ATCM offices)

The contractual agreement will be reviewed after three months and then annually

Deliverable Expectation

Because of the uncertain nature of the volume of externally funded contracts acquired, and the
fluctuating demands of the resulting projects, the proposed contract must be flexible in terms of
hours provided and subsequent remunerated.

Necessary hours per week will vary, but it is likely that they will be between zero and twenty five.

Please provide the following in your offer

Responses to each element of the Person Specification

A required hourly rate (exclusive of VAT)

Evaluation Criteria

Consistency of proposal with the elements of the Person Specification (75%)

Hourly rate (20%)

Strength of interpretation of brief (5%)

Other Information
Submissions must be received, by email with attachments, quoting the reference at the top of this
invitation to tender,
        By: 5pm on 17th February 2012.
        To: Martin Blackwell - Email:
ATCM reserves the right not to follow up this invitation to tender in any way and in particular not to
enter into any contractual arrangement.
ATCM will not be responsible for any costs incurred in the preparation of any tender

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