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									Floyds Fork Greenway

  Presentation of Greenway Concept & Trail Alternatives:
                                      Public Meeting #2
                                                  June 13, 2007
Floyds Fork Greenway

Floyds Fork Greenway the Edge of the 21st Century
Floyds Fork Greenway

   Who Is Creating the Greenway?

                            21st Century
        Future Fund, Inc.    Parks, Inc.   Louisville Metro

                             Floyds Fork
Floyds Fork Greenway

   Who Is Creating the Greenway?

                                        21st Century
        Future Fund, Inc.                Parks, Inc.       Louisville Metro

           Kentucky                                           Trust for Public Land
        Transportation                   Floyds Fork
            Cabinet                       Greenway

                                                                Metropolitan Sewer
       Federal Highway                                               District

                     Key Stakeholders        Public    Jefferson County
                                             Input      Public Schools
Floyds Fork Greenway

WRT Team

Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC
    Park and Open Space Planning, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban Design

John Milner Associates, Inc.
    Cultural Resources, Regulatory Compliance

Biohabitats, Inc. / Eco-Tech, Inc.
    Natural Resources

HNTB Corporation
   Regulatory Compliance, Structural Engineering

Burgess and Niple Engineering
    Civil Engineering
Floyds Fork Greenway

• Introduction
• Inventory and Analysis Conclusions
• Recreation Needs Analysis and Feedback
• Action Program
• The Greenway Concept
• Metro Loop Trail Alternatives
• Public Feedback
Floyds Fork Greenway

Communication Goals for Tonight’s Meeting

Tonight’s presentation will explain:

    – What we mean by a “greenway”
    – Where the parks and open spaces are, and who owns them
    – What is the “big idea” that underlies the greenway concept plan
    – Where the Metro Loop trail will be, and what alignment alternatives
    – What activities might occur in the park
Floyds Fork Greenway

Key Points

1. Water: Floyds Fork is the most important feature of the Greenway.
2. Green Infrastructure: The Greenway is a 21st Century Community Life
   Support System, as critical to successful, sustainable community
   development as roads, sewers, utilities and schools.
3. Diverse Goals: The Greenway will give visitors opportunities to
   experience many different recreational activities woven into a variety of
   natural, cultural and agricultural resources.
4. Varied Character: The Greenway will change subtly in character from
   north to south, from culturally-based and active recreation to naturally-
   based and more passive recreation.
5. Firm Foundation: Greenway Plan is derived from public input and the
   opportunities and constraints of existing natural and cultural resources.
   Floyds Fork Greenway

   The Planning Process
    Phase 1:                         Phase 2:                      Phase 3:                    Phase 4:                      Phase 5:
Project Initiation             Inventory & Analysis          Conceptual Alternatives        Master Plan Dev.             Draft & Final Plan

           NEPA / CE Process

                                                                                                     Schematic Design Process

                                  Land                            Land
                                Ownership                           4                            Park
                                 Analysis                                                     Components
                           Park and Open                       Activity and                   Park System
                            Space Needs                          Facility                    Recommenda-
                              Analysis                        Programming                        tions                  Draft       Final
                                                Inventory                       Alternat-
         Data                                                                     ives                                 Master      Master
    Collection and                                 and                                                                  Plan        Plan
       Review                                    Analysis                                                            Documents   Documents
                                Natural         Summary           Water          Select
                               Resources                                        Preferred    Implementation
                                Analysis                                                        Program
        Tour of
     Floyd’s Fork
         Basin                 Cultural and
                                  Scenic                       Interpretive                     Design
                                Resources                      Framework                       Guidelines
                                 Analysis                       Concepts

                                                 Public                          Public                                Public      Public
                                                 Forum                           Forum                                 Forum       Forum

    OCTOBER ‘06                               FEBRUARY ‘07                      JUNE ‘07                                FALL       WINTER
Floyds Fork Greenway

For Future Public Review

This presentation is focused on understanding the greenway and the trail

In the fall there will be opportunity for public review of:

• Potential locations for recreation uses and facilities
• Potential locations for environmental education and interpretation of
  historic sites
• The park road system
Floyds Fork Greenway

What is a Greenway?

• A linear open space frequently located along a watercourse
• A mix of park, recreation, conservation, and transportation features
• A range of public, non-profit, and cooperative ownership types
• A wide range of activities and land management approaches
• A community amenity and frontage for adjacent development
Floyds Fork Greenway

   Summary of Inventory and Analysis

                                       Aerial oblique photography by Michael Mason Frank
Floyds Fork Greenway

Supports Mayor’s Healthy
Hometown Movement
Floyds Fork Greenway

Project Area

• Greenway project extends from Shelbyville
  Road to Bardstown Road and includes over
  2500 acres of publicly-accessible, protected
  land owned by Louisville Metro Parks, 21st
  Century Parks and Future Fund, Inc.
Floyds Fork Greenway

The Shape of the Land
The greenway is strongly shaped by the bottomlands, valley walls and plateau.

                           Valley                             Valley
       Plateau                          Valley Bottom                      Rolling Uplands
                           Walls                              Walls
Floyds Fork Greenway

Inventory and Analysis Topics
The plan is based on a broad and evolving understanding of the planning context and the
natural and cultural resources of the project area.

Prehistoric Cultural Resources        Natural Systems                   Contemporary Planning Context
Archaeology                           • Geology                         • Land Cover
                                      • Groundwater Hydrology           • Community Form
Historic Cultural Resources           • Surficial Hydrology             • Viewshed Analysis
• Historic Architecture               • Soils                           • Design Review Overlay District
• Cultural Landscape                      – Depth to Bedrock              Regulations
• Thematic Resources                      – Hydric Soils                • Regulatory Framework
    – Transportation                      – Prime Agricultural Farmland • Transportation Projects
    – Residential                     • Vegetation                      • Utilities
    – Religious / Military / Ethnic   • Land Cover                      • Special Places and Recreational
    – Agricultural                    • Rare, Threatened and
                                        Endangered Species
                                      • Habitat Sensitivity / Potential
Floyds Fork Greenway

Analysis Summary

• The northern greenway is more developed,
  accessible, and fragmented than the southern

As a result of this:
• There are more opportunities for easily accessible
  active community facilities in the north.
• There are more opportunities for conservation-based
  activities in the south.

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