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									The Iowa Medicaid
 Building of an Enterprise
     Lessons Learned
       Mary Tavegia
        IME – The Early Years
► Began   with procurement of support services

► Development    of a scope of work
   Joint Application Design (JAD) Sessions
   Analysis of MMIS Production System

► Administration   Changes
       Critical Decision Points
► Structure
   One RFP, multiple components
   “Best of Breed” Contractors

► System
   MMIS basically met needs; move to State
   Develop new Data Warehouse on State platform
  Critical Decision Points (cont’d)

► Facility   and Tools
    Co-locate State and Contractor staffs in same facility
    Common set of tools
      ► Workflow Process Management System
      ► Same data sources used by all Contractors
          MMIS
          Data Warehouse
          OnBase
 Critical Decision Points (cont’d)
► Performance    Based Contracts
   Accountable Government Act
   Common Contracts
   “Report Card”
    ►Major performance outlined for all Contractors in
     each Contract
    ►Enterprise performance the goal
   Renewal of Contracts
             Base Year Contracts
    ►Renewal on a staggered schedule
                 IME Success
► Increased  State Control and Accountability
► Moved MMIS System to State Platform Early
► Built State infrastructure to support IME
    Common facility
    New hardware to support MMIS and Data Warehouse
    State owned equipment for Contractors
► Staggered    renewal of Contracts
► Flexibility of Model
► Improved  definition of overlapping tasks
  within Scope of Work
   Business Office function
► Earlier   involvement of State staff in process
   Unit Managers
   Policy Staff
► Limitrequired staffing of Contractors to
  Account Managers
             Why this Choice?
► MultipleContractor Model with State
 infrastructure provides:
   Flexibility
   Accountability
   More participation by niche Contractors
   State involved in more day to day management
    of activities and decisions
   Business centric focus

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