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									                              McConnell Approach
Course Outlines
The McConnell approach is considered by many therapists to be one of the most effective ways of
managing pain. This 6 days course is designed to provide the clinician an opportunity to learn and
practice examination and rehabilitation skills in a hands on environment. The course will cover
Lumabr , Foot, Patellofemoral and Shoulder dysfuctions.

The McConnell Approach to Chronic Lumbar, Leg and Foot Pain
We try to develop and understanding of lower limb mechanics and the effect these mechanics have
on foot, patellofemoral, hip and low back pain management.
After an appropriate assessment of foot, knee hip and lumbar spine we are focusing on treatment
with a multiple approach:
- Mobilization of the foot, hip, SIJ, and lumbar spine joints
- taping foot, hip, SIJ and Lumbar Spine
- Functional training with help of EMG unit device

The McConnell Approach to Patello Femoral Syndrome in Athletes
Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is the second most common musculoskeletal complaint
presented to clinicians; the first being back pain. It affects one in four in the population.
It is often a challenge for the physiotherapists, because of its complex aetiology. People who suffer
from PFPS demonstrate a failure of the balance of the soft tissue structures, mostly due to inherent
biomechanical faults. The soft tissue balance is particularly critical because of the position of the
patella which should be parallel to the femur in the sagital and in the frontal plane. This is achieved
with a correct timing of the vastus medialis oblique (VMO) and the vastus lateralis (VL)
contraction, and a good flexibility of the passive structures. Other factors which may contribute to
poor patellofemoral mechanics, therefore PFPS, include an increased Q angle, faulty foot
mechanics and poor timing of the gluteus medius.

The McConnell Approach to the Shoulder Problem

Learn how the static and dynamic posture of the upper extremity may contribute to the patient’s
signs and symptoms in the shoulder. This program will examine the influence of thoracic spine
stiffness, muscle tightness, lumbar spine flexibility, and muscle control problems on shoulder girdle
movement. Appropriate intervention strategies will be discussed and differential diagnosis of
shoulder pain will be addressed. This two days program consists of comprehensive lecture and lab
emphasizing various taping and training technique with EMG units as well as mobilizing

Alfio Albasini
Adv Manip Therap MMPAA
International Teacher- McConnell Institute
Chairman Scientific Committee Congresso Roma Piazzale
For more details, please see attaced CV

Course coordinator:
Mr. Hussain Nasser, MSc PT BPTA
Mrs. Ebtisam AlSamak, MSc PT BPTA

Dates: 7th & 12th November 2005

Time: 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM

Venue: Elite Hotel- Al-Juffair- Kingdom oF Bahrain


   BPTA member BD 320
   Non-Member BD 400
Registration: for registration or more information contact Hussain Nasser on or Mrs. Ebtisam AlSamak on

Methods of payment:

   Cash to the course coordinators or Mr. Saeed AlHulaibi.
   Posted cheques payable to BPTA.
   Bank transfer; Account No.0089093607 National Bank of Bahrain.
Max. Number of Participants: 26

Registration deadline: 15/09/2005

For more information about the McConnell Approach please visit this McConnell Institute Web
N.B. The course schedule and Instructor CV are attached


1. DAY

0845     registration
0900     relevant anatomy and biomechanics of lower limb
0930     biomechanics of normal feet
1045     biomechanics of abnormal feet
1130     examination of lower limb, lab
1230     lunch
1330     examination and assessment lab continuation
1445     treatment foot, lab
1545     foot taping
1645     patient to demonstrate
1800     end of the day

2. DAY

0830     relevant anatomy and biomechanics of the lumbar spine and hip
0915     examination and assessment of the hip
0945     examination and assessment of the lumbar spine
1015     muscular tests of the hip / lumbar spine
1045     treatment of the hip and lumbar spine, taping & mobilization
1215     patient follow up
1230     Lunch
1330     Examination and treatment of the SIJ
1415     Taping Sciatic Nerve, stabilization of an unstable segment
1545     Treatment of patients by the participants
1700     Clinical Reasoning and presentation of the cases

1730     THE END


1. DAY

0830     registration
         introduction shoulder mechanics and postural considerations
1015     break
1030     practical evaluation and assessment
         evaluate thoracic spine stiffness
1230     lunch
1330     practical evaluation part I
1445     break
1500     practical evaluation part II
1600     correction of abnormal posture, tape
         thoracic spine mobilization
1630     patient demonstration
1745     end of the day

2. DAY

0830     taping cont.
0930     Treatment Plan
1030     break
1045     superficial EMG and muscolar training workshop
1145     patient follow up
1230     lunch
1330     taping repetition, shoulder instability
1400     patient’s assessment from participants
1530     discussion
1600     THE END


1. DAY

0830     start, patellofemoral pain syndrome
0930     biomecanic of the patello femoral joint
1015     break
1030     static and dynamic assessment
1115     orientation of the patella workshop
1215     lunch
1315     treatment plan
1330     taping workshop
1440     break
1445     taping
         special tape workshop
1615     patient demonstration
1745     end of the day

2. DAY

0830     tendinosis patella, Hoffa fatpad taping
0930     motor control
1015     break
1030     superficial EMG and muscolar training workshop
1145     patient follow up
1230     lunch
1330     taping repetition
1430     treatment theory, critical review of the literature
1500     treatment from participants
1630     conclusion
1645     THE END

                          INSTRUCTOR’S CURRICULUM VITAE

20.08.1968                       born in Bellinzona Pietro e Delfina Albasini’s son

1974-1979                        primary school in Bellinzona (Switzerland)

1979-1983                        gymansium in Bellinzona

1983-1987                        high school in Bellinzona, maturity typus E

1988-1991                        School of Physiotherapy in Basel (Kantonsspital Basel)

1987-1994                        1st Lieutenant of Sanitari Troups

1991-1994                        Employee as physiotherapist in a private clinic
                                 of phyisiotherapy, Visana in Basel
                                 (c/o Schmid Caius, Roger Federe’s phyiostherapist)

1995                             two semesters by “Curtin University of
                                 Technology” in Perth Australia for a
                                 “Postgraduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy”

since 1996                       Private practicioner in Bellinzona

since 1996                       Assistant of the Maitland method, by the center of postgraduate
                                 courses in Zurzach Switzerland

since 1996                       Teacher of Manual Therapy at the Schoolof Physiotherapy
                                 in Lugano (TI)

since 1997                        Instructor of the McConnell method in Europe
                                  especially Switzerland, Italy, Belgium,Portugal and RSA
       Jenny McConnell’ assistant in different courses, in different

    countries of Europe

since 1999                       Instructor at the Swiss Association of Soccer (SFV)
                                 as export of sport medicine

since 2001                       Diploma in heart rehabilitation

   Languages         Italian mother tongue

   German      very good knowledge

   French      very good knowledge

   English   very good knowledge

   Spanish/Portuguese some knowledge

Postgraduate courses:

1992                          SAMT level 13/14         J.C. Steens
                              Rehatrain                C. Schmid
                              McConnell                P.Michel

1993                          Maitland level 1         E.Hengenveld
1994                          Maitland “refresher 1”   P.Westerhuis

1995                          “Postgraduate in Manipulative Therapy”
                                                      B.Elvey, P.O’Sullivan, J. Taylor

1996                          Methodic and didactic    V.Hauser

1997                          McConnell “Advanced” D.McCune
                              Maitland level 3     P.Westerhuis, P.Well
                              “Advanded Neural
                              Tissue Mobilization” G.Robinson

1998                          Viszeral Ostheopaty     M.De Coster
                              “Clinical Muscle Balance”    S.Sahrmann
                              “Biomechanics of the
                              patellofemoral joint”   P.Grelsamer, J.R.Klein

1999                          Mulligan                 B.Mulligan

2000                          Cardial                  Prof. Saner
                              Rehabilitation           Inselspital Berna

2001                          Lumbar Stabilization     Paul Hodges

2002                          Patello femoral
                              Study Group Roma

2002                          ESSKA Congress Roma

2002                          RRMS, course             Prof. Fritschy
                              sport medicine

2003                          International Knee Congress Prof. W. Müller

2003, Aprile                        TMJ Pain & Dysfunction          H. von Piekartz

2003, Luglio                        Faszial- Pain & Dysfunction H. von Piekartz

2003, Novembre                      Cranial Nervs Mobilization       H. von Piekartz

2003, Novembre                      La Biomeccanica nella corsa, Giornata Medico-Sportiva
                                    Locarno Centro Medico Sportivo, Ospedale La Carità

2004, March                         IFOMT 2004, Cape Town (RSA)

2004, September                    SIJ from a Manual Therapy, Osteopathy and
                                   Pilates point of view         S. Rosenberg

2004, Ottobre                       Anatomy and Pathology Cervical & Lumbar Spine Prof Taylor
                                    Dubai (UEA)

2004, October                       Sport in Childhoot, Swiss Indoors Congress, Basel

2004, November                      Trigger Point I,                 C. Gröbli, M. Scantamburlo

2005, January                       Treatment of Sensitized Neural Tissue Upper Quarter,
                                                                    T. Hall, Kim Robinson

2005, May                            The Role of the Sacroiliac Joint in Low Back Pain and Sport
                                    Injuries, A Biomechanical Approach for Assessment and
                                           Treatment of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis
                                                                      S. Rosenberg

presentation at congress:

1997, October               Presentation of the Maitland metodo,Congresso regionale Ticino,
                            Bellinzona (CH)

1998, April                 Patello femoral treatment plan J. McConnell,
                            Congresso AITR Piemonte, Torino (Italia)

1999, November              Rehatrain, Rieducazione con “theraband”, Università dello Sport (ISEF)
                            Milano (Italia)

2000, 1-3 December          The McConnell concept shoulder and patello femoral treatment,
                            Congresso nacional de Fisioterapeutas, Porto (Portogallo)

2001,26-28 October          Trattamento del piede secondo J. McConnell, The 1st International
                            Congress-Show of Manual Therapy, Rehabilitation and Associated
                            Technologies , Pieve di Cento (Italia)

2001, October               Fitness per seniori, Simposio per anziani, Bellinzona (Svizzera)

2002, 8 March             Patello femoral syndrome, what to do ? Simposio Clinica Ortopedica
                          Samedan, Samedan (Svizzera)

2002, 8 October           Artrosis– Artritis ???, Simposio per anziani, Locarno (Svizzera)

            2002, 23-24 October      The vertebral colomn rivisited, McConnell,Approccio,
   valutazione e trattamento del paziente con algia vertebrale lombare:metodi a confronto
   Congresso, Milano (Italia)

           2002, 22-23 November Rehabilitation of lumbar spine and leg’s pain, Trattamento
   delle Lombalgie, Metodi a confronto, Milano (Italia)

          2002, 26 November          Biomechanical considerations, shoulder, Giornata
   Manno (Svizzera)

             2002, 16 December      Rehabilitation of sport injuries, Seminario per allenatori di
   calcio di lega nazionale A, Tenero ( Svizzera)

2003, 21-22 June           The relation between Upper Trapezius and Lower Trapezius in


                          problem, Congresso Nazionale Italiano, La Reabilitazione della Spalla,

                         Milano (Italia)

            2003, 9 Dicembre          Prevenzione di ferimenti acuti nello sport, Seminario per
   allenatori di calcio di lega nazionale A, Tenero ( Svizzera)

2003, 13 Dicembre        Il Concetto McConnell Trattamento Spalle Complesse, La Patologia di

                        Spalla dalla Lesione al Recupero della Performance, Legnano (Italia)

2004, March                 “Shoulder Treatment” Precongress Course at the IFOMT, Cape Town

                            (Republic of South Africa)

             2004, Aprile      Patello-Femoral, Postcongress Course, Johannesburg (South Africa)

           2004, Giugno Sindrome da Impingement e Trattamento con Bendaggio e Training
   Muscolare specifico, 35°Congresso Nazionale Ortopedici Traumatologi Ospedalieri d’Italia,
   Roma (Italia)

            2005, April    Anterior knee pain and its treatment, Arthroscopy and Riabilitation
   Knee and Shoulder, Induco Olona (Italy)

given courses :

since 1997        numerous courses every year in Italy , Belgium, Portugal,
                  Germany and Switzerland as instructor

from 2004          Sweden, United Emirates Arabic, Bahrain, South Africa, Greeek, Turkey and


1997              Trattamento secondo McConnell, Rivista di Terapia Manuale italiana

1998              Trattamento patello femorale secondo McConnell, Riabilitazione Oggi

1999              The McConnell approach, Rivista di Terapia Manuale portoghese, No.2 II

2001              Lavoro di curatela del libro “La patella, approccio d’èquipe”
                  edito da Masson, J.McConnell & R.Grelsamer

2002               Un sommario trattamento patello femorale secondo McConnell,
                  Fisio Ticino No. 1, III

2003              Dolori cronici della schiena e della gamba, trattamento secondo McConnell
                  Riabilitazione Oggi

2003   Dolori cronici della schiena e della gamba, trattamento secondo McConnell
       Fisio Ticino No.1, IV

2003   Dolori cronici della schiena e della gamba: una nuova teoria ed un approccio
       per il trattamento secondo McConnell, Riabilitazione Oggi, XX – n.4 Aprile

2004   Tenniss Elbow, Epicondilitis Lateralis, Medical Advise
       Swiss Tennis Magazine, No.10 October


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