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                                                                          Period: ______

The following documents should be saved in your Lesson 1 & 2 folders in
BIM/Publisher. Please use this checklist to make sure that all your completed work
has been saved in the correct folder with the correct filename. The documents that
have been saved incorrectly need to be moved to the correct folder and renamed
with the correct filename. Make a checkmark in the third column once the
document is complete . Each correct file saved in the correct folder is worth 10

                                                              File      Total
                  Document                      Page #       Saved       Points

Lesson 1 folder

   New Card                                       P9

   Review Questions                              P 20

   Yoga (Project 1-1)                            P 21

   Coupon (Project 1-2)                          P 22

   My Card (Activity 1-1)                        P 22

   Birthday Card (Activity 1-3)                  P 22

Lesson 2 folder

   Brochure                                      P 24

   Review Questions                              P 42

   Ballet Classes (Project 2-1)                  P 44

   Flyer (Project 2-2)                           P 45

        Turn in this sheet once your work is complete.

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