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									                                      Central Ohio Emmaus Community
                                     Volume 18 Number 5 September 2001

I have a framed copy of a Rembrant “Jesus Calms the Storm” painting. The scene depicts Jesus and the disciples
in the midst of the storm. He paints Peter reaching for Jesus to wake him up. John stands beside Peter ready to
pick Jesus up. And the other 10 disciples hold on so that they won’t fall overboard. There are suppose to be 13
people in the boat, but when you count the individuals there are 14. Who is the 14th person? You look closer,
and there is a man in the center of the painting with one hand holding on to a rope and the other hand on his
forehead gripped with fear. The 14th man is Rembrant himself. He painted himself in the boat with the
disciples. We are like the 12 disciples. When we decide to follow Jesus Christ we place ourselves in the same
boat with Him.

I believe when a pilgrim says, “I’m counting on Christ,” we place ourselves under the spiritual navigation of the
Holy Spirit. We humbly submit to God’s authority and power as we ride the crest of the wave with our eyes on
the cross of Christ.

Don’t throw yourself overboard and abandon Christ’s call. It is better to stay with Jesus, and ride out the
spiritual storm. And lest you forget, Jesus always has the last word, “Peace, be still!”

Pastor Kurt King
Co-Community Spiritual Director

                                            Mary had a little lamb,
                                         His fleece was white as snow.
                                        And everywhere that Mary went,
                                          The Lamb was sure to go.

                                       He followed her to school each day,
                                            T’wasn’t even in the rule.
                                       It made the children laugh and play,
                                            To have a Lamb at school.

                                     And then the rules all changed one day,
                                                Illegal it became;
                                      To bring the Lamb of God to school,
                                           Or even speak His Name.

                                         Every day got worse and worse,
                                           And days turned into years.
                                        Instead of hearing children laugh,
                                          We heard gunshots and tears.

                                       What must we do to stop the crime,
                                           That’s in our schools today?
                                     Let’s let the Lamb come back to school,
                                            And teach our kids to pray!

                               Please pray for our kids as they return to school.
First United Methodist Church                                                                NON-PROFIT
     Sixth & Court Streets                                                                  ORGANIZATION
    Marysville, Ohio 43040                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                           Marysville, OH 43040
                                                                                              Permit No. 49

                                               Address Service Requested

                           UPCOMING EMMAUS WALKS
                            Please keep these & other walks in your prayers


                                                             Central Ohio Men’s Walk #43
                                                             September 13th – 16th

                                                             Central Ohio Women’s Walk #69
                                                             November 15th – 18th

                                                             Greater Sidney Women’s Walk # 25
                                                             October 11th – 14th

                                                             Greater Sidney Men’s Walk # 21
                                                             November 8th – November 11th

                                                             Greater Findley Women’s Walk # 50
                                                             October 11th – 14th

                                                             Greater Findley Men’s Walk # 39
                                                             November 8th – 11th

                                                             Greater Cincinnati Women’s Walk #78
                                                             November 15th – 18th
                        CENTRAL OHIO MEN’S EMMAUS WALK #43
                                             September 13-16, 2001
            Spiritual Director              Rev. Larry Poling              Means Of Grace
            Assistant Spiritual Director    Rev. Kurt King                 Prevenient Grace
            Assistant Spiritual Director    Rev. Howard Schmitt            Justifying Grace
            Assistant Spiritual Director    Rev. Craig Jones               Obstacles Of Grace
            Assistant Spiritual Director    Rev. Richard Teller            Sanctifying Grace

            Lay Director                    Joe Hammond                    Perseverance
            Assistant Lay Director          Ron Burkitt
            Assistant Lay Director          Tom Hampton                    Priority
            Assistant Lay Director          Chuck Kauffman                 Discipleship

            Table Leaders                                                  Assistant Table Leaders
            Gary Baker                      Changing Our World             John Bails
            Clay Bauserman                  Fourth Days                    Larry Brown
            Ernie Daum                      Life in Piety                  Rick Clark
            Steve Birt                      Body of Christ                 Millard (Butch) Wampler
            Sonny McGill                    Christian Action               Drew Davis
            Phil Sherman                    Growth Thru Study              Jeff Ford
            Greg Johnson                    Priesthood of All Believers    Dustin Hill

                                          Music Director: Lance Kirkman
                             Logistics: Ernie Meadows, William Foreman, Dave Wantz

                                PILGRIMS LIST FOR MEN’S WALK #43
                                                 (As Of August 18, 2001)
Pilgrim             City              Sponsor                 Pilgrim            City            Sponsor
Larry Augsburger    West Liberty      Jeananne Augsburger     Mike Peak          Bellefontaine   John Sowers
Bill Ballis         London            Linda Snyder            Rob Richards       Gahanna         Mark Youngkin
Jeff Barton         Bellefontaine     Don Stevens             Jim Rigsby         Marysville      John Bails
Rick Billeaud       Lewis Center      Bob Ward                Derek Russell      Marion          Pearl Green
Roscelle Clark II   Bellefontaine     Don Stevens             Jim Sanford        Bellefontaine   John Stevens
Ron Eversole        Hilliard          Brian Eversole          Greg Shaffner      Urbana          Dave Smith
Dewey Fertig        Lancaster         Christy Flading         Tim Sorg           Plain City      Audie/Karolina Sorg
Jim Fischer         Ostrander         Julie Collins           Tom Stewart        Powell          Mary Lou Stewart
John Francis        North Lewisburg   Jeff Webb               Trevor Stires      Marysville      Larry Brown
Dick Graves         Cable             Donna Graves            Tom Switzer        Richwood        Bobbi Switzer
Walt Harder         Kenton            Janet Harder            Brain Terrill      Richwood        Jeff Webb
James Harrington    Marysville        Debbie Meadows          Roger Titus        Kenton          Clay Bauserman
Cory Harris         Springfield       Brandy Johnson          Jacob Vengal       Pickerington    Jean-Marc O’Connor
Fred Kaufman        Hilliard          Paul Burkitt            Eric Wiedlund      Delaware        Patrick/Melody Poplin
Phil Koppel         Gahanna           John Dunning            Jeff Wilson        Marysville      Mike/Bonnie Rodenburg
Floyd Locke         Urbana            Linda S. Locke          Bill Wren          Bellefontaine   Larry Brown
Bill Louden         North Lewisburg   Terry Rittenhouse       Jeff Ziegler       Ostrander       Melanie Piwtorak
Scott Miller        Marysville        Brent Kotsaris
Mike Newman         Richwood          Eric Wright
Matt Nuspl          Marysville        Wendy Nuspl

                                           TO THE FOLLOWING WOMEN WHO
                                            ATTENDED THE CENTRAL OHIO
                                                 WOMEN’S WALK #68
                                Anita Vance               Deb Doupnik                Juanita Smitley           Nancy Riley
                                Anna Godwin               Debbie Trimble             Kimber Brown              Nita Neel
                                Barbara Parish-Irwin      DeeAnn Payne               Loreen Stutzman           Rachel Reeder
                                Bette Brown               Elaine Burnside            Lynda Slyh                Sherry Wycoff
                                Bobbi Switzer             Erin Robinson              Marge Brielmaier          Sonie VanScoy
                                Brandy Johnson            Jan Ashbeck                Mary Troyer               Susan Lahman
                                Carol Davis               Jennie Roginski            Martha Maust              Victoria Kain
                                Christine Scarberry       Jennifer Davis             Melody Holley
                                Connie Neibarger          Jill Tincher               Michelle Comer

Help Needed for Kairos: Need someone with a heavy-duty pick-up truck with hitch to haul trailer to and from MCI and ORW. The
trailer is stored in Marysville. If you can assist please contact Kae Zorman @ 937-642-0366.

Special Event: Known author and speaker Dr. Maxie D. Dunnam will be speaking at the Marysville First UMC on September 23 rd at
the 8:20, 9:30 & 10:45 church services.

                                                               Think About It!
A little girl walked daily to and from school. Though the weather that morning was questionable and clouds were forming, she made her
daily trip to school. As the afternoon progressed, the winds whipped up, along with thunder and lightning. The mother of the little girl felt
concerned that her daughter would be frightened as she walked home from school, and she herself feared that the electrical storm might
harm her child. Following the roar of thunder, lightning, like at each flash sword would cut through the sky. Full of concern, the mother
quickly got in her car and drove along the route to her child’s school. As she did so, she saw her little girl walking along, but at each flash of
lightning, the child would stop, look up and smile. Another and another were to follow quickly, each with the little girl stopping, looking up
and smiling. Finally, the mother called over to her child and asked, “what are you doing?” The child answered, “smiling, God just keeps
taking pictures of me.”

         GATHERINGS                                       CANDLELIGHT                                        CLOSING
     Tuesday, September 11th                        Saturday, September 15th @ 8:30 pm               Sunday, September 16th @ 4:30 pm
       Tuesday, October 9th                              Let Your Light Shine                        Please bring a dish for the potluck
  All Gatherings Begin @ 7:30pm
   Please bring a snack to share
      Wear your nametag

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