Outline #2 - Speech to Inform by 8A85d2


									               (Sample Structural) Outline: Multicultural Speech to Educate

[Due: (See Class Calendar at end of syllabus)]
Name: Mary Anne Hickson
Topic (Level of Abstraction 3): Natchitoches Culture
Class Day/Time: MWF/9am-10am

Purpose Statement (Level of Abstraction 2): The purpose of my speech is to INFORM my college speech class about
the Christmas Lights Festival.

Justification: The Christmas Lights Festival is of value as a multicultural event and tradition. It is of value to
me because I grew up in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Tens of thousands of people from in and around the
South visit this event annually. Many are repeat attenders. Its most spectacular feature is a two mile long
stretch of multi-colored, neon lights arranged to depict various scenes of the nativity and other symbolic
representations of the Season. The lights adorn the East side of the Cane River Lake, a long stretch of
water that winds through the center of the city. The festival is unparalleled in creative scope and religious
significance in Central Louisiana.

Behavioral Objectives (Level of Abstraction 1): After listening to my speech, each person in my audience should be
able to state the beginnings, discuss the growth, and explain the significance in the Christmas Lights Festival.

Main Points: I. Origins of the Christmas Lights Festival
           a. Initial idea
           b. Grass roots effort
           c. Political mandate

             II. Growth of the Christmas Lights Festival
             a. Lights and other attractions
             b. Local, regional, and national media coverage

            III. Significance of the Christmas Lights Festival
            a. Natchitoches Economy
            b. North Louisiana Culture


1. Adler, P. (1993). Louisiana life and times. Trenton, New Jersey: Branham Press.

2. James, H.L. (1975). Natchitoches and its descendants. Natchitoches, LA: Northwestern State
   University Press.


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