Seat Belt Project

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					                                       Seat Belt Project

Directions—You are going to research a few different topics involving seat belts. After
concluding your research, you will put together a power point to present(not to the class) the


   1. History of the seatbelt(
          a. First U.S. Patent
          b. Inventor of Modern seat belt
          c. First car seats were invented when
                   i. What did they look like
                  ii. What state was the first to require child safety seats
          d. Who was the first car maker to put them in their car(foreign)
   2. Find on your own
          a. When did they first appear in the U.S.
          b. Who was first U.S. car company to offer seat belts.
          c. When did seat belts become mandatory parts of cars in U.S.
          d. First country that required seat belts.
   3. Types of seatbelts—Use the 4 from the website listed above
          a. How many different types of seatbelts are there(for car use)
          b. Have a picture for each
   4. Seatbelt statistics
          a. Find 10 different statistics that show the effectiveness of seat belts.
   5. Seatbelt laws
          a. Find the laws for PA as they relate to seatbelts
                   i. All users—not just your age group
                  ii. What are the fines/penalties involved
   6. Seatbelt issues
          a. Find 6 excuses for why people don’t wear seatbelts
                   i. Give a response to why each excuse is a bad one
          b. Can seatbelts cause injuries
                   i. Find out if this is true and if so, why/how a seatbelt can cause an injury.

Power Point

Power Point should include:

          1. Title page
2. At least 1 page for each of the topics
3. Appropriate pictures—be creative. The power points should also basically contain
   the same information so those that are the most creative will score best.

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