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This sample shows how descriptive the costumes are for each character. Use the imagines in your Trifles
research power point to help indicate what each character would wear. For Mrs. Peters refer to the
costume items you designed and constructed for her costume plot.

Aida Costume Plot


      Tan linen skirt with beaded belt, ivory cotton, pleated blouse

      Green and black print/striped dress

      Red and orange striped dress, peach and black patterned shawl

      Yellow, multi-colored striped dress

      Multi-colored, earth-tone patchwork robe with hand painting, attached head circlet

      Long black velvet starscape dress (quick rigged at center back)

      Burgundy/blue/grey striped sack dress (rigid shoulders for quick change)


      Red and turquoise pharaoh dress, copper and tan silk pharaoh cape, gold leather wrist cuffs,
gold/turquoise pharaoh headdress

      Aqua chiffon strapless slip dress, teal striped silk wrap dress

       Blue/teal/green silk taffeta dress and peacock feather chiffon skirt, blue/teal/green silk taffeta
ruffled cape with aqua eyelash outer layer (rigged with wooden dowels), gold leather peacock pharaoh
headdress, gold leather wrist cuffs

      Dark green satin slip dress, teal green two-toned dressing gown, pale green sheet wrap

      Aqua/tan snake print dress with attached cape

      Long, black, velvet starscape dress

      Ivory/teal beaded lace dress with attached chiffon capelet, Babylonian necklace

      Green camouflage hooded robe
       Ivory, pleated strapless chiffon wedding slip, ivory wedding dress, ivory headdress with attached

       Gold pharaoh dress, gold/tan eyelash cape, gold wrist cuffs, gold pharaoh headdress


       Ivory linen pants, ivory short-sleeved shirt, Amulet pendant necklace*

       Gold and black pants, gold and black belt snapped to pants, yellow leather ankle cuffs, red and
gold suede uniform jacket, sword belt

       Dark gold ankle cuffs, burgundy and gold silk knee-length tunic, dark gold leather belt

       Black velvet floor-length starscape tunic

       Gold pants, yellow suede ankle cuffs, red multi-colored stripe raw silk tunic, dark gold ankle cuffs

       White and gold long wedding tunic

       Charcoal grey pants, burgundy print shirt (worn underneath wedding tunic)


       Black and gold pants, black suede ankle cuffs, black and gold snake-skin collar, wrist cuffs, and
belt with front tab, black and gold spiked crown helmet


      Terracotta penong pants¸ orange and brown corduroy striped waist belt, attached rope belt,
peach and tan dot raw silk shirt, brown leather wrist and ankle cuffs, tan Egyptian headdress


     Gold print silk long tunic, gold leather belt with front tab, gold leather collar, gold pharaoh
headdress, red and gold plaid sheer overlay (for banquet), gold striped sheer overlay (for judgment hall)

      Rusty brown penong pants, tan and rust diamond patterned shirt, black/beige African print
shoulder sash

  “Strongest Suit” Floral

      Orange satin/ sparkle one-shoulder dress, embellished with pleated sheer flowers, matching cape
and headdress

  “Strongest Suit” Cobra

      Green and black snakeskin print lycra dress with cobra collar/headpiece and teal feather wig

  “Strongest Suit” Tribal

      Blue suede/raffia dress with cobalt blue eyelash skirt, tan/brown/blue wrist cuffs with gold trim,
round gold/blue tribal collar, feather headdress

  “Strongest Suit” Leopard

     Gold charmeuse dress with leopard skin appliqué, black gauntlets, earth-tone multicolor feather
headdress, earth-tone textured chiffon cape

  “Strongest Suit” Metal

      Pewter dress with copper plates overlay, silver/copper plate gauntlets, metal/mesh headdress,
copper plate choker

  “Strongest Suit” Zebra

      Zebra print pleated dress with lime green beaded panels, lime eyelash flounce, lime beaded
gauntlets, zebra print fur stole, zebra print feather Mohawk headdress

  Guards (2)

      Brown uniform pants, black belt, tan and brown uniform shirt, brown clip-on tie, uniform hat
  Egyptian Soldiers (8)

       Tan knit pants, red vinyl ankle cuffs, soldier uniform with red vinyl collar and gold pleated skirt,
red vinyl wrist cuffs, black leather sword belt, red helmet

  Egyptian Lieutenant

        Tan knit pants, red vinyl ankle cuffs, lieutenant uniform with red vinyl collar and gold pleated
skirt, red vinyl wrist cuffs, black leather sword belt, red helmet

  Egyptian Ministers

         Black pants, black suede ankle cuffs, black and red stretch suede jacket, red/gold spiked crown

  Palace Guards

       Tan soldier pants and ankle cuffs, red asymmetrical tunic with collar, burgundy vinyl wrist cuffs,
black leather sword belt, red/black striped headdress

  Bath Slaves

        Tan crinkle fabric pants, gold ankle cuffs, mint green pleated skirt with gold belt and attached
collar, tan crinkle fabric headpiece

  Fabric Seller

         Khaki green tunic with attached green knit block pattern coat, tan headdress

  Fabric Seller’s Wife

         Mint green under-dress, beige/green/burgundy Georgette coat, head wrap with hair braids
  Egyptian Man (I-3)

       Long burgundy tunic with attached grey/burgundy striped coat, tan headpiece

  Silk Flyer

       Gold ankle and wrist cuffs, gold headpiece, gold dance trunks, ivory pleated skirt with gold belt

  Museum Goers ( 3 Male, 4 Female)

       Male 1: brown jeans, beige print camp shirt

       Male 2: olive green shorts, beige/olive green print camp shirt, Panama straw hat

       Male 3: tan seersucker shorts, brown floral print polo, tan straw ball cap

       Female 1: ivory/tan striped skirt, tan camisole, brown turquoise knit top

       Female 2: long brown skirt, ivory knit top

       Female 3: tan/white floral skirt with matching top

       Female 4: tan 2 piece pant suit, peach print chiffon blouse, tan knit camisole


       Green and rust checked/print dress, head wrap

       Black and yellow print dress with yellow headband

       Red/orange striped dress, red stripe headband

       Yellow multi-colored striped dress, red striped headband

  Camp Slaves ( 9 Male and 9 Female)

      Men: assorted ragged shirts and vests; assorted knit pants, penong pants, and loincloths;
assorted head wraps

       Women: assorted ragged tops and skirts; assorted ragged dresses; assorted head wraps
Captured Female Nubian Slaves (4)

    Female 1: orange and tan striped dress, headwrap

    Female 2: burgundy and tan striped dress, headwrap

    Female 3: grey and olive embroidered/striped dress, headwrap

    Female 4: tan and green one-shoulder dress, headwrap

Palace Ladies at Baths (6)

    Light blue chiffon slips, 3 light blue, 3 mint green short silk robes

Ladies at Marketplace – I-10 (3)

    Female 1: purple/lavender velvet dress, head veil

    Female 2: Peach and red pleated dress, red/gold headdress

    Female 3: green dress, green/gold headdress

Ladies at Banquet – I-6 (3)

    Female 1: red/gold dress, matching headdress

    Female 2: lavender/ gold dress, matching headdress

    Female 3: turquoise and gold dress, matching headdress

Palace Handmaidens – I-6 and I-10 (2)

    Blue/green/beige linen blend dress, blue/beige striped headdress

Washer Women – I-9 (6)

    Blue/green/brown tropical leaf print dress with blue sash, blue cotton basket turban
Wedding Handmaidens – II-6 & 7 (4)

    Yellow/gold dress with sash, yellow chiffon head veil

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