Canning Dos and Donts

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					Safe and Effective Canning
     THON 2012 Rules and Regulations
           Fundraising Safety
           What to DO before
          leaving State College
• What clothing to bring:
  – Bright colors
  – Preferably PSU-related
  – WARM CLOTHES! (i.e. socks, hats, gloves, jackets)
  – Comfortable shoes
  – Sleeping attire
      More to DO before leaving
• Other items to bring:
  – PSU ID
  – Cash for gas and food
  – Toiletries
  – Cell phone (with charger)
  – Necessary medications, inhalers, etc.
  – Potentially pillow and blanket
     • Dependent on individual trips
                   Trip Logistics
•   Verify arrival time with host
•   Find out about pets, allergies, etc
•   Set up transportation for Friday evening and Sunday
•   Make sure you have enough materials for canners
•   Exchange phone numbers with every member of the
    canning trip
            Saturday Morning
• Things to do while canning:
  – Wake up early and get to your intersections
  – Wear layers
  – Make yourself visible to drivers
  – Stagger lunch breaks with other canners
              Canning Safely
• It is very important to remember to can safely
• Canning in the streets is dangerous and illegal
• Authorities are more likely to prohibit canning
  in areas where people are in the streets
• For the preservation of canning, the safety of
  students should not be compromised
• Remember to be safe so canning can continue
  to raise money FTK!
    Problems at Intersections
• If another group has a permit, they have the right
  to the intersection
• If a permit is not required at the canning location,
  the first group to arrive has the right to that
• Respect authorities
• If you see improper canning, call the THON office
               Making Peace
• Please try to settle conflicts in a kind and
  friendly manner
• Treat other canners with Respect
• Remember we are all out there FTK!
• Call the THON office as a last resort
  Saturday Afternoon/Evening
• Try to can until dinner time (no canning
  after dark)
• Count your money from the day
• Let your THON Chair know your total
• Hang out and have fun with your canning
   • NOTE: alcohol is not permitted while
     canning or traveling
             Tips n’ Tricks
• If you appear happy and cheerful, people
  will be more likely to donate
• Can hard!
• Have tons of fun
• Remember that you are doing this FTK!
                Be Knowledgeable
• You may be asked questions about where the
  donations will be going, all of this information
  can be found online on under the
  FAQ section.
  – THON is a year-long effort which raises funds and awareness for the
    fight against pediatric cancer
  – The money goes to the Four Diamonds Fund, which is to offset the
    cost of treatment that a family’s insurance won’t cover, as well as
    provide for other expenses that may affect the welfare of the child.
     Sunday Morning/Afternoon
• Pack your bags before you go out canning
• Grab breakfast
• Can for a couple hours before heading back to
  State College
• Drop money off with THON Chair
         Spreading Awareness
• Keep in mind that canning is not just about
  raising money, it is also about spreading the
  word and message of THON
• Knowing this, it is important to act
  professionally all weekend
• Remember, THON at all times FTK!

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