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									The Parkes Institute and Library Friends
Membership Programme

“What lies before this generation is something unprecedented. It is a
loyal co-operation between many types of mind and outlook, many
different philosophies of life, united in common recognition of the
seriousness of our situation.”

The Study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations at Southampton

(James Parkes, (right) Southampton, 1972)
After a lifetime’s work of collecting and rescuing writings on Jewish
 history, the Rev. Dr James Par kes formally created the Parkes
Library in 1961 with the aim of providing ‘a centre for research by
non-Jewish and Jewish scholars and students… into the whole
field of relations between Jews and other peoples and between
Judaism and other religions’. Ja mes P arkes was a re mar kable
Christian pioneer in the fight against antisemitism. He promoted
positive Jewish-Christian relations and the establishment of true
histories of the Jewish people and their relations to non -Jews.

However Southampton’s links with Jewish Studies go back to the
beginning of the last century when Claude Montefiore, an outstanding
 Jewish scholar of the Bible and early Jewish-Christian relations,
became president of the University College of Southampton which
was later to become the University of Southampton.
In 1964 much of Montefiore’s personal library was brought together
with the massive private collection of James Parkes to form the Parkes
 Institute Library for the study of Jewish/non -Jewish Relations.

Since then, the study of Jewish/non -Jewish Relations has
developed enormously at Southampton, thanks to the generous support of the
University, private donors and public funding.

The Parkes Institute is a community of scholars, curators, librarians, students, and activists, whose work is based
around the rich resources of the Parkes Library and archive. The Parkes Library is one of the Special Collections in
the Hartley Library. It consists of both an archive and a printed section and is housed in magnificent state of the
art quarters in the Hartley Library’s new extension. Through our research, publications, teaching, and conservation
work, we seek to bring the vision of James Parkes to new generations:
to provide a world-class centre for the study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations throughout the ages; to study the
experience of minorities and outsiders; and to examine the power of prejudice from antiquity to the contemporary
Outreach work was central to the life work of James Parkes. Indeed, the greater part of his activities took place
outside the higher educational area. He hoped that outreach would continue to be a feature of the Parkes Institute
when his library was transferred to the University of Southampton in 1964 and his ambition has been maintained
subsequently, enshrined in the constitution of the Parkes Institute (Item 6: ‘To support and publicise the Parkes
Collections and the work associated with them, and to promote outreach work, including public lectures and adult
education courses…’)

The Friends Membership Programme plays an important part in helping us to fulfil these aims. We rely on the
continuing support of our Friends and in turn, we enjoy being able to share our resources with them. The library is
unique and our seminars are friendly occasions where we have excellent speakers and lively discussions in an
informal setting.
In addition, Friends are invited as guests to public lectures and special receptions and enjoy reduced rates for
workshops and conferences.

Please join us.

Support the Parkes Institute and Library by Becoming a Friend and help us to
expand the library and continue the lifework of James Parkes

The Parkes Friend’s Programme offers its members:
        Free use of the Parkes Library
        Parkes Institute Annual Report
        Early notification of Parkes Institute lectures and conferences
        Concessionary rates for conferences and workshops
        Our journals: Jewish Culture and History, Patterns of Prejudice and The
        Journal of Holocaust Education at special reduced rates
        The chance to meet people who share similar interests and make new friends
        Invitations to special receptions, book launches, etc.

Thank you for your donation.
Every gift made to the Parkes Institute is important for the development of Jewish Studies at Southampton
University and for realising our objectives in relation to education, research and building and promoting the Parkes
Library collections.

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