Central Connecticut State University by cGJesg9


									                        Central Connecticut State University
                                   School of Technology
                         Technology Education Department
                             Assistant Professor Donald V. Schaer

                  Sample list of Professional Acceptance Questions

 With the increased emphasis upon accountability in education, more emphasis is

   being placed upon the academics of reading, writing and mathematics. How do you

   see technology education making a significant contribution to this school effort?

 Why do you want to be a teacher?

 What is technology education?

 What qualities make a teacher effective?

       o Which of those qualities do you possess? How can I know this?

 What do you believe to be the greatest problem facing technology education in


 Do you like children? Prove that to us.

 What are the ingredients of an effective learning process?

 How do you handle curricular content in classes with many levels of ability?

 Why did you choose technology education as a career path?

 What experiences have you had which will be of help when you begin teaching?

 What is your philosophy of classroom management?

 What type of classroom atmosphere would you establish to prevent discipline


This is a sample list only and should not be considered all inclusive or verbatim.

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