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									      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

         Information Pack for Parents:-

              School Prospectus

                September 2012

      “…..always a chance for everyone”.

…preparing our children for their future.

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

                  Welcome to Acklam Whin Primary School.
We hope that this booklet will enable you to build an overview of the school. The
prospectus contains details about the school’s aims, procedures and curriculum that
we hope will be useful in ensuring a smooth transition for your child into school.

There is, of course, a lot of information contained in the prospectus but we hope that
the essential details are easily accessible.

We try to be an open and welcoming school at Acklam Whin and parents should not
hesitate to telephone the school if any information is unclear, or additional details are

“Preparing our children for their future” and “…always a chance for everyone” are
school’s mission statements. Children benefit from a climate of partnership between
their home and school and we hope that this prospectus, and our open philosophy, is a
first step to achieving a quality education for your child.

                                    Yours sincerely,
                                      John Lees
                                    Head Teacher

School Contact Details
Acklam Whin Primary School
Carlbury Avenue,

Main Tel:       (01642) 813938
Subsidiary Tel: (01642) 819622
Fax: (01642) 813443


Parent email:

General e-mail:

Chair of Governors: Cllr. J. Brunton c/o Acklam Whin Primary School

                      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
                  The Aims of Acklam Whin Primary School

                                Mission Statements

                       “…always a chance for everyone”

                    “Preparing our children for their future”
Acklam Whin Primary School identifies five key principles on which its aims and
objectives are based. These five principles are:

      Care, support and opportunity in our children’s lives and learning.

      High expectations leading to high achievement

      Securing inclusion for all our children.

      Developing learning teams and learning together

      Sustaining and building on high standards through working in partnership with
       our stakeholders.

We endeavour to develop the fullest potential of all the children in our care.

                       The school aims to achieve this through:

      establishing an effective climate and environment for children’s learning and
       social development.

      teaching the skills and pleasures of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

      developing the skills to use and appreciate mathematics and science.

      creating opportunities for children to experience: the arts, their heritage and
       different cultures, places and times, and, develop their awareness of the
       increasingly technological world in which they live.

      teaching and developing an appreciation of the children’s social relationships
       and their responsibilities.

      setting high expectations of effort, achievement and behaviour.

      supporting and celebrating each child’s achievement where we can.

Our aim is to provide the kind of education that we would wish our own children to

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
Achieving these aims for each individual child necessitates a partnership of trust and
support between school and parent.

To assist us in this we hope that parents will:

      support the aims and policies of the school in achieving the best for their
       children’s learning.

      ensure the fullest attendance of their child at school with appropriate
       punctuality for the school sessions.

      communicate with teaching and support staff about their child’s learning and
       social environment with appropriate consideration, respect and recognition of
       their role within school.

      support their child’s learning within the home through making time to share
       their experiences and support their homework in a positive way.

Our Home-School Partnership Agreement builds upon these key principles.

                      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

                               The Governing Body

L.A. Representatives
Mr. B. Emmerson, Vacancy, Cllr. P Sharrocks

Parent Governors
Mr T. McDonnell, Mrs. R. Formby-Jackson, Mrs. L. Sullivan, Mrs D. Darby, Miss E
McLoughlin, Vacancy

Staff Governors
Mrs. G. Chapman, Mrs. N. Marshall, Mr. A. Laughton

Community Governors
Cllr. J. Brunton (Chair), Mr. B. Payne, Mr. D. Foster, Mrs. M. Larkin,

Head Teacher
Mr. J.M. Lees

The Governing Body meets at least once a term and minutes of these meetings can be
viewed at the school office.

Individual governors are contactable through the school office via c/o Acklam Whin
Primary School.

School Council

The School Council meets regularly to represent the views of the children as key
stakeholders in the decision making of the school.

Elected councillors from each class from Year 2 to Year 6 attend the meetings and
discuss important aspects of school life e.g. Every Child Matters strands including; Be
Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, EcoSchools and Sustainability, Improving the
Ethos of the School.

School Governors sometimes attend meetings of the School Council to hear what our
pupils think about their school.

                      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
                      Acklam Whin Primary School Staff
                   (2012/13 provisional deployment at June 2012)

Head Teacher: J.M.Lees, M. Ed., D.P.S.E. (Ed. Tech.)
Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs. G. Chapman, B.A.
Assistant Head Teacher: Miss. R. McMaster, B.A. Hons, P.G.C.E

Teaching Staff
Nursery     Miss. D. Tarran, B. Ed. Hons
Reception Miss. C. Todd, B. Sc. Hons P.G.C.E.
              Mrs. C. Turner, Cert. Ed
              Mrs. E. Dye, Degree Chemistry and English, QTS (0.6 FTE)
Year 1        Miss. R. Rodden, B.Mus. Hons, P.G.C.E.
              Miss K Mills, B. Ed. Hons.
              Mrs. A. Wiedman, B.Sc. Hons, P.G.C.E (0.6FTE)
Year 2        Mrs. J. Seyburn, M.A. Ed, B. Ed. Hons, G.C.P.E.
              Mrs. J. Laverack, Cert. Ed., RSA.
Year 3        Mrs. N. Marshall, B.Sc. Ed Hons, QTS
              Miss. J. Appleby, B. Ed. Hons
Year 4        Mrs. D. Moore, B.A. Hons, P.G.C.E
              Mr. P. Moreton, B.Sc. Hons, P.G.C.E.
Year 5        Miss. J. Burns, B.A. Hons QTS
              Mr. J. Appleyard, BA (Hons), P.G.C.E.
Year 6        Miss. R. McMaster, B.A. Hons, P.G.C.E.

Support Staff
Foundation Stage Teaching Assistants:
Ms. S. Thomas, Mrs. T. McCarten, Mrs. L. Harland, Mrs. K. Hamilton
Key Stage 1 and 2 Teaching Assistants:
Mrs. L. Allanson, Mrs. M. Devereux, Mrs. A. Davies, Mrs. J. Bell, Mr. S. Hudson,
Mrs. D. Cottingham, Mrs. R. Formby-Jackson
Sports/PE Teaching Assistant
Mr. M. Jackson, B. Sc (Hons).
School Administrative staff:
Mrs. D. Vickers, Mrs. A. Frost, Mrs. J. Algie
Site Manager:
Mr. A. Laughton

Parent Support Adviser: Ms. R. Cummings
Lunch Supervision Team: Mrs. C. Newton, Mrs. P. McAvoy, Mrs. J. Bell, Mrs.
L. Allanson, Mrs. K Chapman, Mrs. L. Hamilton, Mrs. K. Walayat, Ms. D. Bell, Mrs.
N. Ellington, Ms. M. Knox

SEN Assistants: Mrs. N. Mason-Nixon

                      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

                         General Information for Parents

School Sessions

Nursery:       8.45 a.m. – 11.45 a.m.
               12.30 p.m.– 3.30 p.m.

School:        8.50 a.m. – 12.00 noon
               12.55 p.m. - 3.15 p.m.

Parents please note that children should not be on the school premises before 8.40
a.m. unless specific arrangements have been made for them

Breakfast and After School Care
Breakfast and After-School Child care is provided by Dolly Mixtures from 8.00 a.m.
– 8.50 a.m. and 3.15 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. in the main school dining hall area.
Places can be arranged through:
        Caroline Cummins, Dolly Mixtures Manager on Tel: 07941716573.
        Prices at time of publication were:
        Breakfast: £4.00 per session.
        After-School: £8.00 per session. (at time of publication)

School Security: picking up/dropping off

Parents will appreciate that security arrangements are for the benefit of the children
and the staff.

External doors are secured when the school is in session unless there are children
outside. The children normally enter the building from the yard for their age group.

External main doors are time-locked from 9.05 a.m.

Any children who arrive late will need to use the Main Entrance, where the School
Administrators will allow access.

When the school is in session all parents and visitors must use the Main Entrance.

Parents should not attempt to enter the building through cloakrooms or elsewhere at
any time without permission.

Parents are welcome to wait for the children in the playground at the end of the
school session from 3.10 p.m. Please don’t arrive earlier as you may distract the
children from their work in school.

Similarly we would ask parents to keep away from windows and not distract children
in lessons.

Please do not bring dogs, bicycles, skateboards, scooters or anything else that could
be a hazard to the children (and other parents).

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

Parents are asked not to park on the yellow zigzag lines at the entrances to the
school at any time or to use the staff car parking facilities unless disabled parking
facilities are required.

We ask this to ensure that the children are kept as safe as possible at all times.

The Governing Body would also request that parents show consideration to our local
residents and ensure that driveways and verges are not blocked when delivering or
collecting the children.

No Smoking Policy

Parents should note that smoking is not allowed anywhere within the school site.

School Uniform
We encourage all the children to wear our school uniform. It is one way of bringing
children together, of expressing pride in their school and motivating high expectations
of themselves and the others around them.

Our uniform is:

       Royal blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan.
       Grey or black trousers or skirt.
       Shirt white or pastel colour.

*For summer months:
       “T” shirt or Polo in white or pastel
       Summer dress

Suitable footwear should be worn at all times in school.

        Please ensure that all items of clothing are named

The school carries a range of clothing bearing the school logo which can be purchased
from the office. Additionally, school orders stocks of sweatshirts for the forthcoming
year during the summer term.

Absence from School
The school is required to complete registers of children’s attendance every school
session and any absence of children has to be accounted for as either Authorised or
Unauthorised absence.

In light of this it is essential that school be informed if your child is absent for any
reason, either by letter or by telephone call prior to, or immediately following, the

                      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
Holiday Absence during term time
Holiday absence during term time causes disruption to your child’s education within
class and as a school we discourage the taking of holiday during school time.
However, owing to many family work patterns and circumstances we realise it is not
always possible to make holiday arrangements during school holiday periods.
In such cases, parents should complete a School Holiday form, which is available
from the school office.

Parents should also be advised that the Head Teacher will not authorise absence
for annual holiday taken in school term time.

Statistical Information on School Absence.

The school is required to publish data regarding overall and persistent absence. The
following are the percentages for Academic Year 2010/11 for compulsory aged pupils
(Year 1 – Year 6).

       Overall Absence = 5.19%                        National = 5.14%

       Persistent absentees over 15% = 6.9%           National = 5.2%

       Persistent absentees over 20% = 1.6%           National = 1.9%

Appointments with Staff
We recognise that from time to time parents need to see members of staff regarding a
concern or query. Good liaison and communication is part of the partnership bridging
home and school. However, during school hours the priority and focus of the staff is
the children. As a consequence it is important that parents make an appointment to see
members of staff to enable quality time to discuss particular issues. Time can usually
be made available before or after the school sessions.

Equally, it is important that parents see the appropriate person to deal with their query
or concern.

        The first point of contact for parents should be the Class Teacher

In the circumstance that an initial appointment cannot resolve an issue additional
appointments may be necessary involving the Year Team leader, or, in some cases, a
member of the Leadership Team of the school.

Parent Support Adviser: Rachel Cummings

The school has a limited number of hours of Parent Support through our Parent
Support Adviser. Her job is to sign-post appropriate services to parents and give
advice and support as necessary. The PSA can be contacted through the Main Office.

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
Helping in School

Parents who wish to help in school should contact their child’s class teacher at a
convenient time to talk about what they may wish you to help with. Parents should be
aware that an Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau disclosure (eCRB) will be
required before adults are allowed to work on a regular basis with children in school.

School Behaviour
At Acklam Whin we have only 5 school rules, all of which are about good behaviour:

                           Our Rules of Good Behaviour

             At Acklam Whin Primary School we are all expected:

                   To walk and speak quietly around school.
                             Not to push or fight.
                  To show politeness and kindness to others.
                       To keep our school clean and tidy.
               To follow instructions given by an adult in school.

We expect all of our children to work and play within these rules in school, and our
expectation is that parents also will support these rules which are for the benefit of all
the children.

At times rules will be reinforced where either conditions or “fashions” create
difficulties. We request parental support in these matters as, and when, they arise.

We seek to check unacceptable behaviour as it happens in as constructive and
appropriate way as possible.

Sanctions and/or withdrawal of privileges may be taken against children who
deliberately or persistently misbehave, act aggressively to others, or, intentionally
disrupt the environment of the school.

Where children’s behaviour is a cause for concern parental support will be sought to
assist in rectifying the situation.

Our Home – School Agreement outlines our commitment and expectations for
attitude and behaviour; we hope parents are supportive of this agreement.

We have a Behaviour Policy that may be seen on request.

Personal Property in school
The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to clothing or personal
property. We discourage the children from bringing items of value to school, as we

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
are unable to take responsibility for them. It is therefore in the best interests of the
children not to bring watches, jewellery or money that is not essential to school.
Jewellery, which must be removed for PE, can be a particular problem and is best
kept at home.
Essential money, e.g. Dinner money or sponsor money etc should be handed to the
teacher or taken to the main office as soon as possible after arrival.

Mobile Telephones and Photography
Children are not allowed to bring mobile telephones onto the school premises.

Where necessary children will be allowed to make essential telephone calls, under
adult supervision, from the school office.

Please also note that parents and visitors are not allowed to use mobile telephones to
record or photograph children on the school site.

At specific parental events, such as sports day and school shows etc, parents will be
allowed to use video and photography as long as the following principles are adhered

      No photography or video taken by parents/carers inside the school must be
       used for profitable purposes.
      No photography/video must be used to display Acklam Whin children
       involved in activities within the school on the Internet.
      Care must be taken at all times to ensure that any photograph/video taken in
       relation to school activities remains in the safety of the school community.

Lost property
We have a steady flow of lost property, much of which is unnamed and remains
unclaimed. Property that is handed in is kept in the Medical Room and may be viewed

School Meals
Middlesbrough Council provides the catering at Acklam Whin, and our school kitchen
has been awarded 5 stars for health and hygiene.

A daily two-course school meal is provided at lunchtime for pupils who wish to take
it and the children may choose from a wide selection of hot and cold dishes. The salad
bar is extremely popular with the children.

School meal money is collected in the envelope provided on a Monday morning.
Please ensure that the money is given on the Monday as alternative banking and
security arrangements must be made otherwise for late payment.

Children must stay for all 5 days of the week except in exceptional circumstances. A
credit is noted for children who miss one or more days owing to absence.

Please note: Parents paying by cheque should include their bank card number on the
back of the cheque, as required by our auditors.

                      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

The school needs a week’s notice for a change of lunch arrangements to take effect.

Children who do not take a school meal can bring packed lunches and we encourage
children and parents to ensure these have a healthy balance to them.

No glass flasks, cans or fizzy drinks please.

Free school meals
Children may be eligible for a free meal if parents/carers are in receipt of income

If you feel your child may be entitled to a free school meal please contact the School
Office or Middlesbrough Children, Families and Learning Department.

Water in Classrooms
The school has achieved Gold Standard Healthy School Award. We encourage the
children to have access to water in the classrooms throughout school to maintain good
hydration levels.

To support this we give a free water bottle to each child on entering school.

Replacement water bottles can be purchased from the school office as required.

Assemblies (The Daily Act of Collective Worship)

The school has daily assemblies, either whole or upper/lower school, or, within
classes or year groups. The assemblies are of a mainly and broadly Christian nature
but do try to reflect the multi-ethnic and cultural nature of our society as well as
dealing with social and moral issues.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from the Act of Collective Worship and
Religious Education lessons in the school if desired. Please consult the Head Teacher
in respect of this matter.

Physical Education, Swimming and Games kit
PE is a compulsory part of the school’s curriculum and children can only be excused
from participation owing to a medical condition supported by a note from their parent.

All children need to have:
For indoors:                  “T” shirt and shorts
                               Traditional PE shoes (flexible soled shoes)

For outdoors:                 Tracksuit/Sweatshirt (if possible)
For swimming:                 One piece swimming costume/Trunks

All items of PE clothing should be named and be kept in an appropriate named bag.

                      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

Wearing jewellery is not permitted during PE and all earrings/rings/watches etc
must be removed. This is to ensure the safety of all the children participating in

Home Learning and Homework
Homework Guidance is circulated to parents at the beginning of each year.

Homework is an important aspect of the learning of the children and a key link
between home and school. It can take many forms appropriate to the work in school
both ongoing activities such as home reading and short activities to enhance the work
done in school. Generally, homework will be set by the class teacher and will be
linked to the current programme of work in class. This may include spellings or times
tables to learn, literacy activities or mathematics investigations, or, be linked to
thematic research.

The school buys into ICT based resources to support home learning including access
to Education City for our Year 2 children upwards.

Where children do not have home access to the internet, opportunities can be provided
in school for children to access this material. We hope parents will support their
children in their home learning opportunities.

       Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2): 30 minutes per
       week, in addition to ongoing reading activities (Recommended 20 minutes per
       Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4): 1 hour per week, in addition to ongoing reading
       (Recommended 20 minutes per day).
       Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6): 1 hour 30 minutes per week, in addition to
       ongoing reading (Personal reading encouraged by parental involvement).

Our homework expectations are in line with DFE National Guidance

Educational visits
These are an important part of delivering the curriculum to the children and are taken
to enrich the children’s learning and social experiences.
Owing to the costs involved in arranging visits we ask for a voluntary contribution to
help the school’s costs in providing these valuable experiences. No child will be
excluded from a visit on the basis of not being able to contribute, although substantial
non-payment may mean a visit has to be cancelled.

          All of our educational visits are Educational Visit Risk Assessed.

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
  Acklam Whin EcoSchool
  The school has achieved EcoSchool Green Flag Status.

  The school has an EcoCode which develops awareness of environmental issues in

  The school also has:
             an EcoGarden with raised beds planted with vegetables.
             fruit trees around our Storytelling Circle
             wildlife area including rabbits and nesting boxes
             a thinking garden in the centre of the school
             volunteer helpers who improve the planted areas around school
             a Gardening club which cares for the Eco and thinking gardens

                             The school has adopted the 3 Rs
                               Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  Within school we aim to reduce energy and water consumption, reuse resources when
  possible, and we recycle paper, printer cartridges and clothing through our “blue bag”

  Clubs and activities
  Several clubs are organised for the children at lunchtime or after school, and a range
  of activities are provided for different year groups as they move through school.

  These include:

         Art Clubs KS1 & KS2                              CHAMPS Learning Club
         Bookworm Club                                    Kwik Cricket
         Multi-skills                                     Street Dance
         Recorders                                        Athletics KS1 & KS2
         Choir                                            TriGolf
         Football                                         Tag-Rugby
         Benchball                                        Y6 Girls Fitness
         Running Club                                     Cheer-Leading
         Puzzle Club                                      French Club
         Ukulele                                          Countdown
         Healthy Eating Club                              African Drumming

The school has an Excellence Award for its range of study support and extra-
curricular activities.

          The School has ActiveMark and SportsMark National Awards

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

International Schools Link
The school is involved in International School links with a school in France, and a
school in Ghana.

Additionally, the school supports various charitable foundations including; Operation
Christmas Child and Thandiguidi Children’s Village in Tamil Nadu, India.

      The School has been awarded Intermediate International School status.

Peripatetic music teaching
From Year 4/5 children interested in playing a musical instrument are currently able to
audition for brass or violin tuition provided by the Tees Valley Music Service. The
children are selected on the basis of age and aptitude and have to undertake a short test.
The TVMS (Tees Valley Music Service) sets termly/yearly charges for tuition and
instrument hire.

Parents and Fundraising
Acklam Whin Parent and Friends Association (AWPFA) is a fundraising organisation
for the school affiliated to the National Confederations of Parent Teacher Associations
and run by an elected committee. Proceeds of the various events run by the AWPFA are
aimed towards improving the educational provision in the school for your children.

Your support for the association and its events therefore makes an important
contribution to the school’s life.

Friends of Acklam Whin School Fund
This school account is used to provide extra in the classrooms and is raised through
sales, sponsored events and prize draws.

School fund subsidises; educational visits and theatre groups who perform in school,
and, funds; Christmas and end of term activities, and, the purchase additional classroom
equipment and consumable materials.

The fund is audited and accounted to the Governing Body and Local Authority annually.

We feel it is important for the children to take an active interest in the world around
them and we encourage this by supporting a wide variety of charities. These are
supported from either funds raised specifically or from the school fund. This helps to
promote a sense of caring and contribution within the school.

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
                          Acklam Whin Primary School
                               Curriculum Policy
Under the Education (School Government) (Terms of Reference) (England) Regulations
2000, governing bodies and Head Teachers are required to produce a curriculum policy.

The policy should set out the principles underpinning the curriculum and reflect the
school’s commitment to developing all aspects of their pupils’ lives.

                     The Acklam Whin Primary School Curriculum

At Acklam Whin the aim is to create and deliver an active, creative, key skills focused,
broad and balanced curriculum which;
     promotes high standards of engagement, achievement and enjoyment for all,
     allows children to develop a knowledge of themselves in time and space,
     allows children to be aware of and develop healthy and safe life-skills,
     allows opportunities for children to develop skills which will aid them to achieve
       economic well-being; a curriculum that:
           o teaches the skills and pleasures of reading, writing, speaking and
           o develops the skills to use and appreciate mathematics and science.
           o creates opportunities for children to experience: the arts, their heritage
              and different cultures, places and times, and, develop their awareness of
              the increasingly technological world in which they live.
           o teaches and develops an appreciation of the children’s social
              relationships and their responsibilities.
           o sets high expectations of effort, achievement and behaviour.
           o supports and celebrates each child’s achievement.
           o enables children to be confident in the use of new technologies
           o provides equality of access and the opportunity for all pupils to make

The curriculum is planned effectively, providing continuity and progression.

Through the provision of rich and varied activities, we aim to:
    encourage the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all pupils;
    enable pupils to make connections across different areas of learning;
    help pupils to think creatively and solve problems;
    develop pupils’ capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively;
    enable pupils to respond positively to opportunities, challenge and responsibility;
    enable pupils to acquire and develop a broad range of knowledge, skills and
    understanding.


The Head teacher has the responsibility for the leadership of the curriculum and
delegates responsibility to key staff for the development and delivery at phase and team

The Teaching and Learning Responsibility Team has a significant monitoring and
development role in ensuring the aims and principles of our curriculum are achieved.

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
The Governing Body monitors the success of the curriculum at committee level (Raising
Achievement) and at whole Governing Body meetings through the termly Headteacher’s
reports and subsidiary reports as requested.

                      The School’s Curriculum: an overview

                      Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
The children in the Nursery and Reception classes work within the curriculum for
the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The children work through the Early Learning Goals which include experiences and
competencies in:

      Communication, Language and Literacy
      Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy (Mathematics)
      Personal, Social and Emotional Development
      Physical Development
      Knowledge and Understanding of the World
      Creative Development.

The Early Years/Foundation Stage curriculum is very practical and activity based. Each
day includes some “outdoor” working for the children.

                                 National Curriculum
A broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum that is both stimulating and
supportive is the entitlement of every child at Acklam Whin. This is established in
accordance with the legal requirements of the National Curriculum.

We manage this through careful planning, monitoring, assessment and evaluation of our
policies, programmes of study, teaching strategies, and the children’s attainment and
development across the curriculum we create.

                                 The Core Curriculum
The core curriculum is comprised of five main subjects; English, Mathematics and
Science, Religious Education and Information Communication Technology. These main
areas underpin the areas of learning for all primary aged children. Each is of key
importance in relation to the skills children need to acquire.


English focuses on three main areas of development; Speaking and Listening, Reading
and Writing, and it is evident that English skills are essential to and taught within all
other areas of the curriculum.

Children need to be able to respond to their learning and to apply, clearly and accurately,
their speaking and listening skills within the classroom and across the school. The ability
to communicate effectively; to express opinions, discuss suggestions and ideas and to be
able to share information and experiences, is an area in which we rigorously address
children’s learning needs and encourage their development.
                         Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13


The ability to read is the key to almost all progress in school. To ensure that all children
reach their potential we encourage and seek to foster and enjoyment of reading in all of
the children. In the early stages of reading the children are taught to read using a high
quality phonics approach.

A structured approach is built up and gradually children develop their reading skills.
Guided and shared reading strategies are used, in the classroom, to support this

As children’s reading skills develop we seek to engender abilities in sustained reading,
comprehension skills, analysis of styles and recognition and use of different types of

Developing a love for reading is a powerful tool and one upon which parents and the
home environment can have a real influence.


Writing is a key skill, central to all learning.

In the early stages children are supported in the writing process through high-quality
phonics teaching.

As writing develops children are taught to write in narrative and non-narrative styles as
appropriate to the writing task.

  The National Literacy Strategy is used as a framework to support the teaching and
                     development of English across the school.


Mathematics involves children in using and applying number, shape, measure and
information in a variety of practical and real life situations as well as occasionally
theoretical situations. Our teaching of mathematics reflects the real life need for number
skills. We seek to develop in the children a confidence and accuracy in working within

We place great emphasis on children’s abilities to manipulate basic mathematical and
number skills both on paper, and mentally, and encourage the learning of counting skills,
number bonds (addition and subtraction) and, especially in the later years, a good grasp
of the multiplication tables to 10x.

We believe that more time is wasted not having these basic skills than is spent in
learning them. Parent help in reinforcing these skills can be a great asset to your child’s
learning but, again, encouragement not pressure is the key.

The National Numeracy Strategy is used as a framework to support the teaching and
                development of mathematics across the school.

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13


Science involves the children in learning about the world around them through
observing, questioning, investigating and experimenting. Our curriculum and science
scheme of work involves children in learning about life and living, materials and their
properties, and physical aspects of science such as light, sound, electricity and
magnetism, and forces. Children learn the skills of investigation; raising questions,
selecting and working with equipment, changing and measuring their variables and
recording and analysing their data, as well as information about how and why things

Religious Education

RE involves the children in learning about Christianity and other major world religions.
Our teaching in RE is about building a body of information from which children develop
an awareness, appreciation and understanding of these religions. Parents should be clear
that our teaching is not about indoctrination or encouraging children’s participation in
one or other religion, but is a study of religion and religious people.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education lessons and
from our assemblies (Act of Collective worship) if desired.

Information Communication Technology:

All children have access to computers in the classroom and the school has a large
ICT Suite suitable for whole class teaching. The ICT Suite and classrooms have
controlled and monitored Internet access.

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, data projector, computers, a
printer and a DVD/Video player.

Year groups have a wide range of educational programs which enable computers to be
used as a learning tool across the entire curriculum.

The children work progressively through a skills-based programme of learning from
Nursery through to Year 6. These skills include keyboard and word processing skills, the
use of control technology, picture creation and multi-media presentation, data handling
and digital sound and video.

       Our Learning Platform: It’s Learning

Each child in Key Stage 2 has access to their own personal ‘Learning Platform’ on
the Internet. This enables access to school information, allows greater flexibility of
communication, with their peers and teacher, and allows teaching and learning
resources to be used from any Internet enabled computer both in and out of

Children have an e-mail address for use within the school community. The e-mail and
internet access is monitored and protected by firewalls and forensic software to
safeguard the children.

Parents/guardians of children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 also have

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
access to a shared Learning Platform through My Classes pages which allows access to
school information and guidance on what their child’s class is currently studying in

The Key Skills Foundation Curriculum

 History, Geography, Design Technology, Physical Education, Music, Art and Design.


History can mean two things; the past, and the study of the past. The past influences all
our lives shaping our customs and beliefs, learning about the past enables children to
make sense of the world they live in. Children learn about the way our lives have been
shaped by the key periods and events in our country's history.


Geography is the study of places and environments, and stimulates children’s interests in
their world and the peoples who inhabit it. The children learn about the different areas of
our country and the world; about physical features such as rivers and mountains, about
climate and land use, about settlements and populations. Children’s skills and
understandings develop of the way the world is and how we as human beings influence
its change.

Design Technology

Design Technology gives children the opportunity to use their knowledge to work with
design and a variety of materials in order to find solutions to problems. Children may
begin by making and using junk models and as their skills develop may progress onto
designing and making computer-controlled models to solve “real” problems in the
classroom or environment. As well as “hard” materials, the use of food and textiles
form a significant part of our technology curriculum.

Physical Education

Children have the experience of working at their own level of ability in aspects of
gymnastics, games, athletics, swimming, dance and outdoor adventurous activities in
their PE curriculum. Enjoyment through participation and development of skills and
abilities is a key principle of PE in the school.

All of our pupils receive 2 hours or more PE or Physical Activity per week.


All children are encouraged to take an active part in music making and singing. Children
learn to appreciate a variety of styles of music and to use their skills in music making to
compose short samples of music for different situations and effects. Interested children
are encouraged to participate in the school choir, extra-curricular music groups and/or
choose to play an instrument via Tees Valley Music Service.

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
Art and Design

Art and Design allows children to develop skills in observation and appreciation, and, to
express themselves through a variety of media including pastel, paint, charcoal etc.
Children work with imaginative and real life ideas and use a wide range of skills and
techniques in their work. The children learn to use a sketchbook from the earliest

Other aspects of our curriculum and the children’s learning….
Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE) and Social and Emotional
Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

In PSCHE and SEAL children work with the ideas and principles of citizenship and
personal awareness of themselves and others, social responsibilities, rules and fairness,
conflicts and keeping safe. Our curriculum enhances the community feeling of our
school and the children’s responses in ensuring the school is a purposeful, attractive and
pleasant place to be.

We teach aspects of health education through our thematic approach. We believe
children should be encouraged towards, and have the information to make decisions in,
living a healthy lifestyle. Ongoing work on nutrition, exercise, drugs awareness etc is
built into our planning.

Sex Education

Sex Education is taught as an aspect of our Health education programme. It is delivered
in such a way as to encourage children to have due regard to moral considerations and
the value of family life. Our Sex Education Policy is available to all parents on request.
Parents may withdraw their child from sex education sessions.

Able, Gifted and Talented Children (AG&T)

The school seeks to identify and monitor those children who illustrate exceptional skills
or talents. We seek to provide a range of experiences to support these abilities and
further extend them, either within the class context or through the provision of specially
arranged opportunities within and external to the school.

It is important to differentiate between the often-perceived need for extra work and the
real need for challenge and extension of the school’s curriculum for those children
identified as gifted and talented.

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
The school has a policy of inclusion for all. We try to ensure, in so far as is possible, that
all our children have the fullest access to the curriculum and facilities in the school, in
order to achieve their potential regardless of need, gender, race, class or disability.
Inclusion is currently a significant area of development in public services and we have
felt that in order to be able to respond most effectively to the needs of children and
parents, and enable a manageable and responsive operation, a teamed approach is

The Inclusion Team is currently comprised of the following members.

      Mrs. Chapman: responsible for Special Educational Needs in Learning through
       the operation of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and inclusion in
       issues relating to Gender. She is also responsible for Assessment and progression
       and for co-ordinating the monitoring of children who may be having some
       difficulties but are not requiring the level of support necessary to be considered
       for the Special Educational Needs Register.
      Miss McMaster: responsible for Special Educational Needs in Behaviour,
       Physical Need and Health through the Special Educational Needs Code of
      Mr. Lees: responsible for issues directly relating to Attendance, Ethnic Minority
       support and Racial Equality and Incident Monitoring, and, of course, the overall
       functioning of the Inclusion Team.
      Mrs Marshall: responsible for Gifted and Talented children.

We believe the Inclusion Team will give the children a better degree of support than
previously achieved. Parents with concerns about their child’s attainment not
specifically relating to Special Educational Need should, as usual, refer to the class
teacher in the first instance.

Inclusion and Children with Special Educational Needs

Children with special educational needs, be they learning needs, behavioural or
emotional needs, or, physical needs are identified and catered for in accordance with the
Code of Practice for Children with Special Needs and the school’s SEN and Inclusion
policies that are available to parents on request. Parents with concerns about their child’s
special educational needs should make arrangements to discuss these with their class
teacher, the Head Teacher, or a member of the school’s Inclusion Team.

Secondary School Placement
Parents are contacted by the Local Authority to express their preference for secondary
school placement.

Information on Secondary School Placement arrangements can be found at:

Induction arrangements are made with relevant secondary schools during the summer
term of Year 6.

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

                           Children’s Health and Welfare

Accidents and Illness in School
Your child’s teacher is concerned with your child’s pastoral care and sees to his/her
safety and welfare within school hours.

If your child is ill, or has an accident which we feel should be seen by parents, we will
try to contact either yourself, or your identified contact on your child’s contact form, as
soon as possible. It is therefore important that these contact forms are kept up to date.
Do telephone us of any alterations required.

In the case of minor scrapes and bruises, where attention to these can be dealt with in
school, parents are not usually notified.

Head bumps are seen by the Head Teacher, Deputy Head or 1st Aider and, if minor, are
usually monitored in school. The children receive a notification letter to inform parents
that the child has had a bump or knock to the head.

   Where we have a concern, or where we feel a child would be better off at home,
                    parents will be notified as soon as possible.

Children we have to send home through illness or accident are kept under supervision at
the school office area until we can arrange for them to go home.

Medicines in school

The responsibility for the administration of prescribed medicines is that of the
parent of the child and cannot be placed upon the school.

In cases where parents find it difficult to administer medicines to their child, the
teaching or support staff will only administer medicines to children that have been
prescribed by a doctor and carry the child’s name on the prescription label of the bottle.

In such cases, these medicines must be kept in the fridge in the staffroom, and must
never be kept in children’s bags or trays.

School will not be held responsible for any cases of missed medicine where a child has
forgotten to come for their medicine at the appropriate time.

For children on permanent medication, e.g. for epilepsy, the Head Teacher is prepared to
make arrangements for the administration of the medicine. However, the Head Teacher
reserves the right to refuse the administration of any medicine which the school does not
have the facility to deal with, or which may put the health of other children at risk.

                        Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

Children with Asthma.

We maintain a register of all children who suffer from asthma, their treatment and any
potential triggers. The school has a proforma for parents to complete which will be held
centrally and used as guidance should a serious attack occur.

Please ask for a copy at the school office.

Head Lice

Head Lice are a fact of life in childhood and are totally unrelated to poor hygiene.

The discovery of one case in the group usually indicates that there may be others,
because head lice do not live on just one head.

If you find your child has head lice, please check the rest of the family, and treat all
infected members with a lotion, which is available from your local clinic, chemist, or
from your GP.

Please ensure that you keep your child off school until treated to avoid infecting

Once treated the following regime is recommended:

    Comb your child’s hair thoroughly twice a day, particularly before
   bedtime. This injures any lice that may have transferred to his/her head
   during the day, and once injured, a louse always dies.

    Inspect your child’s head regularly, at least once a week. Look for the
   white eggs (often called nits) because they are easier to find than the lice.

It is important to completely follow the course of treatment and any repeat
treatments recommended.

If you need help or further advice please contact our School Nurses at Team 2, School
Health, West Lane. 01642 737645

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
Safeguarding Children Team
The school operates a Safeguarding Team from across the school to ensure issues
relating to pupil safety and safeguarding are addressed. The team comprises:

Gwyneth Chapman Child Protection (protecting children from deliberate harm)
Designated Teacher, Looked After Children, Special educational Needs Coordinator
(SENCo), Safer Recruitment

Ruth McMaster         Emotional and Behavioural issues inc. bullying,
Meeting the needs of pupils with medical conditions, Oversight of First Aid, Drug and
Substance Misuse, Safer Recruitment

John Lees            Health and Safety, Welfare and Attendance, Racial issues and
monitoring, Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC), Safer Recruitment

Jodie Burns           eSafety, Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC)
Nicola Marshall       KS2 Safeguarding support
Rebecca Rodden        KS1 Safeguarding support
Claire Todd           EYFS Safeguarding support

Safeguarding Governor:        Cllr. Jan Brunton

Additional Safeguarding Support
Rachel Cummings     Parent Support Adviser
Tony Laughton       Health and Safety, School Security
Andy Harper         Health and Safety Consultant
Tracy McLoughlin School Nursing Sister
Alan Harrington     Education Social Worker

The team works within the national and local frameworks for safeguarding children

Middlesbrough Safeguarding Children Board can be contacted at:

Child Protection: - Information for Parents.
Parents and Carers should be aware that the school has a duty to take reasonable action
to ensure the welfare and safety of its pupils. In cases where school staff have cause to
be concerned that a pupil may be subject to ill-treatment, neglect or other form of abuse,
staff will follow the Council’s Child Protection Procedures and inform the Social
Services of their concern. This may involve a visit to the home by a Social Worker.

Internet and Email Usage and eSafety
As part of the curriculum in ICT, and as an element of all curriculum subjects, the
children will begin to use the Internet and email. To ensure appropriate use of our
Internet and IT facilities, and to minimise any incidence of email abuse or children
compromising their personal safety, we issue an Internet and Email Agreement which
is required to be signed by both parent and child as the children enter the school.

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
We endeavour to ensure eSafety of our children at all times, and encourage parents to
actively monitor their child’s Internet use at home.

Sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Piczo and the use of MSN, can provide children
with exciting opportunities to use new technologies however; they can also expose the
children to inappropriate attention and eAbuse or eBullying.

*We do not use these communication portals at all in school and positively
discourage any unsupervised use of these sites at home*

In school the children have access to their own learning platform which is closed within
the Middlesbrough Grid for Learning. From Year 3 each child has their own
MyDesktop account and email address with which they can create their own learning
space, email their classmates and teacher, and work safely within a firewalled
community. We encourage the children to use this safe environment.

Middlesbrough Grid for Learning also has extensive and useful information about the
Local Authority for parents and carers. It can be found at:


Any abuse of our ICT facilities should be reported to the school immediately.

A copy of the Rules for Responsible Internet, Email and Computer Use in School is
located at the end of the prospectus.

School Website and use of children’s photographs policy
The school’s website is the public face of Acklam Whin Primary School on the Internet.
It is therefore accessible around the world. We believe it is important that parents,
children and others should be able to access information about the school and for the
school to be able to celebrate the many successful facets of the school.

Parents are asked to indicate that they do not wish their child’s photograph to be
used on the website on the Rules for Responsible Internet, Email and Computer
Use in School Agreement.

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

Governing Body Statements & Policies
The Governing Body has a number of statements and policies about the curriculum and
procedures to be followed in school. These can be seen, on request, at the school office.

The Governing Body believes in providing a broad and balanced curriculum within
which all children should have access and opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Charging Policy
The Governing Body has resolved that all charges relating to the curriculum, e.g.
educational visits etc, should be based on a voluntary contribution and that no child
should be excluded from any curricular activity on the basis of ability to pay.

Complaints and Compliments.
The school has a Complaints procedure, which is compatible with that of the Local
Authority. If you wish to register a complaint please request a Complaints Policy from
the school office or the Head Teacher.

Compliments can be passed on to any member of staff, governor or the Head Teacher at
any time!

Admissions Policy: Children entering Reception Classes
The current admissions policy of the school is as follows:

      Single September Intake: - for all children who reach their fifth birthday
       between 1st September and 31st August of the academic year.

To allow for a structured and supportive start to school, children may be involved in a
staggered entry over the first week of the new term.

These policies will be reviewed by the Governing Body on a regular basis

                                           Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

                                         School Pupil Performance Tables 2011

                                          Key Stage 1 Pupil Performance 2011
This table shows a summary of the National Curriculum assessment results of pupils in the school (2011) and nationally (2010) at
the end of Key Stage 1, as a percentage of those eligible for assessment. The number of eligible children is: 46
Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.

                                              RESULTS OF TEACHER ASSESSMENT

                                                         Percentage at each level

                                                                                                      3 or     Disapplied          Absent
                                                     W       1        2      2C      2B       2A
                                                                                                     above      Children           Children
                              Boys       School      0        0      69       -        -       -        31           0                  0

                                        National     3       13      66       -        -       -        18           0                  0

                              Girls      School      0        0      50       -        -       -        50           0                  0
Speaking and listening
                                        National     1        8      65       -        -       -        25           0                  0

                               All       School      0        0      61       -        -       -        39           0                  0

                                        National     2       11      66       -        -       -        21           0                  0

                              Boys       School      0        0       -       4       42      23        31           0                  0

                                        National     4       15       -      14       24      22        22           0                  0

                              Girls      School      0        0       -       5       20      20        55           0                  0
                                        National     2        9       -      11       22      26        30           0                  0

                               All       School      0        0       -       4       33      22        41           0                  0

                                        National     3       12       -      12       23      24        26           0                  0

                              Boys       School      0        0       -      35       31      19        15           0                  0

                                        National     5       19       -      23       27      16        8            0                  0

                              Girls      School      0        0       -      10       30      35        25           0                  0
                                        National     2       11       -      18       29      24        16           0                  0

                               All       School      0        0       -      24       30      26        20           0                  0

                                        National     4       15       -      21       28      20        12           0                  0

                              Boys       School      0        4       -       8       27      23        38           0                  0

                                        National     2       10       -      16       25      24        23           0                  0

                              Girls      School      0        0       -      15       15      50        20           0                  0
                                        National     1        8       -      16       28      29        18           0                  0

                               All       School      0        2       -      11       22      35        30           0                  0

                                        National     2        9       -      16       26      26        20           0                  0
                                                                                                      3 or
                                                     W       1        2      2C      2B       2A                             U
                              Boys       School      0        0      62       -        -       -        38                   0

                                        National     2       11      65       -        -       -        22                   0

                              Girls      School      0        0      70       -        -       -        30                   0
                                        National     1        8      70       -        -       -        20                   0

                               All       School      0        0      65       -        -       -        35                   0

                                        National     2        9      68       -        -       -        21                   0

W represents children who are working towards level 1, but have not yet achieved the standards needed for level 1 .
U represents children for whom it is not possible to determine a level.
                          Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

                         Key Stage 2 Pupil Performance 2011

These tables show the percentage of year 6 pupils achieving each level in 2011, compared to
national end of key stage 2 teacher assessment levels and test results for 2010.

The number of eligible children is: 55

Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.

                                           TEACHER ASSESSMENTS

                                                          Percentage at each level
                                                                                            Pupils       Pupils
                                W          1        2     3      4        5        6
                                                                                          disapplied     absent
                    School       0         0        0     2     45        53       0           0            0
                   National      1         1        3   14      49        32       0           0            0
                    School       0         0        0     2     38        60       0           0            0
                   National      0         1        3   14      46        35       0           0            0
                    School       0         0        0     0     33        67       0           0            0
                   National      1         0        2   12      49        36       0           0            0

                                               TEST RESULTS

                                                          Percentage at each level
                                 Below                                            Pupils
                                               3          4          5                     #       Pupils absent
                                level 3*                                       not entered
                    School           0         4          51         40             0                   5
                   National          6         13         48         33             0                   1
                    School           0         2          36         58             0                   4
                   National          8         8          33         51             0                   1
                    School           0         9          55         31             0                   5
                   National          5         23         50         21             0                   1
                    School           0         4          47         45             0                   4
                   National          5         14         46         35             0                   1

                         Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

                         Privacy Notice - Data Protection Act
We Acklam Whin Primary School are the Data Controller for the purposes of the Data
Protection Act. We collect information from you, and may receive information about you from
your previous school. We hold this personal data and use it to:

       support your teaching and learning;
       monitor and report on your progress;
       provide appropriate pastoral care, and
       assess how well your school is doing.

This information includes your contact details, national curriculum assessment results,
attendance information A, characteristics such as ethnic group, special educational needs and any
relevant medical information.

We will not give information about you to anyone outside the school without your consent
unless the law and our rules permit it.

We are required by law to pass some of your information to the Local Authority (LA), and the
Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

If you want to see a copy of the information we hold and share about you then please contact a
Diane Vickers or any member of the school office administrative team.

If you require more information about how the LA and/or DCSF store and use this data please
go to the following websites:
    • and

If you are unable to access these websites, please contact the LA or the DCSF as follows:
     Data Protection Officer
        IT Services
        PO Box 17
        Rede House
        69-71 Corporation Road
        TS1 2YW
        tel: 01642 245432

       Public Communications Unit
        Department for Children, Schools and Families
        Sanctuary Buildings
        Great Smith Street
        SW1P 3BT
        tel:            0870 000 2288.

 Attendance information is not collected for pupils under 5 at Early Years Settings or
Maintained Schools

                       Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13

                    School Terms and Holidays 2012 2013

The day prior to the commencement of the school year is a statutory preparation day for
the teaching staff.

                                 Autumn Term 2012

Tuesday 4th September to Friday 21st December 2012

Holidays (inclusive dates)
       Half Term      Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November 2012

                                  Spring Term 2013

Monday 7th January to Friday 28th March 2013

Holidays (inclusive dates)
       Half Term      Monday 18th to Friday 22nd February 2013

                                 Summer Term 2013

Monday 15th April to Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Holidays (inclusive dates)
       Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2013
       Half Term      Monday 27th to Friday 31st June 2013

                            Changes to the Prospectus.
The information in this prospectus was prepared and published in June 2012, and relates
to the 2012/2013 school year. The information enclosed was correct at that time. It
should not be assumed that there will be no changes during the year as legislative and
procedural demands may arise.

                      Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13
                  Acklam Whin Primary School 2012 2013

Pupil: _________________________             Class: ____              Year: ____

Rules for Responsible Internet, Email and Computer Use in School

In school computers are installed with Internet access to help our
learning. These rules will keep us safe and help us to be fair to others.

   I am only allowed to access the Internet when a teacher is present to
    supervise me.
   I will ask permission from a member of staff before using the Internet;
   I will only use the computers for school work and homework;
   I will only use my own personal log-in and password;
   I will only e-mail people my teacher has approved;
   The messages I send will be polite and responsible;
   I will not disclose personal information about myself to any unknown
    person on the internet or by email;
   I will report any unpleasant material or messages sent to me via email
    or as a result of searching on the internet. I understand this report
    would be confidential and would help protect other pupils and myself.

The school will supervise all approved Internet access of the children. All
Internet access will be provided via the filtering system operated by
Middlesbrough Council.

I agree to work within the school rules for using the computers and Internet. I will
use the computers in a responsible way. I understand that if I do not act
responsibly I will not be allowed to use the system for an agreed period of time
and that my parents or guardian will be informed.

As the parent or legal guardian of the pupil named above, I grant permission for
my son or daughter to use electronic mail and the Internet. I understand that
pupils will be held accountable for the appropriate use of the Internet and the
computers in school.

Signature of Parent / Guardian _______________________________

Date ___/___/___

School Website Photograph Permissions
I do not wish my child’s image, either still or video, to be used
on the school’s website in academic year 2012 2013.

                  To be returned to the Class Teacher

Acklam Whin Primary School Prospectus 2012/13


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