MASSA Fall Team Racing Championship by HC120807223720


									                              MASSA Fall Team Racing Championship
               St. Mary's College of Maryland          Saturday, November 8, 2008
  Report by Stovy Brown, Central League Director & Adam Werblow, St Mary’s College Head Coach

The Fall Team Racing Championship was held at St Mary’s College in their new Sailing Center
featuring a well appreciated viewing deck and fireplace indoors. Despite light breezes and a fair bit of
rain, the event was nice. There were eight umpires that were a mix of ages and experience including
three college undergraduates and a newer judge learning from the pros: Barbara Herbig (Chief Umpire),
Stovy Brown, & Rob Rowlands.

Attached are the results of the 24 races that were completed. Unfortunately, the regatta needed 28 races
to complete the round robin. We had a shore side postponement mid-day and then lost the breeze all
together at 3:45 when the racing was called off.

In accordance with the posted Sailing Instructions, although a full round robin was not sailed, the best
course of action was determined to be an analysis of races sailed, which revealed that whatever
happened in the remaining races, the first five places would not change. Therefore, the regatta was
declared as complete. First, second, and third trophies were awarded based on this reasoning.

The results of the races sailed were:

                     CC    NC     MD TR       PF     SA    AN     SV        Wins Losses

Christ Church        X     L      W     W     W            W      L         4      2

Norfolk Collegiate W       X            W     W      W     W      W         6      0

                     L            X     W     W      W     L      L         3      3

Toms River South L         L      L     X            W     L      L         1      5

Pittsford            L     L      L           X      W            L         1      4

St. Anthony's              L      L     L     L      X     L                0      5

Annapolis            L     L      W     W            W     X      L         3      3

Severn               W     L      W     W     W            W      X         5      1

This yields the following standings:

1.   Norfolk Collegiate 6-0
2.   Severn            5-1
3.   Christ Church      4-2
4.   Annapolis          3-3
5.   Mon. Don.          3-3

If Norfolk Collegiate loses and Severn wins their remaining races, they would be tied at 6-1.
Norfolk Collegiate beat Severn in their race, so the tie would be broken in favor of Norfolk Collegiate.

If Severn loses and Christ Church wins their remaining races, they would be tied at 5-2.
Severn beat Christ Church in their race, so the tie would be broken in favor of Severn.

If Christ Church loses and both Annapolis and Mon. Don. win their remaining races, all three
would be tied at 4-3.
Christ Church beat both, so it would remain ahead of both.
Annapolis beat Mon. Don, so that tie would be broken in favor of Annapolis.

Section 5 of the posted Sailing Instructions:
5.1 A single round robin will be sailed with a single championship round robin for the four top teams. If
the result is a tie, the tied teams will sail a tiebreaker round.
5.2 If the above format is not possible within the allotted time, the Regatta Chair and Chief Umpire will
announce the best course of action

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