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									        ISSUE NUMBER 22                                                                                      Autumn 2009

Dear Governors,
Welcome back to a new academic year. I hope you have all         CONTENTS
had an enjoyable summer.                                         CONTACTING MEMBERS OF THE
                                                                 GOVERNOR SERVICES TEAM .....................2
New revised inspection arrangements for maintained               SCHOOLS WHITE PAPER .............................2
schools take effect from September 2009 and there are also       NEW INSPECTION FRAMEWORK ................2
changes to the Self Evaluation Form (SEF). The SEF needs         PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC LIFE .......................3
to be up to date and interactive, so that the Inspectors can     SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS .............................4
use it. The new SEF will be used from January 2010 and           PROVISION MAPPING / MANAGEMENT FOR
the autumn term will be a transition period.                     INCLUSION GUIDANCE MATERIALS ............4
                                                                 CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE PLAN 2010-
Many of you will be aware that Ed Balls published his            2013 - BRIEFING FOR GOVERNORS ...........5
Schools White Paper on 30th June. He has proposed a              CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE OVERVIEW
collection of widespread changes to schools’ operations,         SCRUTINY SUB-COMMITTEE .......................6
governance, accountability and organisation. Some changes        TEACHERS TO RARELY COVER BY
indicate a move towards local accountability while others        SEPTEMBER 2009 .........................................7
show signs of increased DCSF centralisation.                     BUILDING SCHOOLS FOR THE FUTURE (BSF)
                                                                 AND PRIMARY CAPITAL INVESTMENT
In the last Connect we invited nominations for parent            UPDATE ..........................................................7
governor representatives to sit as co-optees on the C&YP         PROCEDURES FOR CHECKING STAFF AND
Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee. There still remain          VOLUNTEERS APPOINTED IN SCHOOLS ...8
three positions open for nomination; please do contact Neil      LAUNCH OF THE NEW SECONDARY AGREED
Murphy on 020 8496 4492 if you are interested in putting         SYLLABUS FOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION IN
yourself forward.                                                WALTHAM FOREST SCHOOLS ....................8
                                                                 QUALITY IN STUDY SUPPORT (QISS) ECO-
Included with this edition is the Annual Training Programme      SCHOOLS - A CELEBRATION .......................8
for Waltham Forest Governors 2009/10. If you would prefer        GOVERNORS’ BRIEFING DATES ...............10
a larger A4 print copy please contact any member of the          SCHOOLS FORUM DATES ..........................10
Governor Services team. The programme will also be
available on the website.
You will be aware from the local press that some of our          Governors CONNECT has been compiled by
schools will shortly become Trust Schools. Norlington and        Waltham Forest Governor Services and produced
George Mitchell Schools will become part of the Leyton           by VTE&S Communication Services.
Learning and Leisure Trust, with the Institute of Education as
a partner. Cann Hall and Tom Hood Schools will form a            Governors CONNECT has ‘signposting’
Trust with the University of East London, the Primary Care       information to highlight, who else needs to know,
Trust, Acacia Nursery and Children’s Centre and Jenny            where else the information can be found and what
Hammond Primary School as partners. During the autumn            else may need to be done.
term all the related paperwork for these will be finalised and   For example:
it is expected that the Trust Boards and at least one of the
Trust Governing Bodies will be in place later this term.               Who else needs to know?

The feedback received on the format of the last Governors’             Where else can the information be found?
Briefing was very positive and I was delighted to see so
many of you there. We will be continuing with the workshop             What else needs to be done (Action)?
format and the next briefing, on 16th September 2009, will
be held at Frederick Bremer School. The focus will be the
new Inspection Framework. We are intending to continue
with termly borough wide briefings and also start area
workshops in the alternate half term.
Duncan Pike, Head of Resources, Children and Young
                                                                                                                 Page 1 of 10
People Services
THE GOVERNOR SERVICES                            FRAMEWORK (for Info)
TEAM (for Info)
                                                      All School Governors
    All School Governors
                                                 New revised inspection arrangements for
I am delighted to welcome Michael Andrews,       maintained schools come into effect from
Governor Development Officer, to our team.       September 2009. The aims of the revised
He joined us in the summer term.                 framework are:
                                                      To have greater impact on standards
Members of the team can be contacted as               Address inconsistency
follows:                                              Avoid slippage
                                                      Close disadvantage gaps                    Ensure the Every Child Matters agenda
Telephone 020 8496 6343
                                                 Some Key Features of the Revised Framework                    Schools previously judged good or better will be
Telephone 020 8496 6338                          inspected at approximately five year intervals
                                                 unless, for example:                  The annual assessment of their
Telephone020 8496 6340                                    performance raises concerns
                                                      There are safeguarding or welfare                      concerns and/or there is a strong ‘voice’ of
Telephone028496 6342                                      concern raised by parents (qualifying
                                                          complaints)                    They are part of an annual sample
Telephone028496 6339                                      selected for inspection
                                                      They are part of a “Statutory hard                       federation” or “Share significant provision”
Telephone028496 6341                                      in a partnership with a school being
                                                          inspected before their due date
 Maire Mannion                                        Schools which were judged satisfactory at
 Governor Services Manager                                their previous Section 5 inspection will be                       inspected within three years
 020 8496 6343                                        Schools judged inadequate in their overall
                                                          effectiveness will continue to receive
                                                          regular monitoring visits. As now they will
SCHOOLS WHITE PAPER (for                                  be re-inspected after a specific period
Info)                                                 A pre-inspection phone call will be part of
                                                          the inspection
    All School Governors                              All schools will have the same two full
                                                          days but the number of inspectors may be
On 30th June 2008 Ed Balls published his                  varied, proportional to size and focus
Schools White Paper ‘Your child, your schools,        More time spent in classrooms observing
our future building a 21st century schools                learning
system’. Details of the outline proposals are         More explicit expectations for governors
attached and further information can be can be            and an enhance judgement about
viewed online at                                          governance and value for money         There will be a new judgement about the                                effectiveness of the school’s engagement
                           (Appendix A)                   with parents
                                                      The safeguarding judgement will be made
 Maire Mannion                                            to a 4-point scale and will contribute to
 Governor Services Manager                                and/or may limit the judgement about                       overall effectiveness. Failures in
 020 8496 6343                                            safeguarding will be reported

                                                                                      Page 2 of 10
Notification of section 5 inspections                apply at all times and should also guide the work
     Schools may receive zero to two                and operation of the governing body.
        working days notice of a section 5           The principles are:
        inspection. The vast majority will
        receive between one and two days.            Selflessness
        However, if there are particular             Holders of public office should take all decisions
        reasons or concerns, a school’s              solely in terms of the public interest. They should
        inspection may take place without            not do so in order to gain financial or other material
        notice                                       benefits for themselves, their family or friends.
     Monitoring visits to schools judged
        satisfactory or inadequate will be           (In the case of school governors this means not
        conducted without notice                     seeking to pursue a policy or course of action
                                                     solely because it benefits family or friends and
Further guidance on the new Inspection               recognising that the reason for holding office is for
Framework will be provided at the Governors’         the benefit of all the children at the school not one
Briefing on Wednesday 16th September 2009.           particular group in isolation. In cases where a
                                                     governor has a pecuniary or direct interest they
 Maire Mannion                                       should declare this and not take part in the
 Governor Services Manager                           decision making process).
 020 8496 6343                                       Integrity
                                                     Holders of public office should not place
PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC LIFE                            themselves under any financial or other obligation
                                                     to outside individuals or organisations that might
(FROM THE SECOND                                     influence them in the performance of their official
REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE                              duties.
LIFE OR ‘NOLAN                                       In carrying out public business, including making
COMMITTEE’)                                          appointments, awarding contracts, or
                                                     recommending individuals for rewards and
     All School Governors                            benefits, holders of public office should make
                                                     choices on merit.
Governors are part of the leadership team of
the school and as such have a duty to behave         Accountability
in a way that does not bring themselves, the         Holders of public office are accountable for their
school or the governing body into disrepute.         decisions and actions to the public and must
                                                     submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is
The strength of a governing body lies in the         appropriate to their office.
talents and commitment of its members, and in
their ability to work together as a team for the     Openness
good of the school. Every governor has an            Holders of public office should be as open as
equal right to participate and to state his or her   possible about all the decisions and actions that
views. No governor has the right to expect           they take. They should give reasons for their
preferential treatment because of his or her         decisions and restrict information only when the
status.                                              wider public interest clearly demands this.

Governors should recognise and support the           (Governing bodies should be mindful of the
Headteacher with his/her responsibilities for the    reasons for determining information as confidential
internal organisation, management and control        in cases other than when individuals are named or
of the school and for advising on and                directly affected by any others in or at the school).
implementing the governing body’s strategic
framework.                                           Honesty
                                                     Holders of public office have a duty to declare any
Governors hold a public office and are               private interests relating to their public duties and
expected to abide at all times by the principles     to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a
governing those in public life. These principles     way that protects public interest.

                                                                                           Page 3 of 10
Leadership                                                   A2.8 The extent to which pupils contribute
Holders of public office should promote and                   to the school and wider community.
support these principles by leadership and                   A2.11 The extent of pupils’ spiritual,
example.                                                      moral, social and cultural development.
                                                             A4.5 The effectiveness of partnerships in
 Maire Mannion                                                promoting learning and well-being.
 Governor Services Manager                                   A4.6 The effectiveness with which the                           school promotes equal opportunity and
 020 8496 6343                                                tackles discrimination.
                                                             A4.8 The effectiveness with which the
SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS (for                                      school promotes community cohesion.

Action)                                              The new Ofsted SEF form can now be downloaded
     All School Governors
                                                     For this reason we would like to have
The government in England wants every school         sustainability added to Governing Body
to be a sustainable school by 2020. The              Meeting agendas from the beginning of the
Department for Children, Schools and Families        autumn term.
(DCSF) launched their Sustainable Schools
Framework in 2006 setting out the challenging        Recommended reading
long-term aspirations for schools to mainstream      DCSF ‘Top Tips to reduce waste in schools’ latest
learning about sustainable development issues        version available.
and sustainable practices into everyday school
life.                                                The education sector disposes of 615,117 tonnes
                                                     of waste per year. Schools can currently spend
Included in this framework is a self assessment      between £300 and £1000 per year on waste
tool for schools ‘S3’, used for grading your         disposal. Through reducing, reusing and recycling
school in terms of its sustainability.               schools can cut waste by 50% saving money on
                                                     disposal costs and reducing their burden on the
Also included in this framework is a self            environment.
assessment tool for the Local Authority which
we aim to complete. In order to complete this        This leaflet provides schools with ten tips on how
assessment we will need information from each        to minimise waste, including advice on working
school. Schools that have completed the ‘S3’         with local authorities and communicating with
can provide us with a copy. For those schools        parents, staff and of course, pupils.
supported to achieve Eco-Schools I can     
complete your information. For the schools who       geFunction=productdetails
have not yet started we will be sending out a
questionnaire in September which we will need        Schools requiring support with Eco-Schools please
to be completed and returned to us by half           contact Beverley Allen.
                                                      Beverley Allen
Governors in their capacity as school leaders         Procurement Manager (Schools)
with statutory responsibilities are key to schools
making sustainability an integral part of school      020 8496 6313
life. This is more important than ever before as
sustainability is now included in the SEF.
                                                     PROVISION MAPPING /
The revised Ofsted SEF has new opportunities         MANAGEMENT FOR
for schools to highlight their sustainable schools   INCLUSION GUIDANCE
activities, across a wide range of different area.
These include:                                       MATERIALS (for Action)

       A2.7 The extent to which pupils adopt             All School Governors
        healthy lifestyles.
                                                     The local authority has a duty to monitor SEN/AEN
                                                     expenditure and in September the finance team

                                                                                           Page 4 of 10
will send schools a simple proforma to fill in that   identifies the boroughs priorities for children and
will give the local authority basic information       young people, based on a robust analysis of need,
about how the SEN/AEN budget is spent. This           and the findings of consultation and involvement
information should be shared with the                 work with children, young people, parents, carers
Governing Body.                                       and partner agencies.

During the autumn term 2009 the local authority       Waltham Forests first CYPP ran from 2006 to
will produce a more detailed budget planning          2009, and identified twelve key priorities across the
tool based on provision management that we            five Every Child Matters outcomes. An interim plan
will share with schools and governing bodies.         has been produced for 2009-2010 due to the need
Schools will be encouraged to use this when           to incorporate forthcoming legislation into the next
budget planning in 2010.                              three year plan, which will run from 2010-2013.
                                                      This plan will be built around a rights framework.
The intention is that when schools plan their
budgets in 2011 they will be expected to return       Electronic copies of the original plan and its annual
a detailed SEN/AEN budget plan and provision          reviews are available on the Waltham Forest
management will be the preferred tool.                website.

The Audit Commission have produced a Value            Why is the plan important for schools?
for Money tool that is available on their website     New legislation is likely to be issued in Spring
for use by all schools. The DCSF have also            2010, which extends the statutory duty to co-
commissioned Avail to provide one days                operate under the Children Act 2004 to schools,
support for all schools. They can be contacted        sixth forms and further and higher educational
by using the following link                           institutions. Furthermore, the Children and Young    People Plan guidance 2009, issued by the
p://          Department for Children, Schools and Families
                                                      (DCSF), emphasises the importance of schools at
Chairs of Governors will be sent provision            the heart of the community.
management materials that Waltham Forest
produced in partnership with SENJIT (special          As the CYPP 2010-2013 is the boroughs
educational needs joint initiative for training).     overarching strategic document for children and
Schools received copies at the SEN                    young people, it is essential that schools are
Conference held in February. These materials          confident that the plan both reflects their own
are available on the council SEN website.             priorities, and provides a framework which they
                                                      can use in planning at a school level, for example
More information can be found on the SEN              through their School Development Plans.
website from September 2009.
                                                      What are the plans for involving schools in the
 Jaynn Taylor                                         development of the plan?
 Group Manager SEN/LDD                                Meetings with Headteachers were held throughout                    June 2009 on the proposed rights framework for
 020 8496 6512                                        the plan (outlined on page two), and the response
                                                      was generally positive. Feedback from
CHILDREN AND YOUNG                                    Headteachers has been incorporated into the
                                                      planning process, specifically concerning:
PEOPLE PLAN 2010-2013 -                                    The suggestion of developing three area
BRIEFING FOR GOVERNORS                                         profiles from the overall profile of children
(for Action)                                                   and young people, to more effectively
                                                               inform school planning at a local level.
     All School Governors                                      This has been built into the planning
                                                               process after the publication of the plan in
What is the Children and Young People                          April 2010.
Plan?                                                      Clarification over what the success criteria
The Children and Young People Plan (CYPP),                     for the plan would look like in a school
is an overarching strategic plan which local                   setting.
authorities have a legal responsibility to
produce under the Children Act 2004. The Plan

                                                                                            Page 5 of 10
There is also headteacher representation on         widespread media attention and community
the project group for the plan, which meets         concern. At the meeting 14 partner organisations
monthly, to oversee and steer its development.      were represented with over 60 attendees. It
                                                    included three young people who advised the
A piece of involvement work with parents was        Police. Recommendations from the sub-committee
commissioned in July, and Governor                  were taken to cabinet for action and included
representatives were invited to come forward as     increasing resources for police activities to tackle
part of this process. The Head of Education for     knife crime locally and to encourage the support of
Communities will be attending the Governors         young people by offering more opportunities
forum in September to ask for your views            through local apprenticeships. The work of the sub-
around the CYPP.                                    committee was commended shortly after the
                                                    meeting at the regional London Council forum
Where can I find out more?                          where a report was taken from the chair.
Further details, and specific information on who
to contact should you have any suggestions, is      The Child Poverty strategy was approved in
available at:                                       December 2008. The scrutiny sub-committee was        instrumental in maintaining the momentum of this                               strategy during the development phase being
                                                    linked directly into the timeline for development -
A copy of the Children Young People Plan is         reviewing the content and offering guidance on no
attached to this edition.                           less than two separate occasions. In March 2009
                          (Appendix B)              the Council was notified that it had been successful
                                                    in securing Government funding for a Child Poverty
 Leora Cruddas                                      Innovation Pilot totalling 1m up until 2011. The pilot
 Head of Education for Communities                  will help deliver elements of the Child Poverty                 Strategy that was approved in December 2008.
 020 8496 3206
                                                    Scrutiny is also about engaging with children and
CHILDREN AND YOUNG                                  young people and enabling them to be heard. This
                                                    year the sub-committee has been closely involved
PEOPLE OVERVIEW                                     with and has strongly supported the activities of
SCRUTINY SUB-COMMITTEE                              young people in their work involving Youth Flash.
(for Info)                                          Initiated within the sub-committee it has created a
                                                    link with local media where young people from the
     All School Governors                           community are given an opportunity to express
                                                    their views around issues that are of relevance to
                                                    them. It offers them a forum to discuss important
All in all, 2008/9 has been an exciting and
                                                    youth related issues and also creates a direct
demanding year for the sub-committee charged
                                                    communication link to the sub-committee. Often
with representing children and young people in
                                                    issues discussed at sub-committee are reflected in
Waltham Forest.
                                                    the issues that are brought up in Youth Flash.
Scrutiny is about making an impact and over
                                                    Finally, in arguably the most familiar and central
the last year the sub-committee has been
                                                    role of scrutiny that of the independent-minded
closely involved in the development of key
                                                    'critical friend' we have continued to strive to drive
policies and strategies as well as being
                                                    improvement by diligently monitoring Council and
proactive in examining issues immediately
                                                    partner services to ensure good practice,
affecting young people locally.
                                                    effectiveness and value for money. For instance,
In particular it has been closely involved in the
                                                    over the last year we have taken regular standing
review and monitoring of the development of
                                                    reports from our strategic education partners on
the Child Poverty strategy and following intense
                                                    the pivotal issue of priority schools in the borough
local media coverage was proactive in covering
                                                    the sub-committee reviewing progress against
knife crime issues in the local area.
                                                    improvement targets and making
                                                    recommendations based on evidence provided.
In October of 2008, the sub-committee
                                                    The sub-committee is also regularly updated on
undertook a far-reaching exploration of the
                                                    major capital programmes such as Building
issues surrounding knife crime in the borough
                                                    Schools for the Future where specific activities and
following serious local incidents that drew

                                                                                          Page 6 of 10
projects are examined and monitored to ensure      BUILDING SCHOOLS FOR THE
satisfactory progress is being made against the
expectations of the council.
                                                   FUTURE (BSF) AND PRIMARY
                                                   CAPITAL INVESTMENT
We are anticipating that the year to come will     UPDATE (for Info)
be no less demanding and are looking forward
once again to making a difference for the               All School Governors
children and young people of Waltham Forest.
                                                   BSF Update
Find out more at:                                  Waltham Forest Council is delighted to confirm that       its bid for additional BSF funding has been
ttees/scrutiny-and-overview.htm                    successful.

 Anthony Lane                                      Partnership for Schools, the organisation
 Scrutiny Unit                                     responsible for BSF funds, has approved a further                 16.6m of capital funding. Waltham Forest Council
 020 8496 8245                                     will apply the prioritisation processes already
                                                   approved by schools in determining how this
TEACHERS TO RARELY                                 additional funding will be used.
                                                   An update on some of our BSF projects -
(for Info)                                         construction work is ongoing at the Walthamstow
                                                   School for Girls and Whitefields Special School
     All School Governors                          sites. In addition, the BSF project team hope to
                                                   have made some key developments in relation to
All of you should be aware of this item, as it     acquiring the new site for Willowfield School over
was an agenda item last term and there was         the coming months.
also an article in summer term Connect. The
Workforce Agreement Monitoring Group               For more news relating to our BSF investment in
(WAMG) has recently published guidance             Waltham Forest, please visit our new web pages at
around rarely cover, which has been distributed
to schools. This sets out the basis on which the
provision that teachers should rarely cover for
absent colleagues should be implemented from       Primary Capital Investment Update
1st September 2009.                                Willow Brook Primary expansion is underway; this
                                                   will provide an additional form of entry for the
A breakfast meeting will take place on             Leyton South planning area. The exciting new
Friday 18th September 2009 from 8.00 -             Queens Road Primary School is in its final stages
10.00 at the Prince Regent Hotel, Chigwell         of financial close with our Local Education Partner
(breakfast will be served from 8.00-8.30). This    (Bougyues UK) and works are due to start on site
meeting will address key points from the           in the Autumn.
WAMG implementation guidance and the
implications in primary schools, and will be       These are the two largest projects that are
followed by questions and discussion.              benefiting from the Primary Capital Investment to
                                                   provide additional pupil places for our ever-
Headteachers and other members of the senior       increasing pupil numbers in Waltham Forest.
leadership team have been invited and
governors are also invited to join this session.    Moira Bishop
To book a place please e-mail                       Head of Capital Strategy and Partnering               
                                                    020 8496 3505
 Christine Ewers
 Workforce Development Manager
 020 8498 4185

                                                                                        Page 7 of 10
PROCEDURES FOR                                     Academy and faith schools in the borough will also
                                                   use parts if not all of the syllabus. Included are
CHECKING STAFF AND                                 exemplar recommended units of work for Key
VOLUNTEERS APPOINTED IN                            Stage 3 that have been written in detail by working
SCHOOLS (for Info)                                 parties of teachers, faith community members and
                                                   RE professionals for teachers, so that those who
     All School Governors                          use the materials can do so in the knowledge that
                                                   all the units have been agreed and approved by
Attached to this edition is guidance that has      the relevant faith community. A useful 6th form
been produced as a reminder and update on          section includes material to stretch students
the procedures that schools must follow when       thinking skills and to enrich A level programmes.
appointing staff and volunteers.
                            (Appendix C, C1)       Thanks must go to all the members of WF SACRE
                                                   involved in the many hours of work which has
 Julia Adams                                       contributed to this document. SACRE members
 Principal HR Adviser                              are unpaid volunteers representing all faith                  communities in Waltham Forest and teachers
 020 8496 6320                                     groups and they have given willingly of their time
                                                   and expertise to ensure that this Agreed Syllabus
                                                   provides teachers with the best available resource
LAUNCH OF THE NEW                                  material to work from. The Syllabus development
SECONDARY AGREED                                   has been an example of successful partnership
SYLLABUS FOR RELIGIOUS                             working where many difficult issues have been
                                                   discussed in order to ensure support for teachers
EDUCATION IN WALTHAM                               and a programme of study that will help Waltham
FOREST SCHOOLS (for Info)                          Forest pupils to develop as responsible citizens of
                                                   your present and future community.
     All School Governors
                                                   Waltham Forest should be rightly proud of the
Headteachers, RE Co-ordinators, teachers,          completed Agreed Syllabus which will be reviewed
governors, councillors and faith leaders           in five years time in the light of changes to the
attended the launch of the revised Secondary       whole curriculum. In the mean time WF SACRE
Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in         will still be looking to add further units to KS3 to
Waltham Forest Secondary schools on                broaden the spread and appeal of the optional
Tuesday 23rd June at Walthamstow Academy.          units bank. Work is also planned to ensure that the
The syllabus, which has been produced on           contents of the Agreed Syllabus can be adapted so
disc, is the result of collaboration between the   that schools can fit in its legally required contents
SACRE, Faith communities and VTE&S in              within the new primary and secondary thematic
Waltham Forest. The disc will be distributed to    based.
all WF Secondary schools.
                                                    Ted Cooke
The new Secondary section of the Agreed             Chair of SACRE
Syllabus has been worked on over a number of
years following the publication of the
Foundation/KS1/KS2 syllabus some three/four        QUALITY IN STUDY SUPPORT
years ago and follows on the same principles.
The Primary school Agreed Syllabus was so
                                                   (QISS) ECO-SCHOOLS - A
successful it was purchased and adapted by         CELEBRATION (for Info)
their SACREs for schools in Haringey, Islington
and Lambeth.                                            All School Governors

The Syllabus sets out statutory requirements for   Join the External Funding Support Service (EFSS)
all the secondary phase that will be followed by   on the steps of Walthamstow Town Hall next year
all secondary aged children in Waltham Forest      to celebrate your school/establishment achieving
maintained schools, with the aim of fostering      QISS and/or Eco-Schools status!
knowledge and understanding of all faiths and
none. It is also anticipated that Walthamstow

                                                                                        Page 8 of 10
                                                    Emerged or Established status and they can now
                                                    proudly show off their QISS kite mark logo.
                                                    Another 14 schools/establishments are also
                                                    actively pursuing QISS recognition.

                                                    Schools/establishments that achieved QISS this
                                                    year are:
                                                    Brookfield House – Established Level
                                                    Chingford Foundation – Established Level
                                                    Leytonstone School – Established Level
                                                    Rush Croft School – Established Level
                                                    Coppermill Primary – Emerged Level
                                                    Highams Park – Emerged Level
                                                    Lammas School – Emerged Level
                                                    Willowfield School – Emerged Level
                                                    Youth Support Service – Emerged Level
      Representatives from successful QISS
 establishments and Eco-Schools with Cllrs Chris
            Robbins and Bob Belam
                                                    The Government in England wants every school to
                                                    be a sustainable school by 2020.
Quality in Study Support (QISS) provides a
                                                    Eco-Schools is an international award programme
flexible framework that supports schools and
                                                    that guides schools on their sustainable journey,
other organisations to develop and deliver
                                                    providing a framework to help embed these
Study Support provision that is closely linked to
                                                    principals into the heart of school life.
a school/organisation’s overall purposes and
targets as identified through school
                                                    Joining the Eco-Schools programme is free and it
improvement plans, Extended School cluster
                                                    makes tackling sustainable issues manageable
targets etc.
                                                    and easy for all schools, whether they are
                                                    children’s centres, nurseries, primary schools,
The term Study Support covers a wide range of
                                                    secondary schools or schools with special status.
activities already being delivered by schools
including: sporting and physical activity;
                                                    Children are the driving force behind Eco-Schools
creative and performing arts; craft and
                                                    – they lead the eco-committee and help carry out
technology; homework clubs; booster and
                                                    an audit to assess the environmental performance
revision sessions linked to subjects of the
                                                    of their school. Through consultation with the rest
curriculum and cross curricular themes; hobby
                                                    of the school and the wider community it is the
activities and games clubs; peer education and
                                                    pupils that decide which environmental themes
mentoring; breakfast clubs; summer and
                                                    they want to address and how they are going to do
supplementary schools.
                                                    it. Measuring and monitoring is an integral part of
The purpose of Study Support is to improve
                                                    the Eco-Schools programme, providing schools
young people’s motivation, help build self-
                                                    with all the evidence they need to really shout
esteem and help them become effective
                                                    about their environmental success.

                                                    Schools that have achieved Eco-Schools bronze
The quality assurance mark is a self-evaluation
                                                    award this year are:
process that has 3 levels of accreditation:
                                                    Beaumont Primary
Emerged, Established and Advanced. This
                                                    Davies Lane Primary
nationally recognised kite mark acknowledges
                                                    George Tomlinson Primary
schools/organisations that deliver well planned,
                                                    Henry Maynard Juniors
high quality study support activities that
                                                    Hillyfield Primary
respond to, and meet, the needs of children
                                                    Mayville Primary
and young people, and link with the community.
                                                    Riverley Primary
                                                    St. Helen’s Infants
Including this year’s successful schools /
                                                    St Joseph’s Infants
establishments, 16 secondary, special and
                                                    Wellington Primary
primary schools plus Leyton Orient Community
Sports Programme have now achieved either
                                                    Get your School/Establishment recognised!

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For more information or to begin the QISS        SCHOOLS FORUM DATES (for
process, please contact Munirah Irani -
For more information or to begin the Eco-
Schools process, please contact Beverley             All School Governors
                                                 Please note below the meeting dates for the
 Munirah Irani                                   Schools Forum during the academic year
 External Funding Support Service                2009/2010.
 020 8496 6335
                                                  Meeting              Date              Venue
 Beverley Allen
 Procurement Manager (Schools)                    Wednesday            23rd September    WFTH              Evenings             2009              Room 3
 020 8496 6313
                                                  6.30-8.30pm          11th November     WFTH
                                                                       2009              Room 6
GOVERNORS’ BRIEFING                               At Walthamstow
DATES (for Info)                                  Town Hall, Forest    9th December      WFTH
                                                  Road E17             2009              Room 6
     All School Governors
                                                                       20th January      WFTH
Please note below the Governors Briefing dates                         2010              Room 6
for this academic year:
                                                                       10th February     WFTH
Wednesday 16th September 2009 (at                                      2010              Room 6
Frederick Bremer School, Fulbourne Road,
E17)                                                                   10th March        WFTH
                                                                       2010              Room 2
Wednesday, 13th January 2010 (at the
SCORE Centre, Oliver Road, E10)                                        19th May 2010     WFTH
                                                                                         Room 3
Wednesday, 28th April 2010 (at Frederick
Bremer School, Fulbourne Road, E17)                                    16th June 2010    WFTH
                                                                                         Room TBA
All briefings to be held from 7.00 - 9.00pm.

 Maire Mannion                                    John Marks
 Governor Services Manager                        Senior Business Support Officer     
 020 8496 6343                                    020 8496 3593

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