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					Total GEF grant and fee allocation by fund and agency
Fund                       Total             UNEP              ADB
 GEF TF grant*              9,090,909         3,000,000        6,090,909
Agency Fee                    909,091           300,000          609,091
Sub-total                  10,000,000         3,300,000        6,700,000

 SCCF grant*               1,818,182           250,000          1,568,182
Agency Fee                   181,818            25,000            156,818
Sub-total                  2,000,000           275,000          1,725,000

TOTAL                     12,000,000         3,575,000          8,425,000

Total GEF grant and fee allocation by fund and agency (summary)
                           Total             UNEP             ADB
GEF Grant*                 10,909,091         3,250,000       7,659,091
Fee                         1,090,909           325,000         765,909
TOTAL                      12,000,000         3,575,000       8,425,000

*Note: GEF TF and SCCF grant figures include grant allocation and project management costs
Pilot Asia-Pacific Climate Technology Network and Finance Center
Project Framework
                                  GEF Focal                                                                                                                                                                            Project                                                        Indicative
                                               Lead    Grant                                                                                                                          GEFTF         SCCF                               Total GEF      Agency Fee
     Project Component              Area                               Expected Outcomes                                            Expected Outputs                                                                 Management                                     Total GEF ($)    Cofinancing      Grand total ($)
                                              Agency   Type                                                                                                                            ($)           ($)                               Grant ($)       10% ($)
                                  Objective                                                                                                                                                                             Cost                                                             ($)

    Facilitating a network of      CCM-1,     UNEP      TA     1.1 Increased collaboration for         Regional and thematic expert groups to advise governments on technology         1,000,000       0             Covered through      1,000,000       100,000        1,100,000        2,000,000         3,100,000
    national and regional          CCM-2,                      transfer of climate technologies        transfer for low-carbon and climate-resilient development                                                       UNEP in kind
    centers, networks,             CCM-3,                      between national thematic or                                                                                                                             contribution
    organizations, and             CCM-4                       sector/technology specific              Increased number of public-private partnerships
    initiatives                                                centers/institutions
1                                                                                                      Increased national and regional collaboration (including partnerships)
                                                                                                       between key players/actors for low-carbon and climate-resilient development

                                                                                                       Increased south-south and north-south cooperation for climate technology

    Building/strengthening         CCM-1,     UNEP      TA     2.1 Thematic and technology specific    Specialized institutions mandated by governments to act as focal points for     1,000,000       0             Covered through      1,000,000       100,000        1,100,000       2,100,000          3,200,000
    national and regional          CCM-2,                      institutions and networks capable of    information, advice and expertise for low- carbon and climate-resilient                                         UNEP in kind
    technology transfer centers    CCM-3,                      providing environmentally               development and climate technology transfer                                                                      contribution
    and centers of excellence      CCM-4                       sustainable technology (EST) transfer
                                                               services to governments, financial      User-friendly, cost-effective and reliable facilities for EST investment
                                                               institutions, public and private        promotion and project development covering: tech-entrepreneurship
                                                               technology developers/providers are     development and green productivity; technology trade communities;
                                                               strengthened (or created) at national   searchable databases on ESTs, service investment and business
                                                               and regional levels                     opportunities; and project management workspaces for geographically
                                                                                                       Climate change focal points and representatives from the national climate
                                                                                                       change offices are able to better identify the links between low- carbon and
                                                                                                       climate- resilient development and technology transfer

                                                                                                       Strengthened capability of institutions and professionals for designing,
                                                                                                       implementing, operating and monitoring climate mitigation and adaptation
                                                                                                       measures and market transformation mechanisms/initiatives for technology
                                                                                                       transfer needs

    Design, development and        CCM-1,     UNEP      TA     3.1 Long-term growth in national,       Country-driven EST transfer policies, programmes, demonstration projects        1,000,000           250,000   Covered through      1,250,000       125,000        1,375,000       3,300,000          4,675,000
    implementation of country-     CCM-2,                      regional and global demand for          and scale-up strategies                                                                                         UNEP in kind
    driven EST transfer            CCM-3,                      investments in ESTs is established                                                                                                                       contribution
    policies, programs,            CCM-4,                                                          National and regional standards and regulations for identified priority
    demonstration projects,        CCA-3                       3.2 Enabling policy environment and climate technologies
    and scale-up strategies                                    mechanisms created for transfer of
3                                                              climate technologies                Cost-effective mechanisms, adapted to individual country conditions, for
                                                                                                   leveraging increased public and private investments in climate technologies
                                                               3.3 Enhanced enabling environment
                                                               to support adaptation-related       NAMA/NAPA-linked subsidies and other financial incentives aimed at
                                                               technology transfer                 reducing EST project development/transaction costs

                                                                                 Sub-total UNEP                                                                                        3,000,000        250,000                  -        3,250,000       325,000        3,575,000       7,400,000        14,550,000
  Integrating climate              CCM-1,      ADB      TA     4.1 Development and transfer of         National development strategies which identify policies to facilitate             819,091   240,000              50,000            1,109,091       110,909        1,220,000         500,000         1,720,000
  technology financing             CCM-2,                      climate technologies identified as      investments in climate technologies
  needs into national              CCM-3,                      part of national development
  development strategies,          CCM-4,                      priorities
  plans, and investment            CCA-3

    Catalyzing investments in      CCM-1,      ADB      Inv    5.1 Increased investments in ESTs       Financing mobilized for EST products                                            2,571,818   1,328,182           150,000            4,050,000       405,000        4,455,000      62,950,000        67,405,000
    EST deployment                 CCM-2,                      (e.g. energy efficiency, renewable
                                   CCM-3,                      energy such as solar, small wind,       Investments made in venture firms with EST products
                                   CCM-4,                      efficient transport, and adaptation
                                   CCA-3                       technologies in water and health        Note: $64 million co-financing from ADB consists of $60 million equity and
                                                               sectors), including investments by      $4 million grant for TA
                                                               venture capital funds

                                                               5.2 ESTs successfully deployed
                               GEF Focal                                                                                                                                                         Project                                                     Indicative
                                            Lead    Grant                                                                                                            GEFTF        SCCF                        Total GEF      Agency Fee
   Project Component             Area                               Expected Outcomes                                        Expected Outputs                                                  Management                                  Total GEF ($)    Cofinancing     Grand total ($)
                                           Agency   Type                                                                                                              ($)          ($)                        Grant ($)       10% ($)
                               Objective                                                                                                                                                          Cost                                                          ($)

  Establishing a                CCM-1,      ADB      TA     6.1 Demonstration of the assisted   Transfer of low-carbon technologies with significant replicability    2,400,000    0            100,000          2,500,000       250,000        2,750,000       4,100,000        6,850,000
  "marketplace" of owners       CCM-2,                      broker model for transfer of low-
  and users of low-carbon       CCM-3                       carbon technologies that can be     The platform and documentation for a full-fledged EST marketplace
6 technologies to facilitate                                scaled up and replicated in other
  their transfer                                            regions

                                                                             Sub-total ADB                                                                            5,790,909    1,568,182        300,000     7,659,091        765,909       8,425,000       67,550,000       75,975,000
                                                                              TOTAL                                                                                  8,790,909    1,818,182        300,000    10,909,091     1,090,909      12,000,000        74,950,000      90,525,000

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