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									         Rx News – NM Pharmacists Association
                                      By Dale Tinker, Executive Director
                                               March 28, 2008

In this issue:
   o   UNM College of Pharmacy Student Leaders
   o   Immunization Month April event
   o   Medicaid Tamper Resistant Prescriptions in effect April 1, 2008
   o   NMPhA Election Endorsements
   o   Prescription Improvement Coalition March newsletter available
   o   Mark your calendar
   o   Pharmacist Mutual Information

UNM College of Pharmacy Student Leaders Recognized
   An Invitation from Dean John Pieper, UNM College of Pharmacy!
   I am pleased to announce that the College is sponsoring a special recognition event to honor the
   recent national accomplishments of our student pharmacists. The details are listed below.

                         College of Pharmacy Student Leadership Celebration
                                Thursday, April 3, 2008 ~ 5:00 - 7:00 PM
                                Domenici Center Lower-Level Courtyard
                          heavy Hors D’oeuvres, wine, music and fun provided!

                  Adriane Irwin, newly elected APhA-ASP National President Elect
              Melissa Skelton Duke, outgoing APhA-ASP National Speaker of the House
               Kimberly Neff 2008 APhA-ASP Student Leadership Award, Vice Chair,
                APhA-ASP National Policy Committee, Recipient, Robert D. Gibson
                                  Student Pharmacist Scholarship
                   Preeyaporn Sarangarm, Member, APhA-ASP National Student
                                        Awards Committee
                   Summer Schroeder, 2008 NCPA Summer Internship Recipient
               Regina Scott, Member, NCPA Pharmacy Student Executive Committee

                 Please join us in celebrating and honoring the national accomplishments
                                        of our student pharmacists!

Immunization Month April event
   The third “Got Shots? Protect Tots!” week is coming the week of April 21-26, 2008. Please do your part and
   join the New Mexico Department of Health, the New Mexico Primary Care Association and the New Mexico
   Immunization Coalition, along with our managed care partners, Molina, Lovelace and Presbyterian, and Blue
   Cross Blue Shield in making sure that all New Mexican children are immunized on time! Be sure to fill out the
   attached registration form and fax it back to us by April 4, 2008.

   A letter to providers and a registration form are available on the NMPhA website at:
One Final Reminder…Medicaid Tamper Resistant Prescription Law
Becomes Effective on April 1
  As we have previously communicated, the Medicaid Tamper Resistant Prescription requirements will be
  effective beginning April 1, 2008. The law applies only to written prescriptions for covered outpatient
  drugs; prescriptions that are transmitted from the prescriber to the pharmacy verbally, by fax, or through
  an e-prescription are not impacted by the statute, and so those methods may be used as alternatives to a
  written prescription. The law applies whenever Medicaid pays any portion of the cost of a prescription.

  To be considered tamper resistant on April 1, 2008, a prescription pad must contain at least one of the
  following three characteristics:

      1. one or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent unauthorized copying of a
           completed or blank prescription form;
      2.   one or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent the erasure or modification of
           information written on the prescription pad by the prescriber;
      3.   one or more industry recognized features designed to prevent the use of counterfeit prescription

  By October 1, 2008, a prescription pad must contain all three of the above characteristics to be
  considered tamper-resistant.

  What can pharmacists do if they are not sure if a prescription meets the requirements?

          Call the prescribing practitioner to obtain verbal confirmation of the prescription and document the
           confirmation appropriately. (NOTE: the pharmacy does not need to speak to the prescriber
           directly; a nurse or administrative staff person who is authorized to act on behalf of the prescriber
           may confirm the prescription.)

          Fill the prescription and obtain documentation within 72 hours. A pharmacy may fill prescriptions
           on an emergency basis, provided that the pharmacy obtains a compliant prescription within 72
           hours after the fill date. The compliant prescription may be in the form of a written prescription on
           tamper-resistant paper or may be obtained by verbal communication with the prescriber, by
           facsimile, or by e-prescription.

  What resources are available to assist pharmacists with understanding these requirements?

  CMS has created a Fact Sheet for pharmacists outlining the above information in detail and several other
  useful frequently asked questions. Each State Medicaid Agency has also issued its own guidance on this
  requirement. If pharmacists have any questions about when the tamper-resistant law is applicable, or for
  additional information about the rules in your State, please contact your State Medicaid Agency. The
  contact information for each State is listed on the last two pages of the fact sheet.

  Additionally, pharmacists can visit the CMS DRA Government Info web page. This page contains direct
  links to CMS’ written policy on the tamper resistant prescription requirements; including the letter to State
  Medicaid Directors; our top questions related to tamper resistant prescriptions; and a policy update for
  two additional issues (provider additions to otherwise non-tamper resistant prescriptions and computer
  generated prescriptions).

  Chris Worrall, Special Assistant
  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

  Note: Medicaid is working on an updated letter for guidance of providers. NM Medicaid has been
  providing resources for physicians in getting pads that meet the requirements and most physicians should
  be compliant.
NMPhA Election Endorsements – Executive Council Meeting 2/9/08
  Congresswoman Heather Wilson endorsed for the U.S. Senate!
  Congresswoman Wilson has been a tremendous supporter of pharmacists through her efforts at the
  Federal level. When the “Tamper Resistant Prescription Pad” issue threatened to devastate management
  within the community pharmacies, Congresswoman Wilson provided support for the changes needed to
  delay implementation for six months. This allowed time for physicians to become prepared for this
  dramatic change.

  To support Heather Wilson visit her campaign website at:

  Michelle Lujan-Grisham endorsed for the 1st Congressional District!
  Michelle, as the former Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Health, has been a long time
  supporter for pharmacist participation in clinical services. She was a strong supporter of efforts to include
  pharmacists in the insurance code as providers and practitioners. She advocated for support when we
  were changing statutes to allow pharmacists to administer vaccinations and again when we were changing
  the law to allow pharmacists to prescribe under protocols. Pharmacists were able to participate in
  Medication review efforts with the Aging and Longterm Services Department when she was Cabiner
  Secretary for that Department.
          To support Michelle Lujan-Grisham visit her campaign website at:

Prescription Improvement Coalition
  The March issue of "Take Your PIC," the monthly newsletter of the New Mexico Prescription
  Improvement Coalition, is available for viewing on the NMMRA Web site:
  www.nmmra.org/resources/?group=63 Click on March 2008 "New Mexico Launches Medicaid
  E-Prescribing Initiatives"

Mark your calendar

  PTCB Exam Dates: Those planning to take the PTCB Exam are encouraged to register on-line.
  Go to www.ptcb.org and follow the registration links.

  Application Receipt Deadline: Testing Window Begins:                        Testing Window Ends:
        April 4, 2008              April 28, 2008                                   June 20, 2008
        July 25, 2008              Aug. 18, 2008                                    Sept. 26, 2008
        Oct. 17, 2008              Nov. 10, 2008                                    Dec. 19, 2008

  NM Board of Pharmacy Meeting - 2008 Meeting Schedule
       June 16 – 17, 2008
       August 25 – 26, 2008 (Ruidoso)
       October 20 - 21, 2008

  Plan to Attend:
  The NMPhA 79th Annual Convention
  June 21-22, 2008 - Wyndham Hotel Albuquerque!
  The NM Pharmaceutical Care Foundation
  UNM College of Pharmacy Golf Tournament
  June 20, 2008
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