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					Brett Rogers, Founder
          What is 247Toolset?
• 247Toolset helps you better manage and
  coordinate the resources within your
  organization by allowing those resources to
  create a profile of their skills and talents for
  your organization's inventory.
• Or, more simply: a contact management tool
  on steroids that your organization can have for
  only $19.95 per month.
            Resource Profiles
• You invite your constituents to become a
  resource and create a profile.
• Each resource describes their willingness to
  get involved using attributes beneficial to your
• 247Toolset helps you get it done by making it
  easy for you to manage your organization's
  correspondence, action items, and resources.

  – Integrated Correspondence Tracking
  – Integrated Project / Action Item Management
  – Integrated Resource Search / Engagement
          A Screenshot Demo
• Let's say you take a call from Wendell at your
  accounting firm. He wants you to come to his
  office and spend time going over your
  organization's tax return.
• You might need help gathering the proper
  documents before you get to the accountant's
  office, to save time and money.
• What follows is how that would happen using
               Take the Call
• You start by clicking into the Correspondence
  module of 247Toolset and choosing "Add
Select the Contact
     Fill in the Details of the Call
• Note that you can promote Correspondence
  to a Project / Action Item when you click Save
View the Correspondence
Navigate to View the Project
Add a Tax Expert Role to the Project
From There, You Go Right to Search...
       Look for Someone
with a Background in Accounting
          The Request Process
• From within your pool of resources, you don't
  know right away who is willing to help you -
  but 247Toolset makes it easy for you to find
  likely candidates, and send a request for
  engagement to them by email.
• Here's how...
Filter, then Add Them to Cart
Checkout and Send the Request
Elapsed Time: 3 Minutes
What Each Resource Receives in Email
        Your Project Dashboard
• From your Project's Dashboard, you'll be able
  to monitor who has stepped forward to get
  involved, and
  that's just the
  beginning of
  what 247Toolset
  helps you do.
  There is no other
  platform like it.
        Your 247Toolset Portal
• Each 247Toolset portal is its own web site,
  adjacent to your current web site, skinned to
  mimic your branding.
• The data entered into your 247Toolset portal
  is yours and will never be shared, given, or
  sold to anyone else.
• The attributes you use to inventory your
  resources are customizable to your needs.
        All That Capability...
         ...for less than $1 per day!

           Who uses 247Toolset?

 Non-profits, staffing companies, churches,
 politicians, schools... any organization that
needs to save money and be more effective.
Contact 247Toolset for a personal demo
    and learn how your organization
 can save money and be more effective

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