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									Staff Guide to Using the Assignment                       put in 30 points. Instead you can, if necessary,
                                                          weight the assignment in the Grade Center.
The Assignment function in Blackboard is a
powerful tool for the organisation and management
of the electronic submission of coursework. The           A new field allows you to set the due date for the
assignment function provides the following                assignment. Note that selecting this option and
functionality; a content item to distribute briefs for    entering the date, does not inform the students
an assignment, a method for students to submit            what the due date is, you need to tell them
their coursework, and a Grade Center entry for            separately.
marking and file download.

To create an Assignment area

Enter the module you want to create the
Assignment area in and go into the control panel.         If you want to weigh assignments, you can go back
Go into the content area you want to add the              to the Control Panel, at a later, stage, select the
Assignment area to. On the right hand side you            Grade Center option, click on Weight Grades, then
will see the drop down menu below. Click on the           select the Weight by Item and enter the percentage
down arrow and select Assignment. Click GO.               of weight each assignment should carry.

                                                          Give your students some guidance on the
                                                          assignment in the Instructions box, for example to
                                                          point them to an attached assignment brief. Don’t
                                                          forget to include the assignment submission
                                                          deadline. We also recommend that you supply the
                                                          students with the University’s plagiarism statement
                                                          or ask them to copy it from the paper form, when
                                                          they submit their assignments electronically.

On the following page, under Content Information,         You can, if you wish, click on the Browse button to
give your assignment a meaningful Name.                   attach a file to the assignment.

                                                           If you wish you can add a Name of Link to File
                                                          (which will be underlined), otherwise the link will
                                                          have the default name of the file as saved on your
                                                          computer. Otherwise the original file name will be
                                                          the underlined link to the file.

                                                          Next choose the availability options as given
You can choose a colour that the name of the
assignment will be displayed in by clicking on Pick
and selecting the colour of your choice (we advise
that you keep to black for accessibility reasons.)

Specify a value for Points Possible. If you intend
to mark it out of 100% but the assignment is worth
30% of the final module mark do not be tempted to

                                             University of Westminster - Online Learning Development - September 2006
                                                           Click on the exclamation mark corresponding to
          AVAILABILITY OPTIONS                             their name in the Grade Center. In the following
                                                           Modify Grade page, under the Attempt section click
Do you want to make the content visible?                   on the View Attempt
Checking ‘Yes’ makes it available to students.             button.

Do you want to track the number of views? Check
‘Yes’ to monitor student activity and find out who
has actually looked at the item.
                                                           In the Grade Assignment page, under item 2,
Choose date restrictions. Only check these boxes           ‘Student’s Work’, there will be a link to the
if you want to restrict the dates an assignment is         individual piece of work which can be opened by
available for. If you want it available all the time do    clicking on the link or saved/printed using a right
not check the boxes or change the dates.                   click and choosing the appropriate option from the
                                                           short cut menu.
When ready click on the Submit button at the
bottom right of the page.                                  To give feedback to the students

                                                           The Grade Assignment page can also be used to
                                                           give a mark for an individual’s work as well as
A receipt page will appear confirming the                  returning amended work or feedback to an
assignment has been successfully updated. Click            individual.
on the OK button.

The final page appears with the assignment where
it can be modified or removed using the
appropriate buttons.       Note: removing the
assignment from the content area does not remove
it from the Grade Center.

Viewing student’s assignments                              You can enter feedback in the ‘Comments’ box on
                                                           the same page, or upload a file that contains the
Work submitted via an assignment has to be                 feedback, or both. The students will be able to view
viewed via the Assessment area in the control              their grade and feeback by going to the relevant
panel (see below).                                         module, click on ‘Tools’ from the menu, and then
                                                           clicking on ‘My grades’. You need, therefore, to
                                                           have this option enabled for them to see their
                                                           grades (it is enabled by default).

                                                           To disable students from accessing their grades,
                                                           please amend the setting under Control Panel –
                                                           Manage Tools – Tool Availability: untick the ‘My
To view an individuals work.                               Grades’ option. Or you can tick the option to
                                                           enable it again.
Click on Grade Center in the Assessment box in
the control panel.

                                              University of Westminster - Online Learning Development - September 2006
Managing coursework together
                                                       To download student submissions
Enter the Grade Center and click the ‘drop down
menu’ of the coursework as below.                      On the coursework’s column click the drop down
                                                       menu. Click on item Download. Then click on
                                                       Download Assignment. Check All or click on the
                                                       check boxes next to individual students

                                                       Click Submit

                                                       Click on the link, ‘download assignments now’ (as
                                                       below) and if prompted click Save to save the file
                                                       to your hard drive as a zip file.

                                                       On the file download dialogue box click save.

              MENU OPTIONS
Column Information. Brief overview of how the          Depending on your computer’s operating system
column is setup.                                       you may need to unzip the file to see the individual
Modify Column. Modify the properties such as
changing the name, as well as making the scores
unavailable. This last option would let you release
all the scores at once.

Hide Column. This hides the column from your

Column Statistics. View detailed statistics such as
standard deviation, variance as well as high and
low scores.

Set as External Grade. The External grade
is a grade that will be visible on
the     report    card   –(Coursework Marks
(provisional) link) on    the    Blackboard
‘Welcome page’.

Assignment File Cleanup. Delete files submitted
by students.

Download Assignments. Download some files
submitted by students in one operation.

                                          University of Westminster - Online Learning Development - September 2006

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