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                DATA MIGRATION

                  MIGRATION PLAN

                    VERSION X

                 NETPDTC N6

                  DD MMM YY

                                Signature Page

Submitted by:

NETPDTC Test Coordinator – Libby Day                           Date

[CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Trusted Agent – ?????                  Date

[CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Program Manager – ?????            Date

Technical Leads:

NETPDTC Citrix Metaframe Server System Admin. – Charlie Odom   Date

NETPDTC Enterprise Share Services Manager – Clark Taft         Date

NETPDTC Database Management – Terry Lewis                      Date

IA Control:

NETPDTC IT Compliance Management – David Thomas                Date

Executive Sponsors:

[CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Director of Training – ?????           Date

[CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Knowledge Management Director – ?? Date

AIM Program Manager – Jacob Aplanalp                           Date

NETC AIM Program Manager – Roy Hoyt                            Date

NETPDTC AIM Program Manager – Peg David                        Date

                                    Table of Contents

1.0    Introduction                                                  4

2.0    Background and Objectives                                     4

3.0    References                                                    4

4.0    Scope                                                         4

5.0    Roles and Responsibilities                                    4

6.0    Data Migration Process                                        7

7.0    Data Migration Sequence                                       7

8.0    Data Migration Environment                                    8

9.0    Status Reporting                                              8

10.0    Process for Creating or Deleting Citrix Metaframe Accounts   8

11.0 Process for Creating or Deletion AIM II Accounts                9

Enclosure (1) Data Migration Flowchart

Enclosure (2) Data Submission Form

Enclosure (3) AIM Centralized File Share Hardware Environment

1.0 Introduction

1.1. This Authoring Instructional Materials (AIM) Centralized File Share
[CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Data Migration Plan describes the migration
process, hardware environment, required resources and migration schedule to move
[CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]AIM users from the current stand-alone/LAN based
architecture to NETPDC-hosted Citrix Metaframe AIM Central Site instance.

2.0 Background and Objectives

2.1. Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) does not have a centralized
storage area available for AIM I/II course contents. Within the domain, NETC has
approximately 6700 individual instances of AIM I/II content and curriculum artifacts in
support of approximately 2600 courses of instructions. This approach does not lend
itself to the sharing of content, referencing of other users content and additionally
makes it difficult to determine the authoritative data source for a given course of
instruction. Secondly, by not providing centralized storage and access, NETC is unable
to view or reference material under development or items issued for use. NETC
NAVEDTRA 130 series documents dictate the use of (AIM) throughout the domain.
This guidance was developed to ensure a consistent and repeatable development
standard. Creating centralized file storage for housing content development products
and content pieces is essential in achieving this standardized approach.

2.2. The object of this STPN?????? – AIM Centralization
for[CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]is to create a single authoritative source for all
AIM I/II produced content and curriculum artifacts. This centralized storage area will
allow re-use, re-purpose and/or referencing of content. It will also allow for complete
transparency throughout the domain, repeatable and defendable data, and content

3.0 References:

    (a) Request for Information (RIS) AIM Centralized File Share
    (b) [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]curriculum management instruction (if
    (c) NAVEDTRA 130 series
    (d) ESS Account Request or Change Request form (ESS form)
    (e) Citrix-AIM New Users Guide PowerPoint Slideshow

4.0 Scope

4.1. The scope of this AIM Centralized File Share [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]
Data Migration Plan includes all AIM I/II learning content for which
[CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] is Course Curriculum Authority (CCA).

5.0 Roles and Responsibilities
5.1. Roles and Assignments

    (a)   [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Director of Training: ?????
    (b)   [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Knowledge Management Director: ?????
    (c)   [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Program Manager: ?????
    (d)   [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Trusted Agent: ?????
    (e)   NETC AIM Program Manager: Roy Hoyt
    (f)   NETPDTC AIM Program Manager: Peg David
    (g)   NETPDTC Test Coordinator: Libby Day
    (h)   AIM Program Manager: Jacob Aplanalp
    (i)   NETPDTC Citrix Metaframe Server System Administrator: Charlie Odom
    (j)   NETPDTC Database Manager: Terry Lewis
    (k)   NETPDTC Information Assurance (IA) Manager: David Thomas

5.2. Role Responsibilities

    (a) [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Director of Training

          1.   Overall responsible for the AIM curriculum content, training, and content

    (b) [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Knowledge Management Director

          1.   Overall responsible for all of [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]’s information
               security aspects.

    (c) [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Program Manager

          1.   Review received CD\DVD’s from subordinate Learning Sites for content and
               completed submission forms, enclosure (2).

          2.   Deliver migration content via CD/DVD to NETPDTC Citrix Metaframe Server
               System Administrator.

          3.   If needed, deliver AIM Conflict Report to the Learning Site POC for

          4.   Track AIM Conflict reports to ensure all discrepancies are corrected.

          5.   Inform the Learning Site POC upon completion of the content migration.

          6.   Provide the Learning Site POC with access to their content.

          7.   Train the Learning Site POC how to add users to AIM and how to set
               permission levels.

          8.   Maintain a log of issues and resolutions for submission to NETPDTC for
       lessons learned upon request.


  1.   Receive and screen all ESS forms for accuracy from all users within the
       [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] domain.

  2.   Submit screened ESS forms to NETPDTC IA Manager.

  3.   Forward requests for restoring disabled accounts to the NETPDTC IA

  4.   Informs Learning Site POC when access has been granted to Citrix.

(e) NETC AIM Program Manager

  1.   Overall responsible for the NETC N74 Navy Course Development process.


  1.   Screens all ESS forms, within their Area of Responsibility (AOR), for

  2.   Submits ESS forms to the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Trusted Agent.

  3.   Screen all course content for PII and classified material.

  4.   Complete submission form, enclosure (2). Print and sign submission form.
       Scan a copy of the signed submission form to a common folder

  5.   Export all AIM content within their AOR to a common folder.

       5.1. Follow the following naming format. CCMM name and CIN

  6.   Scan contents of common folder for malware.

  7.   Burn the contents of the common fold to CD/DVD’s.

  8.   Burn a second copy for CCMM archive.

  9.   Overnight mail disks to the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Program

  10. Stop all course work until notified by the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]
      AIM Program Manager to resume work via Citrix-AIM instance.

  11. Upon receiving a conflict report, correct all reported discrepancies.
       Resubmit corrected content in the same manner as original content.

  12. Open all migrated content and verify accuracy. Report the status of the
      migrated content to the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Program

  13. Add users within their AOR to AIM and set permission levels.

  14. Provide Citrix-AIM training to users within their AOR.

  15. Responsible for tracking all users within their AOR. Submit deletion
      requests to the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Trusted Agent for
      personnel transitioning in/out of AOR.


  1.   Submit completed ESS form to their [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]
       Learning Site POC.

  2.   Review the AIM-Citrix New User Guide slideshow.

  3.   Receive training from the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Learning Site

(h) AIM Program Manager

  1.   Provide technical/functional guidance to [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]
       and NETPDTC personnel in migrating AIM data from current
       [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM instances to centralized NETPDTC
       AIM instance(s).

  2.   Provide support to NETPDTC personnel structuring centralized NETPDTC
       AIM instance to meet [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] schoolhouse and
       headquarters requirements.

  3.   Provide AIM technical/functional inputs to C&A package.

  4.   Assist [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Program Manager and Learning
       Site POCs in resolving import conflicts as requested.

  5.   Develop and host the AIM-Citrix New User slideshow and overview of AIM
       user privileges and user account setup.

(i) NETPDTC AIM Program Manager

  1.   Ensures the AIM Centralized File Share [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]
       Data Migration is successful and complete.
       2.   Ensures CD/DVD’s are archived/copied and maintained for nine months.

    (j) NETPDTC Test Coordinator

       1.   Coordinates the AIM [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Data Migration Test
            Plan with [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]’s AIM Program Manager and
            Trusted Agent.

       2.   Documents [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM process and business

    (k) NETPDTC Citrix Metaframe Server System Administrator

       1.   Ensures CD/DVD’s of AIM Stand alone course data loads on the AIM SQL

       2.   Once complete, delivers CD/DVD’s to the NETPDTC AIM Program

       3.   AIM conflict report is noted and given to the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]
            AIM Program Manager and AIM Program Manager (Orlando) to resolve if
            report is > 0.

       4.   Performs maintenance on and updates the hardware and software
            associated with the Citrix Metaframe Server and AIM Central Site.

       5.   Maintain a log of issues and resolutions for lessons learned upon request.

    (l) NETPDTC Database Manager

       1.   Ensures AIM centralized File Share database instances are built and
            managed correctly and efficiently.

       2.   Maintain a log of issues and resolutions for lessons learned upon request.

    (m) NETPDTC Information Assurance (IA) Manager

       1.   Reviews and Maintains ESS forms.

6.0 Data Migration Process

6.1. Data migration shall be conducted IAW the Data Migration Process Flow Chart in
enclosure (1).

7.0 Data Migration Sequence

7.1. Migration is planned for a three day process per site. The three days will include
transporting content, uploading content, training Learning Site POC, and mitigating
conflicts. May be expanded or shortened as necessary.

7.2.     The data migration sequence is as follows:

       (a) [as determined by [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Pgm Mgr.
       (b) . . .

8.0 Data Migration Environment

8.1. All AIM Centralized File Share Data Migration will be done using software and
server resources dedicated to that purpose.

8.2.     Enclosure (3) contains the AIM Centralized File Share Hardware Environment.

8.3.     Software Requirements

8.3.1. End User’s Workstation Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) Client v12.x. End user
workstations must be loaded prior to use of Citrix-AIM.

8.3.2. Server Citrix Presentation Server v4.5. Must be loaded to host the AIM application. AIM I/II Rel 5.0 application.

9.0 Status Reporting

9.1. In-Process Review (IPR) shall be held with stakeholders listed in the Roles and
Responsibilities section. This meeting is intended to convey progress to the
management and stakeholders concerned with the event and shall be held at monthly
or as often deemed necessary by the stakeholders.

9.2.     All stakeholders should be prepared to report on all lessons learned.

10.0 Process for Creating or Deleting Citrix Metaframe Accounts

10.1. New Account Creation

10.1.1. User completes ESS form and submits to Learning Site POC.

10.1.2. Learning Site POC screens ESS form for accuracy and submits to

10.1.3. [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Trusted Agent screens ESS form for accuracy
and submits to NETPDTC IA Manager.

10.1.4. Accounts are CAC enabled.

10.2. Deleting Accounts

10.2.1. Learning Site POC sends account deletion request via email to

10.2.2. [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Trusted Agent forwards request to NETPDTC
IA Manager.

10.2.3. Accounts may also be deleted by inactivity of the account. After 30 days of
inactivity the account will be disabled. After an additional 90 days the account will be
automatically deleted.

10.3. Restoring a Disabled Account

10.3.1. User sends request to the Learning Site POC to restore the disabled account.

10.3.2. Learning Site POC sends request to the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME]
Trusted Agent.

10.3.3. [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] Trusted Agent sends request to the NETPDTC
IA Manager.

10.3.4. Requests may be informal via email.

10.4. Restoring a Deleted Account

10.4.1. Follow the procedures outlined in the new account creation (9.1).

11.0 Process for Creating or Deleting AIM II Accounts

11.1. [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Program Manager creates/deletes/manages
accounts for Learning Site POCs and [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] HQ personnel.

11.2. Learning Site POC creates/deletes/manages accounts for personnel within their

Enclosure (1)

                                                                                      [Learning Site]
          [Learning Site]                                                                  POC
                                NETPDTC Citrix
          Course Content                                                                  Corrects
                               Metaframe Server
                                    System           Delivers Content Disks to         Discrepancies
                                 Administrator       NETPDTC AIM program
                                 Loads Content               Manager
                                onto Centralized
        [Learning Site] POC     AIM SQL Server                                         [Center] AIM
             Prepares/                                                                   Pgm Mgr
        Consolidates Content                                                             Provides
                                                                                      [Learning Site]
                                                                                       POC Conflict
             Required          Generates conflict
              Content              Report
            AIM Export                                                                    Provides
            Files to CD/                                                                [Center] AIM
                DVD                                                                   Pgm Mgr Conflict

                               Is Conflict Report
           Deliver Disks to
         [Center] AIM Pgm

                                                           [Center] AIM
                                                             Pgm Mgr
                               Informs [Center]                                           [Learning
         [Center] AIM Pgm        AIM Pgm Mgr                                              Site] POC
                                                          [Learning Site]
               Mgr              Successful Load                                         Validates Load
                                                          POC Successful
        Checks Content with                                    Load
         CeTARS Checklist

          Deliver Disks to
          NETPDTC Citrix
         Metaframe Server

Enclosure (2)


From:    [Your Title, Command Name]
To:      NETPDTC (N633)


Encl:           (1)

1. Enclosure (1), consisting of AIM II exportable files and an
electronic copy of this signed memorandum, is hereby delivered
for uploading to the [CENTER/COMMUNITY NAME] AIM Central Site.
All content has been verified as to not contain any malicious
code, classified material or personal identification information
data to the best of my knowledge.

2. For additional information please contact: [Your Name,
Phone, Email Address].

                Your name and sign above

Enclosure (3)

                AIM Centralized File Share Hardware Environment


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