INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING POM-QM (Project Management Assignment) - DOC - DOC by 594F8exy


									       INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING POM-QM (Breakeven Assignment)

1.    Install POM-QM

2.    Open POM-QM

3.    Select menu Module – Breakeven/Cost Volume Analysis

4.    Select from the menu bar File – New – Cost Volume Analysis

      (select Cost vs Revenue for second homework)

5.    Enter as Title: MSIS 301 Homework – Your Name - breakeven

6.    Enter number of costs =5, number of options = 3,

7.    Select row labels/type, e.g. cost type

8.    Enter data in columns, e.g. fixed and variable costs, for all options

9.    Click Run icon on the menu bar

10.   Print all the results using the POM software. List of things to print are on the

      homework spreadsheet.

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